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Smile Valley Stony Hill: Luxury Town House w/Pool

Toàn bộ nhà phố. Chủ nhà Lisa & Chris
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Luxury getaway conceptualized by the charm of a traditional Jamaican natural design, with serenity and safety. We boast a modern transitional style that captures simplicity and functionality in 2 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 bath, pool, gym & 24hrs security.

We are located in an upscale Kingston community within close proximity to Manor Park, Boone Hall Oasis, Devon House, and a Golf Club, 20mins from the new Port Royal Cruise Ship pier and Other Selected restaurants, casino & entertainment spots.

Chỗ ở
* 24 hours Hawkeye Security System
* Standby water tank, pump & Generator
* Complimentary welcome basket of grocery essentials
* Free phone calls to the USA, UK & Canada from the Apartment
* 50Mbps Wi-Fi
* Fully equipped Gym
* On-site clubhouse and pool
* Local mobile phone available (w/refundable deposit)
* Free, on-site reserved parking
* Insights: Ideal for small family and kids, couples, business travelers, city adventurers, serenity and tranquility seekers

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Stony Hill, St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica

Smile Valley - Stony Hill is a townhouse located in a brand new Kingston development. It is an upscale gated community with 24-hour Hawkeye Security just situated 10 minutes drive out of the business district.

We are within a square mile of Supermarkets, Pharmacies, ATMs, local cuisine restaurants (they also deliver) such as Chateau 7 Gourmet Jerk Centre, Boone Hall Oasis, Villa Ronai, Majestic Japanese Restaurant, Cellar 8, Jamzone Bowling, Christelle's Gaming Casino, Constant Spring Golf Club, Sonia’s Homestyle, and many more.

Three of our favorite spots are noted below. First, Villa Ronai Spa, which host the Majestic Japanese Restaurant that has the best sushi in Kingston coupled with stunning views of the city. Second, Cellar 8 is our other secluded spot that has a wide selection of wines matched with delicate Jamaican cuisine. Finally, spend a day or evening at Devon House, where you can visit the Grogg Shoppe, Opa (Greek delicacies), the world famous Devon House iscream, or have a steak at the Veranda, enjoy pastries, visit the great house or rest on the lawns.

Other amenities are all close by, including patty shops, local corner restaurants and bars and authentic Jamaican street food such as soup and jerk (2-minute driving distance).

For the hiker and nature lover, take a 45-minute hike to the Hermitage Reservoir or the Falling Edge Water Falls in Bowden Hill. You can also take a walk to the complex gate and capture stunning views of Kingston.

Chủ nhà Lisa & Chris

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We are Lisa and Chris - I am an attorney and my husband Chris is a Radiologic Technologist as well as an entrepreneur and owner of the scholarship database company Next Move Jamaica Limited, Jamaica. We are both native Jamaicans (Kingston and St. Thomas respectively) and travel between New York and Jamaica quite often for friends, family, business and other remaining connections. We enjoy traveling and spending our time focusing on community-based initiatives that help to improve our communities, society and specifically Jamaica. On any given trip to Jamaica, you could catch us inhaling the breeze at Hellshire beach or enjoying some jerk chicken at Boston Bay, in Portland. In the past, we have stayed in the local hotels but longed for a more personal and private dwelling option with a bit of adventure and this we found in our stay at the Straithairn. As frequent travelers we are well aware of the many necessities that make any trip seamless and worthwhile. We are big on comfort and convenience and this we have captured well in Smile Orange in anticipation of your stay. Chris and I have a wealth of knowledge about Jamaica, its history, culture, attractions, best kept secrets and other offerings and we are glad to share all of this with you during your stay at Smile Orange. We are optimistic that we will be able to make your experience wonderful and look forward to welcoming you to Smile Orange and Smile Valley.
We are Lisa and Chris - I am an attorney and my husband Chris is a Radiologic Technologist as well as an entrepreneur and owner of the scholarship database company Next Move Jamaic…
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Our contact numbers will be provided to you and we will be available for all your questions and comments.

Follow us on Instagram as @smileorangeja, tag us at #SmileOrange and please share your favorite experience.
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