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Với tốc độ 117 Mbps, bạn có thể thực hiện cuộc gọi video và phát trực tuyến video cho cả nhóm.
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Cozy 800 sq ft apartment located off the square in Headland. Former commercial property converted to residential in the late 90's, this unique space has a gated courtyard in the front & additional gated outdoor living in the rear. Guests often describe it as having a "Savannah" feel. A quiet community & adjacent to the square - steps away from a park, restaurants and police station. Located 10 minutes from Dothan, Headland offers a quiet & safe small town atmosphere convenient for commuters

Chỗ ở
**note to guests: in response to the COVID-19 virus, we are currently following AirBnb policies for sanitiation to ensure everyone's safety during these unprecedented times. We pride ourselves in offering our guests a safe and sanitary space to enjoy. Beyond sanitizing hard surfaces between guests, we run a commercial ionizer to clean the air in the space. In addition, our off sight laundry setup includes an ionized washing machine system. Used to launder all linens, towels, blankets, etc at our listings, an ionized washer kills viruses and bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals such as bleach.**

Hop across the street to Mike's for a seafood dinner with a small town atmosphere and stroll around the town square - or grill & relax on the patio after a long day. Though there may be some noise from street traffic during the day, afternoons and evenings turn this into a perfect spot for relaxing.

We have Wifi and an Xfinity stream TV package for local TV and expanded network channels. We also provide access to HBO now, Netflix, Prime video and Hulu.

The bedroom has a queen memory foam mattress and the living room futon has been upgraded to a queen sleeper sofa. For those looking to accomodate a crowd, we also provide a queen air mattress that can sleep additional guests by easily shifting some furniture out of the way.

Our bathroom setup is shower only (no tub), and the bathroom is accessed by 2 steps. Sorry, we are not handicap accessible.

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1 giường queen
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1 sofa giường, 1 đệm hơi

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Wi-fi nhanh – 117 Mbps
Chỗ đỗ xe miễn phí tại nơi ở
TV với truyền hình cáp tiêu chuẩn
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Headland, Alabama, Hoa Kỳ

The atmosphere in Headland is small town and friendly (characteristically Southern). Passersby on the sidewalk often wave or say a quick hello. (If you stay for any length of time you will begin the recognize the regular local dog walkers.) There is a small salon located next door but there is minimal business traffic.

The area has always felt safe to us and our place is located in close proximity to the Headland police station. That being said, we ask that you please lock doors when you leave, especially due to the mixed residential/commercial nature of the area. It has been 20 years since the building has been used commercially but theres always the slim chance someone may wander in thinking it's a business (hasn't happened yet but there's always a first!)

Also, please secure your vehicle(s) since the only parking available is technically public parking.

There has been a recent rebirth in our small town that began before COVID concerns. Despite the challenges we have all faced in 2020, our community has managed to stay vibrant with several small restaurants within walking distance, including Mike's Seafood, David's Pizza, The Bottle Tree, Copper Kettle, & Groove Nutrition. On the third Friday of the month during the summer months, the city holds an event called "Under The Oaks" with live music and food vendors. Within close walking distance you may also enjoy visiting our town's small independently owned retail shops. Take the opportunity to express your creative side at the ceramic studio on the square or at the new "Pin-spiration" location on East Church St.

Chủ nhà Tiffany

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Robert is an avid bass angler and I enjoy gardening, cooking, & expressing my artistic side. We both enjoy being in the outdoors, especially around the water - so you will generally find us at the beach or the lake in our off time. We love being Airbnb hosts in our little corner of SE Alabama and having the opportunity to share our homes with others. Our work schedules keep us busy so we don't often get the chance to meet our guests but we love to be able to offer travelers in our community a more comfortable / convenient option to a hotel stay.
Robert is an avid bass angler and I enjoy gardening, cooking, & expressing my artistic side. We both enjoy being in the outdoors, especially around the water - so you will generall…

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Though of course we enjoy meeting our guests when possible, the location has a coded lock on the back door entrance that allows guests a self check-in. You can arrive at your convenience.

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