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Relax and enjoy: 18 Mitchell St, Tin Can Bay

4,93(119 đánh giá)Chủ nhà siêu cấpTin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia
Toàn bộ nhà. Chủ nhà Georgina
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This beautiful property is just seconds from the waterfront! The home itself is immaculate and features 2 spacious bedrooms, roomy kitchen with a breakfast bench, dining and lounge room. The sun room is a brilliant space to relax, dine or read a book. Enjoy privacy with mature native gardens and fully fenced backyard. The house is wheelchair friendly and is very spacious. Features WiFi, bikes, games, ping pong, kayak, movies and a beautiful home away from home to enjoy.

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This is our beautiful holiday home which we hope you enjoy as much as we do.

We have an open plan lounge room, dining and a cosy reading space. Spacious bathroom with open shower for easy access- wheelchair friendly! Block out blinds, louvre windows and crim safe screens. It’s a very safe and peaceful area, plus our house is fully screened. WiFi and linen is also included. All you need to bring are beach towels!

We have a great portable electric bbq for you to cook your fresh fish 🎣 on!

If your young, or young at heart we have lots of fun things for you to enjoy.

You can go fishing, kayaking, bike riding, bocce, table tennis, cricket set for the beach, trivial pursuit, movies, books and more! There are 2 bikes and there are great bike paths. We have supplied life jackets and helmets for these activities. Please feel to use them at your own risk.

In the twin room we have set up a DVD player to watch movies. We also have books in the cupboard above the fridge, and you can relax and read a book whilst listening to the birds in the background.

Single garage with laundry combined, also with more storage space. There are full cooking utensils and appliances. All cutlery, great kitchen utensils and beautiful linen is included.

Great places to eat close by plus you can get picked up by the Country Club’s courtesy bus for golf, bowls or dinner. The Chinese restaurant serves huge meals and is great value.

Dolphin feeding is from 8am is a highlight as you get to hand feed the dolphins. There are walkways, playgrounds, skate park and a public swimming pool.

You just need to bring clothes and beach towels; as bath towels and linen are included.

Our house manual has great tips for the area and the house.

Cute cafe and bar Mother Cluckers open 6 days except Wednesday. Lunch and dinner Thursday,Friday and Saturday. Live music Saturday night.

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4,93 out of 5 stars from 119 reviews

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Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

Tin Can Bay is a beautiful seaside village that is known for its abundant wildlife, easy atmosphere and magnificent wild-catch seafood harvested from the pristine waters of the Great Sandy Strait (Great Sandy Marine Park) and Pacific Ocean. To judge for yourself, dine alfresco in one of the many cafés or traditional fish and chip shops, or like many savvy travellers, stock up your holiday fridge and enjoy fresh prawns, crabs and fish right on the water’s edge. Tip: the sand flies do come out at night along the water so bring your insect repellent.

Tin Can Bay has a number of activities for the adventurer or a young family - you can partake in sailing, fishing, bird watching, horse riding, a round of golf at the 18 hole golf course or a walk around town on the sealed foreshore path or wildflower walk. However, with miles and miles of pristine waterways, the most rewarding activity in Tin Can Bay is being on the water. Fraser Island is only a 40 minute boat trip, so why not hire a boat and go adventuring..You can sail, cruise, kayak or hire a houseboat. The water has abundant turtles, fish species, dolphins, mud crabs and sand crabs. For a peaceful kayaking experience consider exploring Snapper Creek and Crab Creek.

The Great Sandy Strait also has ideal sailing conditions, stunning scenery with many sheltered bays, sand flats, beaches and mangrove-lined creeks that are perfect for fishing and home to dugongs - check marine park zoning regulations before you visit at

Birdwatchers can observe more than 140 species, including some rare shorebirds that have migrated from as far as Siberia to use the area as their summer resting ground after breeding. Some species fly up to 25,000 kilometres (round trip) to reach Tin Can Bay. Tin Can Bay is endeared to locals and tourists for the beautiful and unique opportunity to hand feed and interact with rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. Under the supervision of Barnacles Dolphin Centre, you are able to stand in the water and get up close and personal with these gentle souls. The dolphins generally arrive around 7-7:30am and you can feed them from 8:00am. Unauthorised dolphin feeding is not permitted.

Chủ nhà Georgina

Đã tham gia vào tháng 4 năm 2016
  • 119 đánh giá
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Hi Proud Mum with a beautiful family. We respect other people’s places and we have a BnB too at Tin Can Bay. Beautiful place to visit. Cheers Georgina
Trong thời gian ở
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My contact details are in the house manual.

Please check the house manual before you arrive.

Safe travels.
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