New Luxury Loft by the City Hall, Ultra Central

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This brand new luxury loft was just made with love and dedication and is located at the absolute heart of the center of Athens, next door to the Athens Town Hall! It is opposite Kotzia square, my favorite square of the city, right next to Monastiraki and the Acropolis, yet at the core of what Athens really is and feels like, next to Athinas street and the Central Market! Has the most relaxing bathroom and bathtub, amazing beds & kitchen, beautiful view and can accommodate 1 to 6 people easily :)

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You can just walk anywhere from the location of the house, it is at the absolute center and next to everything!

Booking price is lower for two persons than it is for three or four, so feel free to book the house if you are a couple, it is ideal!
Also works perfectly for families, as the parents can sleep on one bed and the kids on the other bed and the sofa bed!

The apartment is at the 4th floor of the building.
The refurbishment just finished at the end of July 2018, and the amenities include:

-a very large free standing bathtub for the most relaxing bath where you can look outside at the Athenian sky and skyline while bathing if you wish

- two king size beds, elevated so that you can have a better view of the skyline, Kotzia square and Lycabettus while on the bed. The mattresses are amazing, 33cm thick with Memory Foam that adjusts to your weight

-a sofa bed that turns into a king size bed as well with a very comfortable mattress

- Good Wifi of course :)

-a free standing TV with NETFLIX and wheels so that you can move it wherever you wish to watch TV/movies

- A huge Air Conditioning machine of 24000btu for both heating and cooling, to keep you always at your favorite temperature

- a fully equipped kitchen with all kinds of kitchenware, oven, fridge etc

-a brand new Nespresso machine, filter coffee machine, teapot, boiler etc

-lots of lighting options

-bathroom with high end hygienic sinks and toilet by Villeroy & Boch

-two washing+drying machines for your clothes

-Very large closets for your clothes, empty for guests with hangers etc

-hair dryer

-always fresh Egyptian cotton bedsheets and towels

-large kitchen table/desk where you can work

There is a supermarket inside our building at the ground floor, and a larger one just across Athinas street, 1min from the house, which is very convenient!

Also notice the white blinds that create an optional wall between the two beds, in case you want some privacy from the opposite bed while sleeping.

The location is perfectly safe, and right next to our building there is the Fresh Hotel, another hotel and the security of the Town Hall 24/7. There are also two more Airbnbs in the building, so in case you are a bigger group let me know and we can arrange it with our neighbors.

The access from the airport is very very easy.
You can take the metro straight to Monastiraki station and walk from there, or change at Syntagma square, take the red line to Omonia and walk for 2 minutes!

All metro lines are very close.
The red line is at Omonia 2 mins away walking.
The blue and the green line are at Monastiraki, about 5 mins walking!
But as I mentioned you can just walk anywhere.
All the historical center of the city is where the house is.

The neighborhood is very nice and vibrant and is for Athenians the essence of what this city really is.
It is located at the right side of the building of the Athens Town Hall, opposite Kotzia square where the stunning building of the National Bank is, right on Athinas street which is the realest and most beautiful street of the Athenian center.
It is the street of the Central Market, where you can find daily all sorts of local products from everywhere in Greece, very nice fish and meat, and the street where you can deeply feel the Athenian vibe. Combining a view of the Acropolis with an experience of all the different and contrasting aspects of contemporary Athenian life.

There are many very nice places to eat around the house, some of which are the most traditional hidden old Athenian taverns, as well as many amazing bars of the historical center where all Athenians go out at night.
All these are almost right outside the house, off Athinas street.
Also 30 seconds away there is the best place in Athens for a traditional Greek coffee in the morning, or for any kind of coffee actually :)

I will of course share all my tips for the city and the neighborhood with you, including sights, places for food, drink, shopping, swimming, other neighborhoods to visit and everything :)

And I will surely always be available if you have any questions at all or if you need anything!

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Athina, Attiki, Hy Lạp

The neighborhood is very vibrant, giving a sense of the essence of the city. Nearby Athinas Street is one of the most beautiful, authentic streets in Athens. Pick up fresh ingredients and local delicacies at the Central Market.

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I will be very happy to welcome you in the house when you arrive, and I will either be there myself, or if I am at work I will provide you with instructions to pick up the keys and enter the house, which is extremely simple and easy!

And of course I will send you many tips as I mentioned for all the city and the neighborhood, including sights, places for food, drink, shopping, swimming, other neighborhoods to visit and everything :)
I will be very happy to welcome you in the house when you arrive, and I will either be there myself, or if I am at work I will provide you with instructions to pick up the keys and…
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