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Toàn bộ nhà. Chủ nhà Ariane
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Charming house of 30sqm with a garden, ideal for a stay in a couple, in a bucolic setting in the heart of Paris. Close to the Montsouris park, the accommodation has 1 queen size bed and 1 sofa bed for 2 people. A washing machine and a WiFi connection are also included. Linens and towels will be provided.

Chỗ ở

Features enjoyed by my guests :
- Ideal location in an authentic and friendly neighborhood.
- Easily accessible by public transport.
- Fully equipped, linens, towels and vanity kits will be provided.
- A garden and a house full of charm in the heart of the city, which is very sought after.

Other features to consider :

- The bedroom has a rather low ceiling.
- As this accommodation is a townhouse, you might have a little bit of vis-à-vis with the neighbours.
- Check-in time is between 3 pm and 9 pm and check-out is no later than 11 am on the day of departure.
- You will have one set of keys at your disposal.

Housing :

You will appreciate my place for its charm and its location.

The house can accommodate 4 people.

To make the most of your stay, you will have the following at your disposal :

- A convivial living room equipped as follows: sofa bed for 2 people, coffee table, armchair, books.
- A fully equipped kitchen: fridge, oven, hob, kettle, toaster, coffee machine, kitchen utensils.
- A comfortable bedroom with a queen size bed and a desk.
- A neat bathroom with a shower cubicle and toilet.

You can also enjoy a nice outdoor space with a garden.

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1 giường queen
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1 sofa giường

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Nơi bạn sẽ đến

Paris, Pháp

The house is in the Maison Blanche district.

Maison Blanche is one of those districts of Paris that has managed to preserve a village soul. The district is ideal for walkers who will be able to admire the charming little houses and stroll through the cobbled streets. Quiet during the day and popular at night, it is a small piece of countryside isolated from the rest of the city where you can enjoy the silence and the vegetation. You will be located near the Butte aux Cailles with its numerous restaurants.

You will be close to the bakery La Gourmandise, the pharmacy Pharmacie du Parc and the Franprix supermarket. 

Places to visit : 
- The Catacombs of Paris.
- The Castle of the White Queen.
- The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art.
- The Bourdelle Museum.
- The Zadkine Museum.

Restaurants :
- The French restaurant Le Papagallo.
- The Korean restaurant Joayo alesia.
- The Italian restaurant Les Cailloux.
- The Thaï restaurant Thaï Papaya.
- The gastronomic restaurant Yinan & Hugo.

To do :
- Enjoy the Jardin des Plantes.
- Discover Chinatown and its culinary specialties.
- Have a drink on one of the barges along the Seine.
- Taste street food in front of the MK2 cinema François Mitterrand Library or in the dining hall of Station F, La Felicità.

Chủ nhà Ariane

Đã tham gia vào tháng 4 năm 2013
  • 22 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
Chers futurs guests, j'adore voyager et je suis donc souvent absente. À mes yeux la meilleure façon de découvrir une ville est en y vivant comme quelqu'un de local et cela passe, bien entendu, par le logement. C'est dans cette optique que lors de mes voyages je laisse mon logement à disposition des voyageurs du monde entier, alors : pourquoi pas vous ? :) Pas d'inquiétude, même si je ne suis pas présente lors de vos réservations, Luckey, conciergerie officielle Airbnb, à laquelle j'ai confié la gestion de mon logement, saura rendre votre séjour aussi agréable que possible ! A très vite, Ariane ----- Dear future guests, I love travelling, so I’m often absent. For me, the best way to get to know a city is by living there like a local person, and this can only be done, of course, by getting accommodation. It is with this in mind that whenever I am travelling, I make my lodging facility available to travelers from around the world, so: why not you? Don’t worry, even if I’m not present when you are doing the booking arrangement, Luckey, Airbnb’s official concierge, to whom I have entrusted the management of my home, will make your stay as enjoyable as possible! See you soon, Ariane
Chers futurs guests, j'adore voyager et je suis donc souvent absente. À mes yeux la meilleure façon de découvrir une ville est en y vivant comme quelqu'un de local et cela passe, b…
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