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Villa Clara:- A gorgeously spacious dwelling.

4,55(11 đánh giá)Chủ nhà siêu cấpSaint Catherine Parish, Jamaica
Toàn bộ biệt thự. Chủ nhà Lindberg
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Due to the corona virus, we are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize frequently touched surfaces between reservations.
Villa Clara is a great place to relax and re-energize, its central location allows easy access to major highways for those who wish to traverse the island. If exciting night life, pulsating music and exotic foods are your jig, Kingston and Port More are less than 30 minutes drive.
Villa Clara is located within an exclusive secure residential neighborhood.

Chỗ ở
This is a quiet retreat, offering high quality accommodations for guests who want to experience a home away from home. Its a great base from which to explore the rich historic and cultural heritage of Jamaica, or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility of your home away from home.

Villa Clara was recently renovated and upgraded to ensure a super clean atmosphere, ready for guest to have a fantastic time. Beds are comfortable, and the interior is nicely decorated with appropriate furniture and decorative plants.

Located less than 15 minutes drive to historic Spanish town, the first capital of Jamaica, home to numerous memorials, such as, the National Archive, the House of Assembly, Rodney Memorial, the Old Court House, the Ruined King's House, former official residence of Jamaica's governors until 1870, and the Spanish Town Cathedral (1655) among the oldest Anglican church outside of England.

The Taino (Arawak) museum, located at White Marl is under 10 minutes’ drive from Spanish Town. See also a large collection of Taino art, located at the Mountain River Cave in the lush green terrain of Cudjoe Hill, about 8 miles from residence.

You won’t find large shopping centers in our area, but you will find, among other things, friendly people, restaurants, supermarkets, churches, pharmacy, doctors' offices and a police station, all located within 5 minutes’ drive from our residence.

Norman Manley International Airport (Kingston, Jamaica) is located approximately 45 minutes drive from Villa Clara.
Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay) is located approximately 2 hours drive from Villa Clara.

There are three beaches within easy reach, Fort Clarence Beach Park, Hellshire Beach and Sugarman Beach, all located less than 30 minutes drive from our residence:

- The Fort Clarence Beach Park is a delightful beach with restrooms and changing room facilities, life guards and restaurants. Please note there is an entry fee for this beach. Except for seaweed, the beach is relatively clean.

- Hellshire Beach is within proximity to Fort Clarence, is a picturesque fishing village, popular with locals and is one of the best places on the island for Jamaican style seafood. There are seafood shacks, bars and cook shops on nearly every square foot of land and reggae music blares from speaker boxes all day long. Feast on escoveitch fish & festival with an iced cold Red Stripe or a Ting at Prendey's or Aunty May's on Hellshire Beach. Entry is free and the party never stops.
I don't recommend swimming at this beach because the shoreline is eroded and can be littered.

- Sugarman Beach which is nearby, has a slightly better swimming beach than Hellshire, and is pay-to-enter.
Note: To have more of these beaches to yourself, it's best to visit mid-week. Locals flock them on weekends and public holidays; sometimes there are beach parties, which adds to the excitement.

Entertainment & Night Life:
A quiet, residential suburban community, Mercury Garden offers little night life or entertainment, but, located a short 30 minute drive away is Kingston. Kingston is a premier location for dining and night life. Kingston is always bustling with excitement and offers dinning at world class restaurants serving international cuisine, such as Indian Curries, Sushi, Chinese delicacies, and British bangers and mash.

Whether dining on the terrace of a historic building, having steak at a small restaurant, enjoying an outdoor barbeque, or food from a street vendor Jamaica has it all to satisfy your culinary delights.

Suggestion: Sample the street food at Bayside on a Friday night (Jamaicans typically don't cook on Friday’s). Here you will find culinary entrepreneurs displaying their elegant cooking skills. It’s usually loud and bustling with locals, but the vibes are good, energy is contagious, and the excitement is bubbling.

Interesting Places:
Approximately 20 Minutes from Villa Clara:
-Go bar hopping at Bayside:- Monday is Karaoke night at Ken's Wild Flower Lounge.
-Dine by the sea-side at Bush & Water on the Back Road. They specialize in Live food, vegan food and seafood, and there is karaoke on the last Sunday of every month.
-Race a friend:- at Rocket Go-Karting experience, Congreve Park (Open Thursday to Sunday).
- Visit Jungle Fyah, on Port Henderson Road:-Sample some of Jamaica's best jerk meats:- e.g. rabbit, conch, crab as well as the usual chicken and pork . Vibe to live music on the last Thursday of the month.
-Go gaming with friends or family at Buggers Arcade, Congreve Park, (Thursday to Sunday).

Additional Interesting Places within 45 minutes’ drive from Villa Clara
-Hope Botanical Gardens and Zoo
-National Gallery of Jamaica
-Liberty Hall Museum
-Jamaica Music Museum, part of the institute of Jamaica.
-Trench Town Culture Yard
-Kingston Craft Market
-Gloria's on the Water Front
-National Heroes Park + Street Food at Heroes Circle
-Kingston Harbor
-Rockfort Mineral Bath
-Fort Charles
-Kingston Dud Club
-The Market Place
-Devon House Heritage Site
-Peter Touch Museum
-Bob Marley Museum
-Usain Bolt -Tracks & Records
-Chris Gayle -Triple century
-The Commercial hub of New Kingston

Suggestion: Check out last Sundays' of the month at the National Gallery of Jamaica, downtown Kingston, for live performances and exhibitions.

More interesting sites approximately 90 minutes drive from Villa Clara
-Milk River Mineral Bath
-Salt River Birding & Boat Tours
-Ocho Rios Beach Falls
-Dunn’s River Falls
-Irie Blue Hole
-Shaw Park Gardens
-Turtle River Falls and Garden
-Seville Great House & Estate Tour
-Runaway Bay
-Lover’s Leap
-The Blue Mountains
-Irish Town (Blue Mountain Coffee Tour, Caffe Blue, Serendipity Holistic Resort and Strawberry Hill).

Go Island Hopping:- Top 15 must see sites In Jamaica. (Take your pick).
-Frenchman's Cove
-Blue Lagoon
-Blue Mountains
-Rose Hall Great House
-Seven Mile Beach
-Reach Falls
-Blue Hole
-Pelican Bar
-Rio Grande
-Dunn's river Falls
-YS' Falls
-Mary Field's Falls
-Martha Brae Rafting Village
-Green Grotto Caves
-Black River Safari

NB: Once you have booked your stay you will be provided with directions to our house,

Wi Fi: Password will be provided upon booking
Cable Television: Our cable package is very basic, but most guests prefer to spend their time exploring the island.
Fans (Roof/Standing)
Washer and Dryer
Coffee Maker
Electric Kettle
Gas Stove, Oven and Gas cylinders
Pots/ cutlery/Utensils
Iron/ Ironing Board
Hair Dryer
Bath Towels and Toiletries
Beach Towels
Meal preparation can be arranged at no cost if guests provide food and advance notice

Best Experience
It is our intention to provide the best experience for our guests. If we missed something you need, tell us, we'll get it.

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4,55 out of 5 stars from 11 reviews

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Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica

Mercury Gardens is a small neighborhood where everybody knows and enjoys friendly rapport with almost everybody. Villa Clara's central location makes it the perfect base from which to traverse the island.

Chủ nhà Lindberg

Đã tham gia vào tháng 5 năm 2018
  • 11 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Very family oriented and sociable, loves to entertain, listen to good music, watch western movies, play domino and an avid reader.
Trong thời gian ở
While I will not always be physically available to my guests, Janet will be there to meet /greet and welcome you, she will deal with any issues arising to ensure your expectation is exceeded. However, If you need something, have questions, or concerns at any point in time, before, during, or after your trip, please don't hesitate, a telephone call, text or email will have my full undivided attention.
I'll be happy to recommend things to do, places to go or eat, island excursions etc.
And, remember, as we say in Jamaica, no place is far from the next, so just spread-out, have fun, 'palav' and enjoy the warmth and hospitality of our island and people.

Make that Booking
So please, don't hesitate, go ahead and make that booking now.
Come to Villa Clara and allow us to pamper you with an unforgettable Jamaican hospitality, you will love the experience and have much to share with family and friends for a long time.
While I will not always be physically available to my guests, Janet will be there to meet /greet and welcome you, she will deal with any issues arising to ensure your expectation i…
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