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Toàn bộ căn hộ condo. Chủ nhà Issei Max
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So you want to stay in the Daikanyama Area. Then this cosy apartment is for you. Located just 1 min. from Daikanyama STN, 7 min. from Ebisu & 12 from Shibuya STNs, you will not only be able to enjoy this posh area but also be in walking distance to the commercial districts of Ebisu, Shibuya & Nakameguro.
Whether you’re here for business or leisure, be it family or a group of friends, this apartment will be an great way to stay/enjoy the area. Great access to Jiyugaoka, Yokohama, & Shinjuku!

Chỗ ở
Simply compare with what the budget hotels or the typical vacation leases in this area offers.

This property will be good for families and groups that require/need to stay in the Nakameguro, Ebisu, Daikanyama & Shibuya area or need to use the Tokyu Toyoko, Hibiya or Fukutoshin Lines for business or travel.

You will the entire 20sqm. of space to yourselves. The second floor of the building is the entrance and the apartment on the fourth floor. The apartment is a typical two room apartment complex boasting a kitchen, unit bathroom with toilet, a japanese style storage and bedroom, compact dining space and a balcony. Small but you will see how a typical Japanese will try to maximize floor space to its fullest in our congested capital city.

Main Features:
For infants/children
Child bouncer, crib, child gates, baby bathtub, baby amenities and others for infants. Board and small games for entertainment purposes.

Working Environment
A dining/working table will serve as your mult-purpose desk with wooden stools to seat your entire group. An inkjet printer, safety safe, 32 inch TV, Amazon Firestick TV, house ipad, Amazon Echo, high speed WiFi and a low massage chair will be ready for the business professional.

ION humidifiers, fully automatic wash and dry laundromat, aroma diffusers, air conditioning, Mitsubishi handy vacuum cleaner, iron/press, face moisturizing machine futon heaters, air circulators, pants press, irons has been prepared for your use.

Bathroom Amenities
ANA business class amenities soaps and shampoos, Onsen Salts, toothbrushes, razors, lady sets (cotton pads, hairbands, sanity & others), body wash, hand soap, high grade hair driers, Nano Steamers and Imabari Japan Brand Hand/Bath Towels for your hygiene needs. Please run the laundromat to keep your towels and clothes at their best.
Contact us if there is need for dry cleaning.

On top of a being equipped with a kitchen, we have a fridge, microwave, oven toaster, coffee maker, ice shaver, Two IH Outlets, Tea pots (Western/Japanese), sake set, and enough pots/pans/dish-ware/cooking utensils usually required by the average housewife plus free spices, rice and spaghetti. You may want to try the high grade Japanese and Taiwanese teas we provide.

An adjustable semi-double or queen sized master bed and space for two single futons, a variety of pillows and and an hammock can be provided upon request.

The small library of books and guides will be available for your travel planning needs. ALEXA will help you with your simplier inquires such as asking the time, weather, nearby restaurants or site seeing spots. You will use the house iPhone to communicate with Alexa in English or you can speak out loud if you can use Japanese.

A complimentary breakfast set will be provided to start off your initial days on the property and we will be providing you a welcome snack set (Japanese biscuits,chocolates, yokan, sugar drops and others) to help you settle into the property.

We can also provide small amounts of select Japanese beer/sake/wine for a small price for those that cannot afford to go to the bars due to restrictions. (Limited stock)

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渋谷区, 東京都, Nhật Bản

The property is one minute away from Daikayama Station and right on the Shibuya Bridge Walking Course which includes Castle Street and Daikanyama Log Road. WIthin 5-10 minutes you will have access to Tenoha Daikayama, Daikanyama Tsutaya, Daikanyama Address complexes, DAIKANYAMA UNIT and to the dozens of pancake store, diverse and unique cafes and apparel stores. The Ebisu commercial district is again just 5-10 minutes away giving you access to the many bakeries, hair stylists, and eating/drinking places to choose to cater from. You will also be within 15 minutes from the Nakameguro and Shibuya commercial districts so the last trains will be of little issue for the late owls.

The closest convenience store is 7/11 just 2 minutes away and the closest supermarket, PEACOCK is in a minute away to cater to your grocery needs, an one coin store, drugstore, and the French Picard is also a minute away.

You will be able to get exercise at the heated pool of Daikanyama Address or Sarugacho Public Gym just 1 and 3 minutes away from the property. Enjoy strolling the Kyu Yamate Dori and Sarugacho Dori, venture down to the Meguro River or visit the Old Asakura House for just 100 yen to see an 100 year old Japanese style "mansion".


Chủ nhà Issei Max

Đã tham gia vào tháng 11 năm 2016
  • 56 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
Japanese/English billingual living in the Tokyo area.
Đồng chủ nhà
  • Sekikawa
Trong thời gian ở
We will be corresponding prior to check in to ensure we both know when you will arrive at the Airport or Tokyo so that we can help you with the logistics and assess the approximate time in which you will arrive at the to property. We will try to answer any questions on the property or on Tokyo in general, address any special requests to the fullest extent possible. You will inform us thru this platform when you arrive at the airport/Tokyo and we will help you get the property using the best transportation modes at that time. Once you arrive, we will remotely or in person open the door for you. It will be mandatory to see you in person, go thru the house rules and check your IDs as required by the local Japanese regulations.

Either the host or a substitute will be ready to respond to your needs at the property. Should you have any issues or in cases of emergencies, you will let us know thru predetermined communication modes and we will support you to a reasonable extent.

You will check out by 10AM of your check out day. Extension can be considered on an availability basis. You will leave the keys on the TABLE and our staff will come in to check and clean the room in a very short while.
We will be corresponding prior to check in to ensure we both know when you will arrive at the Airport or Tokyo so that we can help you with the logistics an…
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  • Ngôn ngữ: English, 日本語
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng một ngày
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