VILLA LEONARDO 30+6, Emma Villas Exclusive

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16 khách, 15 phòng ngủ , 17 giường, 15 phòng tắm đầy đủ và 1 phòng vệ sinh cơ bản
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RECEPTIVE STRUCTURE. Villa Leonardo is a residence with high quality finishes, antique furniture and luxurious chandeliers. With air-conditioned bedrooms with private bathroom, a professional kitchen and a common area on the ground floor that extends out onto a veranda in the garden and pool. Located outside Incisa, the villa lies in the Valdarno area, at a few km from Florence and Arezzo. N.B. Inside the structure lives the caretaker, from Tuesday to Saturday to maintain the garden and pool.

Chỗ ở
The property consists of a main villa and an annex about 15 km away. The villa has three floors and an attic and, due to its positioning on terraced land, allows outside access from the first floor as well. The main entrance on the ground floor leads into a large hallway with seating area; on two sides of the hallway are two dining rooms. Continuing on, you come to the professional kitchen and then to two double bedrooms (with windows without a view), both with ensuite bathroom with shower. The floor is completed by a guest bathroom and laundry. On the first floor, which can also be reached directly from the outside through an entrance at the back of the house, are four double bedrooms and a twin bedroom (with joinable beds), all with private bathroom with shower, and a two-level suite consisting of, on the bottom level, a large living room with outside access and, on the top level (reached up a flight of stairs), a double bedroom and a twin bedroom (with joinable beds) sharing a bathroom with shower. An internal staircase leads up to the second floor with four double bedrooms, each with private bathroom, three with shower and one with ensuite tub and shower. The attic is composed of a double bedroom with bathroom with shower and a double bed in a room with a 1.30 m high ceiling. This last room has a bathroom with shower. In the four larger rooms it is possible to add a single bed. ANNEX. Just few meters away from the main villa and close to the pool area, it consists of a suite with seating room, double bedroom and a bathroom with shower.

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Figline e Incisa Valdarno, Toscana, Italy

Villa Leonardo lies in a perfect geographical position, with connections to numerous places of historical, artistic and gastronomic interest through an excellent road and motorway network. The villa is easily reachable from the airports of the region, Florence is about 51 km away and Pisa 112 km away, and is also well connected to the train station of Figline Valdarno on the Rome-Florence direct line. The Incisa-Reggello exit of the A1 motorway is just 5 km away. Within a few kilometres are small villages, reference points for shopping. About 5 km away is Figline e Incisa Valdarno, located in the eastern part of the province of Florence which is about 30 km away. Incisa lies in an area that touches the Arno valley and then ascends along the slopes of the Pratomagno ridge; beyond the valley crossed by the river Arno are the Chianti hills that separate the Valdarno area from the province of Siena. Below are the famous “balze” (rocky erosions formed following the drying-up of a large lake that covered the Arno valley) that flank cultivated fields, residential areas and industrial and commercial establishments. The hilly area, cultivated with terraces, is crossed by the Setteponti road, the old route between Arezzo and Vallombrosa, along which numerous CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) paths wind through the area, allowing you to explore, on foot or by mountain bike, the entire area of the balze with its many rural buildings and Romanesque churches. The area is particularly rich in nature reserves, including the Area Naturale Protetta di Interesse Locale Foresta di Sant'Antonio (Natural Protected Area of Local Interest the Forest of Sant'Antonio), a green lung of particular relevance for the variety of botanical species and for the native fauna, and the famous Forest of Vallombrosa (with relative Abbey), a biogenetic nature reserve, rich in coniferous woods, with an experimental arboretum consisting of 3200 specimens of 1200 different species from all over the world. The park is full of streams and springs and there are numerous hiking routes and marked nature trails which can be travelled by mountain bike or on foot. Finally, just two kilometres from the property is the prestigious fashion outlet The Mall, and in less of half an hour is reachable the Prada outlet.

Chủ nhà Emma

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 11 năm 2018
  • 114 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 97%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng vài giờ
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