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La Fustaia’s signature grand suite is a most magical and private home within a most beautiful and sensory, architecturally inspired, lime walled Italian villa.

Complete with lavish king bed, a divinely deep free standing tub, dressing room and beautifully considered lush interiors, your private suite was designed with complete relaxation in mind.

It enjoys its own private entrance, sun-soaked terrace, and direct access down to the infinity swimming pool.

Chỗ ở
The Villa: La Fustaia is the realisation of a long labour of love for owners Fillipo and Luccia. Sitting humbly, hidden at the end of a narrow and gently widing road, is a beautifully curated place of undulating lime walls and bespoke touches; a design and architecture lovers respite, nestled at the foot of a hill that was "Tenuta di caccia dei Conti Lamotte."

Your private space:
The luminous velvety walls of the interior rooms provide a calming ambiance to doze or read atop soft scented sheets. Your bedroom, a most beautiful sanctuary to retreat to, relaxation further enhanced perhaps only by immersion in your sumptuous, free standing antique bath, the perfect place to unwind and do nothing but gaze out of the window.

In the main house, in the wintery months, you find your "good weather." A suspended roaring fire place, a wonderful design lovers library, and floor to ceiling glass windows out of which to gaze. Outside you will find rubber boots that will take your steps up the hill edged by a dirt road that protects the boundary line. From here you will see the Fortress of Sarzanello, one of the masterpieces of military transition, a true jewel of Renaissance engineering, and all the way down to the mouth of the river Magra that creeps into the sea.

When the sun is in season, boots are shed and we walk barefoot to swim and while away the afternoon, surrounded by majestic nature. And when day turns to night, these gardens come alive, studded with a thousand fireflies that in the absolute darkness inspire and captivate.

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Sarzana, Liguria, Italy

Softly nestled in the Magra valley on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, Sarzana is protected to the north by the Apuane Alps and to the south borders the Ligurian Sea – it sits firmly among fascinating fortresses, masterpieces of art and stories of pilgrims, merchants, popes and leaders.

Whilst perfectly removed from the hustle and bustle, perched high above the township, La Fustaia is but a pleasant stroll to the charming and lively historical centre of Sarzana. A most stylish labyrinth of divine, time worn cobblestone streets, dotted with artisan shops, designer boutiques and a myriad of wonderful restaurants.
La Fustaia is the perfect place to retreat and simply immerse, or to base yourself for exploring all that this most wonderful region, bordering Liguria and Tuscany, has to offer.

The Cinque Terre
The five villages are no longer the isolated hamlets they once were, but there’s still a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails. The easiest way to reach and travel between the villages is by train, a line that runs along Italy's west coast connecting all five villages. Or, arrive by sea from Porto Venere.

Pietrasanta, an art and design lovers mecca, sits just a few miles from the renowned beaches of Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio. An enclave where the most representative sculptors from the entire world meet to sketch up, rough-hew and create their works. A crossroads where technique and creation meet giving rise to a spontaneous cultural centre, a cradle for new ideas, movements and trends in contemporary art.

Lerici and Tellaro
The Gulf of Poets coastline is bookended by two beautiful castles linked by a breathtaking promenade along the sea. This promenade, formally recognised as a “Meraviglia italiana” (Italian Wonder) affords visitors an appreciation of traditional Ligurian shopfronts and houses on one side and the marvel of our beautiful sea on the other.

Other nearby places not to be missed are undoubtedly Portovenere, the villages of Lunigiana and Garfagnana, Carrara, and the Apuan Alps where you can also take walks with a high degree of difficulty.

Chủ nhà Lucia

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Luccia, your host, will be contactable throughout your stay and loves nothing more than to accommodate guests in any way she can to ensure your stay surpasses all of your expectations. Whilst the main home is a private residence, she is at the ready to provide you any tips on the local area or to facilitate special requests by arrangement.
Luccia, your host, will be contactable throughout your stay and loves nothing more than to accommodate guests in any way she can to ensure your stay surpasses all of your expectati…
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