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Cozy Garden Cottage in Peaceful Pisac Landscape

Toàn bộ nhà nghỉ thôn dã. Chủ nhà Steve, Annie And Michael
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This Cozy Garden Cottage is part of a spacious property at the base of the sacred mountain Apu Linli in Pisac. The house has stunning views of Incan terraces, the Sacred Valley and of Pisac. Enjoy hummingbirds, native plants , fresh herb gardens and hiking from this peaceful setting. Ideal as a single, couple or with an extra friend. Pisac is tourist friendly with many restaurants, markets, and famous daily crafts fair. Just a 20 min walk away or 5 minute moto taxi ride. - Mike & Julia

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Our Cottage is a very sweet and cozy home nestled in the gardens of a beautiful property. Surrounded by fruit trees, flowers, fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables, relax in a hammock or have lunch outside in a covered patio. The cottage includes a fully equipped kitchen and dining nook for four with views of the garden. The separate living room with couch can be upgraded to an optional extra single bed, while a side lounging area can enjoy conversations with the kitchen. A main bedroom overlooks the entire interior from a loft with double mattress. The private bathroom is brightly lit and includes a hot shower. Wifi Internet has a strong signal throughout the space.

Just outside the main entrance is a spacious garden. Herbs for the kitchen and herbal teas are within reach througout the property gardens.

Fire Pit

Ccatachacra in quechua means "farm field on a slope", we're a large property on a grassy, terraced hillside filled with peach, apple, plum and fig trees, vegetables, herbs and flowers. We are part of an archaeologically preserved site that includes ancient Inca terraces that still irrigate and grow fields of maize. Our fresh water comes directly from the sacred mountain above us, Apu Linli.

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P'isac, Cuzco, Peru

We are a 20 minute walk or 7 minute moto taxi from the town of Pisac. The area is part of the Sacred Valley, just 45 minutes ride from Cusco and one stop on the toursim circuit of ruins and cultural crafts. Pisac is very tourist friendly with many restaurants, cafes, markets, and a famous daily crafts fair. The property is situated on the Archeological Preserve of Pisac, and is a quite refuge from the main town.

Chủ nhà Steve, Annie And Michael

Đã tham gia vào tháng 10 năm 2017
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Bienvenidos! A warm welcome to Pisac Peru, The Sacred Valley, and ‘Ccatachacra’ Steve, Annie and Michael are your AirBnB hosts and stewards of the land we call ‘Ccatachacra’, “farm on a slope”. Since 2010, Steve and Annie have envisioned ‘Ccatachacra’ as home to their personal commitment to share the beauty of the local cultural, its communities, and the land that supports us all. They currently live full time in the US with work and family. Michael, sharing the vision of 'Ccatachacra', has been the onsite manager and caretaker since 2017; maintaining the grounds, managing projects, preparing your AirBnB stay and communicating with you to ensure it is a lovely and peaceful visit. He's at hand and very helpful, just ask!
Bienvenidos! A warm welcome to Pisac Peru, The Sacred Valley, and ‘Ccatachacra’ Steve, Annie and Michael are your AirBnB hosts and stewards of the land we call ‘Ccatachacra’, “farm…
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