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Black Hills Cottage Suite #10 at Pine Rest Cabins

4,95(38)Chủ nhà siêu cấpHill City, South Dakota, Hoa Kỳ
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Open Spring through Fall , Cottage Suite #10 is a vintage knotty pine room for 2 , attached to the main lodge/ coffee shop with separate outside entrance. It is one of the original guest rooms at our historic cabins which has been updated while respectfully retaining the original pine & bark trimmed ceiling and natural pine floors with just a gentle slope of history.

Chỗ ở
Approximately 200 square feet, this suite includes king size bed, full bath with tub/shower and mini-kitchenette. No pets. No Smoking.

The kitchenette is housed in a Hoosier cabinet and vintage washstand outfitted with microwave, mini-refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, small cook pot/griddle. (no kitchen sink - just like the old days, a dishpan & supplies are provided for you to wash dishes) there is a table and chairs inside and out , plus a small charcoal grill. Linens, dishes & utensils, Cable Tv and wi-fi are all provided. By virtue of being attached to the lodge it is our only cabin with air conditioning, though the big spruce trees keep it “nature cooled” as well.

Tiện nghi khách có quyền sử dụng
There are 10 cabins on the premises of Pine Rest Cabins to which a shared hot tub / spa building is accessible, which includes a large patio and small chiminea style fire pit. The Bathhouse Spa building and patio are located up the hill from the coffee shop/ lodge patio opposite side of the building from your suite.

We like to encourage everyone to kick back and leave the phone on the charger inside your suite to totally appreciate our forest time together outside.

You'll definitely want to check out the Perky Pine Cafe for great coffee and un-coffee drinks, some homemade sweets or protein bars to go. We are pleased to serve locally roasted Dark Canyon Coffee and South Dakota based Native American Teas. The coffee shop is also has reliable Wi Fi signal and the porch and decks are always available when the shop is closed for the night.

Những điều cần lưu ý khác

Pine Rest Cabins is roughly 9 miles from Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and the entrance to Custer State Park at Sylvan Lake. ( Black Elk Peak Trail #9 trailhead )

Summer days are generally cooler in the hills with temperatures in the 70's and 80's, while nights can get as low as the 30's, so it is wise to bring sweatshirts and jeans as well as your summer clothes. You will be glad you brought comfortable shoes for hiking and walking. A bathing suit is required for use of the hot tub and sauna or if you plan to visit an area pool, lake or waterslide park.

Cottage Suite #10 has central air as it is attached to our lobby and coffee shop. Our cabins are nature cooled, but fans are available should nature need a little help. With the windows open you will breathe fresh mountain air and wake to the scent of pine. Resting on the shady side of the mountain at approximately 5000 feet above the sea level, heat and humidity are usually held in check and the cabins have good ventilation.

We leave most of the cooking up to you, however you may want to come up to the Perky Pine Cafe in the morning to see what we've baked up - the coffee shop also has a variety of granola & protein bars including gluten free options. Gourmet coffee beans and a variety of Native American tea's are available for purchase at the Perky Pine . The kitchenettes are equipped and you'll find everything you need in the way of groceries at the local shops and grocery store right in Hill City. If you'd prefer to dine out, we'd be happy to refer you to some of our favorite eating places or peruse the menues we keep on hand in the lobby/coffee shop.

Feel free to truly hike and explore the natural beauty of the Black Hills National Forest directly adjoining our property. There are also numerous mapped and marked trails in the Black Hills National Forest and Custer State Park within an easy drive. The Mickelson trail access is less than one mile. We are happy to share with you those we've hiked or provide a source of information on those we haven't. We find the Black Hills to be very accessible hiking for all ages and abilities.

There are several public lakes in the Black Hills , mainly stocked with trout. Our nearest fishing ponds are within a half to one mile from Pine Rest and we are happy to point you in the right direction. Spring Creek runs through Hill City and Rapid Creek is popular for fly fishing. Major Lake is a small lake right accross from the grocery store in Hill City. Sheridan, Pactola and Deerfield are the larger lakes nearest us. Temporary fishing licenses are available at the local gas station and hardware store.

We do have a shared hot tub and sauna at the Bathhouse Spa for older kids ( 12 & up) and adults, but no pool . The shared sauna is wood burning and available during the cool months when fire danger is low. You'll also want your suits to enjoy a sunny day at one of the area lakes. We are happy to point you in the right direction. Some of the marinas rent pontoon boats and fishing boats, or paddle boats and canoes.

We are also happy to have the naturally heated indoor and outdoor pools at Hot Springs' Evans Plunge about an hour from us. Custer, 11 miles, has a public pool and there are several in Rapid City - 27 miles. The Watikii Water Park in Rapid City, less than an hour from us, is also open all year. Our favorite swimming lakes with restroom facilities are Center Lake in Custer State Park, Agostura Lake near Hot Springs, and Sheridan Lake, just 7 miles north of us off of Hwy 385. Day use Permits or Park stickers are required for these swimming areas.

Visiting "Granddogs" and their forest friends freely roam the property and they prefer to have the place to themselves. We have many local deer, chipmunks, squirrels, turkeys and rarely, an elk herd passing through. Out of respect for our neighbors - and, living along the highway - to protect the health and safety of our winged and four legged friends and yours, we do not allow pets.

As with most private property situated within the boundaries of the Black Hills National Forest , we are right along the main highway to ever popular Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Custer State Park. Pine Rest Cabins has three short gravel driveways, just off of highway 16/385 allowing quick and easy access for those who like to be out and about during the day and return in the evening to unwind.
Traffic is pretty heavy on summer days, in the winter time our road is well maintained and very quiet.

Our home for over 26 years, we love it here among the mountains and pines, yet having everything so handy. However, if you prefer to be further from it all, we understand. Let us know, and we'd be glad to link you to other possibilities that may better suit your needs.

Being in the center of the national forest, we are cautious about open fires . Each cabin does have a charcoal grill. You are invited to use the chiminea at the bathhouse patio during low fire danger. We are located in the Black Hills National Forest Fire protection district and are subject to the rules and regulations thereof.


Kitchenettes for counter top cooking:

Small Electric roaster.
Electric coffee maker
Dishsoap and dishtowels
Basic cooking utensils
Note: There are no ovens
There is a charcoal grill and garden table and chairs outside .

Linens & Sundries Provided:

King bed is made with plenty of extra blankets and pillows
Bath towels, hand towels, dish towels and washcloths
Hand soap & dish soap
Toilet paper
Electric fan
Iron & table top ironing board
NOTE : No daily maid service - fresh towels, bedding and other necessities are available daily for pick up at the towel window at the south side of the lodge .


You may wish to bring kitchen items :

Paper plates
Paper towels
Aluminum foil
Food storage bags
Mixing bowls & large pots or pans
Charcoal, lighter fluid & your own special utensils for grill
and other groceries.

Grocery NOTE : We have a selection of Dark Canyon coffee beans by the pound in the coffee shop and are happy to grind them for you. Native American Tea's are available by the box.

There is a full service grocery store, Krulls Market, located in Hill City as well as two convenience stores and a Dollar General nearby.

You may want to bring personal linens & sundries

Facial tissue
Beach towels or "outside" towels or picnic blankets
Bathing suit
First Aid Kit

Laundromats are located at the two gas station/convenience stores - Conoco & Exxon - in Hill City.

There are no phones in the cabins. Generally speaking cell phone reception is good here at Pine Rest Cabins and in Hill City . Be prepared for pockets with "no service" as you travel around the Black Hills. You may want to check with your service provider about your particular phone coverage and plan for extra data usage. It is good to remember that when a call won't go through out in the hills , sometimes a text will , and a paper map in the car is an old reliable method of navigation.

We have good wi-fi connectivity from the coffee shop and most of the cabins which you are welcome to use. We remind you that we are rural and with the dramatic increase in usage , especially in the summer months , service may be patchy or slow here and other parts of the Black Hills . Our mountain weather also occasionally has an effect. It's a good idea to plan for using your own data if you are counting on downloading or streaming a lot of information. We do not provide a printer - printing and wi-fi are available at the public library in Hill City.
Open Spring through Fall , Cottage Suite #10 is a vintage knotty pine room for 2 , attached to the main lodge/ coffee shop with separate outside entrance. It is one of the original guest rooms at our historic cabins which has been updated while respectfully retaining the original pine & bark trimmed ceiling and natural pine floors with just a gentle slope of history.

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Hill City, South Dakota, Hoa Kỳ

Chủ nhà Jan

Đã tham gia vào tháng 6 năm 2018
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I'm a country girl at heart with a passion for all things vintage, outdoors and active. I love to hike, bicycle and kayak at a casual pace, not a race. Winter is the best because of broomball and sledding. I find a garage sale much more exciting than shopping at the mall or on -line . Work is a blessing and having a family is my dream come true, so I have no bucket list, but LOT's of things I'd still love to do , and that includes hosting you! My husband thinks I'm crazy and my grandson adores me - what can I say? I've promised to hike the Himalayas with my youngest son when he is 60 and I'm 100! OK , you guessed it.... I'm vivacious and a bit of a silly poet always hoping to tip the scales of life to the joyful side. My life's motto comes from my brother Ivan: " a little encouragement goes a long way"
I'm a country girl at heart with a passion for all things vintage, outdoors and active. I love to hike, bicycle and kayak at a casual pace, not a race. Winter is the best because o…
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We live on the property and tend the " Perky PINE cafe " coffee shop and cabins during the day with the help of our great staff. After hours we are available by phone and do appreciate a bit of privacy with mutual respect for yours.
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