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FlipFlopsOn I is 80 steps to Florida’s most breathtaking beach - Inlet Beach, & the rare dune Lake Powell!

With a sunny happy vibe, this dreamy full-studio sleeps 4, & is located along FL’s Emerald Gulf Coast!

Featuring a pool, grill pavilion, beach gear, 4 beach entrances within 1 block, ultra equipped kitchen, & sunsets from your private outdoor living area.

Park your car & bike/walk everywhere.

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The majesty of Mother Nature here, and the serenity of this special beach haven, will touch your soul.

🔹 4 Inlet Beach entrances within 1 block
🔹 Paddle Lake Powell just 2 blocks east
🔹 4 state beach parks within 12 miles
🔹 Snorkel Cobia Reef, 300 yds offshore
🔹 Helen State Beach Park hiking next door
🔹 Surf fish just 1 block away
🔹 Backup beach chairs, umbrella, & cooler



FlipFlopsOn is designed to be THAT PLACE you never want to leave.

🔹 4 comfy beds with crisp linens
🔹 Luxurious QUEEN master bed
🔹 BUNK BEDS nestled in hall for privacy
🔹 90" sofa folds down to a QUEEN bed
🔹 Black out curtains for sleeping-in
🔹 Soothing sleep sound machine



All the comforts & perks of the BIG BEACH HOUSE, without the big beach house price!

🔹 Pool, sun deck, & garden
🔹 Grill/dine pavilion
🔹 High speed 5g Internet (390 mbps)
🔹 Smart TV, cable, Netflix, smart apps
🔹 Bose speaker & record player
🔹 Private outdoor lounge area
🔹 Dine: kitchen, porch, grill pavilion
🔹 Modern ultra equipped kitchen
🔹 Keurig coffee maker
🔹 Laundry & outdoor shower
🔹 Pack-n-play, kids books, & games
🔹 Kid gear delivery (strollers, etc.)
🔹 Discounts bike/water/beach rentals



TRAVEL & LEISURE ranks 30A, & it’s beaches, a “Top 2022 US Vacation Destination”.

FlipFlopsOn is located beach-side of the 30A National Scenic Byway, nestled amongst the stunning vistas of Inlet Beach, Camp Helen State Park, & Lake Powell; yet next door to all the swank & style of Rosemary & Alys Beaches.

Your vacation retreat is a sunny dance down a beach lane to the sugar white sand of Florida’s Emerald Gulf Coast! It's like old Florida here, no hotels, no high-rises, just you, the sun, & the sand!



With 4 great seasons of stupendous nature, pristine beaches, & local events/festivals - adventure awaits!

🔹 BIKE: 30A’s 19 mile Timpoochee bike trail parallels all of 30A, passing quirky beach villages, dune lakes, state parks, & eateries (local bike businesses deliver)

🔹 FISH: Inlet is known for it’s surf fishing! Want to learn? Take lessons right on Inlet’s shore. For a fun day on the water, Gulf/bay fishing excursions are a great option too!

🔹 KAYAK/SUP: Enjoy misty-morning paddles on Lake Powell. Rent SUP/kayak equipment right on the lake’s bank (2 blocks east on the bike path)

🔹 SPA: The Pearl Spa in Rosemary is a 12 minute bike ride away. Lunch at the pool afterwards - a must!

🔹 SNORKEL: 30A has 16 snorkel reefs to promote fish habitats. The closest, Cobia Reef, is located 300 yards from the shore

🔹 BOAT: See the dolphins on the bay, cruise to Shell Island, or take a romantic sunset cruise!

🔹 SHOP: Walk to 30Avenue (4 blocks) or take a leisurely stroll to Rosemary Beach. Further afield you’ll find the stylish Grand Boulevard & Silver Sands Outlets!

🔹 GOLF: Enjoy the champion courses at Raven Golf Club, Burnt Pines Golf Club, & the Links Course. Enough said!

🔹 YOGA: Balance30A & Rosemary Beach Fitness Center have classes suitable for all levels, walk-ins welcome

🔹 GYM: Daily & weekly memberships are available, & you can walk/bike to the gym!

🔹ROSEMARY & ALYS BEACHES: Alys Beach’s serene all-white architecture & Rosemary’s eateries, boutiques, & galleries just beg to be explored (both just a bike ride away)

🔹 WEEKLY EVENTS: 30A is known for it’s weekly & seasonal events: moonlight movies, kid activities, concerts on the lawn, outdoor theatre, farmers markets, magic shows, eco tours, wine tastings, craft fairs, 5/10k races, & so much more…



Inlet’s sugar white sand & clear blue-green water are NOT the only attractions here!

🔹 80 steps to the Gulf
🔹 1 block to 4 beach entrances
🔹 2 blocks to Lake Powell & State Park
🔹 2 blocks to fish the Inlet Estuary
🔹 300 yards offshore to snorkel reef
🔹 1 block to Java & closest restaurant
🔹 3 blocks to seafood market
🔹 4 blocks to galleries & boutiques
🔹 7 minute bike ride to gym/yoga
🔹 12 minute bike ride to Rosemary Beach
🔹 12 minute bike ride to the spa
🔹 12 minute bike ride to live music
🔹 5 mile drive to entertainment complex
🔹 23 mile drive to Raven Golf club
🔹 24 mile drive to outlet shopping
0 minutes to serenity!


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Inlet Beach, Florida, Hoa Kỳ

🔹TRAVEL & LEISURE: T&L rates 30A/Inlet Beach a “Top 2022 US Vacation Destination”. Located on FL’s Emerald Gulf Coast, it feels like old Florida here - no high-rises, no hotels, just you, the sand, & the sea!

🔹INLET’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Inlet Beach, your charming coastal hamlet, is situated beachside of 30A, a National Scenic Byway, which winds through the most picture perfect beaches, quaint towns, dune lakes, & majestic state parks. These tiny 30A hamlets fit together like members of a family - each with its own personality

🔹30A MOTHER NATURE’S GARDEN: 30A has 16 rare coastal dune lakes, believed to be over 4000 years old. The sand from these astounding dunes, filters down from quartz in the Appalachian Mountains. Over 40% of the land in this special haven, is in protected state parks, sanctuaries, & national forests

🔹GETTING TO THE SAND: From your vacation retreat, the closest beach access is just 80 steps south; 4 beach entrances are within 1 block!

🔹NEIGHBORING HAMLETS: Though Inlet’s vibe is off-the-grid, the lively Rosemary & Alys Beaches are just next door, where you can enjoy music, galleries, eateries, & more!

Wow, what a life!

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PS: Hãy chú ý tới chuyến NGHỈ DƯỠNG TRÊN NÚI của chúng tôi sắp diễn ra!
Được đề xuất bởi Tạp chí DU LỊCH & GIẢI TRÍ, Chỗ ở FlipFlopsOn là một nhóm trải nghiệm độc đáo được tuyển chọn kỹ lưỡng - được ban phước bởi Mẹ thiên nhiên và được thiết kế để…

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We are just a text/email/phone-call away... whichever means you are comfortable with. From restaurant recommendations to last minute requests, no request is too big or too small! We love this place and we want you to love it too!

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