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Happy Blue welcomes you! Cozy, Clean, and cute!

4,91(206 đánh giá)Chủ nhà siêu cấpLaurel, Mississippi, Hoa Kỳ
Toàn bộ nhà nghỉ thôn dã. Chủ nhà Sally
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Happy Blue welcomes you!

Our personally renovated and decorated 1903 Craftsman cottage project is located right in the heart of historic downtown, right where all the action of HGTV’s Home Town is happening! You are just a hop, skip, or short walk away from all things Laurel. Join us for a lovely, fun, best of the best southern hospitality welcoming stay!

‘Our home is full of happy and full of fun!

Please ask about Having pets, children or recreational vehicles. Thank you.

Chỗ ở
Welcome to Laurel and our fun comfy home! My happy self shows thru and thru with my own design, renovation and splashing of colors from top to bottom inside and out in our cottage!

During your stay with us, our home is your home! We have plenty of living space including living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen. There are three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

The pictures and descriptions accurately represent our cottage. Our guests always say it is much better than that the pictures!

Our entire home is so welcoming. Outside in the backyard, we have a spacious fenced garden area with a fun swing set and climbing platform, and a patio with table and chairs for you to enjoy. A small grill is available. A decked balcony is ready for your use, with a sofa and chairs that are in the shade with a pergola that makes you feel like you are right up in the trees. Our front yard is spacious with the best front porch ever that includes the most comfortable porch swing There is plenty of additional seating as well. Great for people watching! The pictures truly represent our happy house. We are also crazy fun collectors, always some kind of project going on!

We offer a coffee and tea bar, and orange juice, Feel free to use any kitchen items while enjoying our home including the refrigerator etc.

We recently have dedicated space in Happy Blue to all things Laurel to help give you some suggestions on things going on, things to do etc. We would love to share with you any info and answer any questions that you might have. We appreciate any conversation or communication to make your stay while you are here the best ever, a five star stay . Happy Blue is our beloved cottage that is all yours while you are here. Please feel free to park in the driveway.

We have two tiny houses in the backyard, for our use as well as guest hosting. We are only a second away if you should need anything! There is a separate entrance and parking area for those for less disruption. .

If you are celebrating a special occasion, we would be more than happy to help. Please just let us know.

We recently have added some creative experiences for folks if you want to put your feet up and rest for a few minutes. From learning tips and experiencing a southern tea party, to designing your own handmade signs and boards to all things Laurel, we would be more than happy to show you what fun we have going on! .Just ask upon booking or arrival.

We are starting to offer a selection of beverages and charcuterie boards. Please ask for any info upon booking Sitting out on the front porch enjoying Laurel with some special fixings would be so much fun!

Many thanks again for choosing Happy Blue! We look forward to having you!

Generally we have do not have guests that are children or pets.

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4,91 out of 5 stars from 206 reviews

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Laurel, Mississippi, Hoa Kỳ

The historic district is home to the most beautiful homes, tree lined streets, parks and a great downtown. We love seeing all the renovating and creating that HGTV’s “Home Town” has brought. Folks here are a special kind of southerner. We are excited! Great shopping, food and fun in downtown is just a few steps away! We are also a couple of blocks from the Amtrak train. We are right in the heart of everything going on here in Laurel!

Chủ nhà Sally

Đã tham gia vào tháng 5 năm 2018
  • 331 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
After moving here 2 years ago from Pensacola Florida, I am “In Love” with Laurel my new “Home Town”. I renovated “Happy Blue” a craftsman cottage and would love to share her with you. I love all things Laurel, from shopping local to gardening, to being creative, always busy with projects, to embracing all of the genuine Southern Hospitality, to experiencing all the exciting changes that are happening in Laurel. If you are a fan of HGTV’s “Home Town” like we all are, staying at “Happy Blue” puts you right in the middle of all the excitement that has brought amazing renovations right in my neighborhood. I hope you choose to stay at “Happy Blue.” She is all ready to welcome you. While you are in Laurel , just remember my home is your home! Can’t wait to meet you!
After moving here 2 years ago from Pensacola Florida, I am “In Love” with Laurel my new “Home Town”. I renovated “Happy Blue” a craftsman cottage and would love to share her with y…
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Available at all times!

Since we have done all of our own design renovation and decorating, if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to chat with you about it.

Covid has changed our world in the last year. We take great precaution in our hosting and in our home. If there is an issue we would like to address it immediately rather than not be made aware of it and have an unhappy guest! We are always available to meet but respect social distancing, wearing masks, etc. it is totally up to you to let us know what you would like or need. We look forward to connecting with you at anytime during your stay. We have tiny houses in the back yard where we stay when our house is occupied. We did that specifically so that if guests needed anything we were close by. We are to ourselves , have our own very busy lives and we respect your privacy. The most you might see of us is coming and going out of the back gate or doing yard work to keep it looking nice.

Also something else important, When making your reservations, please be sure to include the accurate number of guests in your party so we can be prepared as we love to be and you will have peace of mind knowing all will be taken care of. A accurate number is key to us giving you a terrific stay. We do represent our home accurately to maximize your comfort while staying in “Happy Blue”.

Air BnB requires the correct number of guests several days before check in. Very easy to update for you the guest within your reservation. If you arrive with more guests than registered, please communicate this to Air BNB immediately as this can easily escalate to be a serious challenge with your stay. We want everyone to be a happy guest with us and be well taken care of
Available at all times!

Since we have done all of our own design renovation and decorating, if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to chat with you abou…
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