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Looking for a place to disconnect and de-stress?
Or maybe some of the best stargazing in the world? Or breathtaking sunsets and sunrises you have to see to believe… well look no further, you’ve found it! Our 100% handcrafted Palapa style room for two (possibly 3) includes a queen size bed, balcony with ocean and mountain views, a screened in deck to keep you safe from the pesty bugs/ freshly washed linens, towels, and fresh drinking water (if staying for more than 2 nights)!

Chỗ ở
The room is part of Baja Glamping. A desert by the sea style off grid ranch by the Bahia de Concepción.

¡Hola y bienvenidos a Baja Glamping!
Our Eco Village is presided over by the Valadez family.
Come and enjoy our most special piece of Earth, located in the Bahia de Concepción. We strive to give you the true off grid experience, along with some of the most magnificent star gazing around. Our property is family built, and we are here to support you in your experience. Our hope is for you to have a most magical time! We have multiple dwellings to choose from, each with their own unique charm. Our location is a short walk (or drive) away from the many beaches, hiking trails, and restaurants. We are more than happy to show you around our Pueblo mágico.

BEFORE BOOKING Bahia Concepción isn’t for everybody. If you like the fast life, dressing up, staying up all night, and hotels with room service, keep on going down the road. Here, the local restaurants provide special entertainment nights that rotate throughout the seasons but even so most are shut down at 9:00. We call it Baja midnight. Everything here takes time but it is worth the wait! Hace tiempo, todo tiempo. This place is about relaxation and getting back in touch with nature and yourself.

- Things to note while staying with us -

• We live on the property and the common areas are shared spaces

• We are OFF grid meaning we run everything off of solar, please only use the lights and fan if NEEDED, and unplug anything when not in use! Though we have a state of the art solar system, we are unable to provide unlimited power usage for all guests throughout the evenings so please be mindful with any usage

• We get our water from a nearby source, please be aware of water use, as we strive to preserve this most special resource. Please note, there is no hot water. Our pila temp is the same as the air temperature

• Bring flash lights / head lamps / lanterns etc

• PLEASE do NOT FLUSH toilet paper!!!
We live by the rule if it’s yellow let it mellow ;)

• We have 3 dogs and 2 Siamese cats that coexist on the site. They are our rescue and ranch animals. (Help keep all the other animals away at night, insects at bay etc) They are very friendly and get along well with others. If you’d like them chained up when you arrive, please let us know before hand, they have been known to welcome the guests with much attention

• The town of Mulege is about a 15 minute drive north of the property, Loreto is an hour or so south

• We have available kayaks/ paddle boards/snorkeling/ beach gear, just ask us about it!

• We do not have a refrigerator, but we do provide a cooler for you to use during your stay

•As you pack for your stay here, keep CAMPING in mind. We may have glam, and we do live alongside nature, respectfully

•No children we are sorry for the inconvenience

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Mulege , Baja California Sur, Mexico

We are a 5-10 minute walk to Playa de Coyote and Playa Burro. Any other beaches in the Bahia Concepcion are reachable by car no farther than 15 minutes in either direction. We are perfectly in the middle of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Chủ nhà Baja Glamping

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 4 năm 2017
  • 176 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
¡Hola y bienvenidos a Baja Glamping! Our Eco Village is owned and operated by the Valadez. My name is Frances Valadez, I am the owner and one of the hosts of Baja Glamping along with my mother. We are originally from San Diego, California but now reside full time on the property. A little background - In the early 90s, my father happened upon Mulege with his brother on a road trip and instantly fell in love with the town, scenery, and the people(how could you not?). Once I came into the world we began coming down every summer and winter break. It started with tents at Playa Coyote, moving to a 1970s renovated airstream we always parked between the famous palms, eventually culminating in our family wanting to have a chunk of the place we had come to love. In 2004 he bought what is now Baja Glamping. After 12 years of adding to and building on our land he hoped to retire on, in 2016 our beloved Papa passed due to Cancer. For a while, it didn't feel the same to be here without him, but after a trip to Mulege to spread his ashes we decided to take over the land and finish what he had started and invite people to stay on the land he loved so much to keep his memory alive. We established Baja Glamping 5 years ago and have come a long way but it is still a work in progress. As of now, we have two spaces available for rent, plenty of camping plots, and a disc golf course with more spaces and upgrades to come. We appreciate all of our guests, friends, and family who have visited and helped us through the years to create our beautiful home. We look forward to our future here and hope to become an integral part of this magical town we are fortunate enough to call our home.
¡Hola y bienvenidos a Baja Glamping! Our Eco Village is owned and operated by the Valadez. My name is Frances Valadez, I am the owner and one of the hosts of Baja Glamping along wi…

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  • Casey
  • Vivian

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Available every day on the property or available by phone.
  • Ngôn ngữ: English
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng vài giờ
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