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Red Art Maisonette

4,76(17 đánh giá)Chủ nhà siêu cấpKardakata, Hy Lạp
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Red Art Maisonette is a luxurious boutique-style villa, ideally situated in a unique position of elevation, overlooking the Bays of Argostoli & Lixouri, in the area of Thinia, on the South Western coastline of Kefalonia.

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Kardakata, Hy Lạp

THINAIA or THINIA (Greek: Θηναία, Θηνιά) Is a community on the island of Kefalonia, Greece. It is located on the northeast side of the Gulf of Argostoli. The community consists of the villages KONTOGOURATA, RIZA, KARDAKATA, and PETRIKATA. This rural village was once mainly a farming community, where peasants, under the Venetian occupation of the island, worked small terrace plots scattered on the slope of the mountain above and next to the village. Many villagers have emigrated to other parts of the world, and therefore the village has become very quiet in winter and only sees an expansion in summer time, when first, second and third generation families return for a visit. Recently the village has attracted the interest of a historical research team from the UK, which is searching for the site of Odysseus' home and palace. Confirmation of such a theory will have a great impact on the area of Thinia and especially Kontogourata where the bulk of the research is concentrated.

27 JULY. At the village of Kontogourata is the feast in honour of the Saint PANTELEIMON at the schoolyard annex. The day starts with a service at the local church and in the evening the traditional dinner, drink and dancing goes on throughout the night.
6 AUGUST. In the beach of SOTIRAS the village feast the saint in the small church.
14 AUGUST. Feast the next village RIZA.

KONTOGOURATA village is the first village of Thinia area. It is built along the local road that unites the villages. It is a calm village with the advantage of an amazing view and a special position. It is found in the middle of the distance Argostoli – Lixouri and the famous beach of Myrtos, the beatches in Lixuri, the petani beach, the Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos are up to 30’ drive.
The village is offered for hiking. The road that passes through the Thinia villages is calm and one walk undistrurbed enjoying the vews. Just opposite the old school an upgoing road leads to the old village whose houses were abandoned after the great earthquake and during the last years are reconstructed. The road, after a beautiful route ends in the main road near the entrance of the village, a spot called “rodina” (rose) because of the beautiful colours of the sunset.
In both of the edges of the village running water from taps welcome the visitors.
(Please note that the water from these taps is not potable. It is used in cooking and cleaning, though).

In the village there is neither super or mini market therefore one should visit either the supermarkets in Argostoli or Lixouri or the mini markets in the villages Farsa or Angonas.


SOTIRAS 5 min (car) Not easy to reach this beach because there are no indications and signs but if you follow the coastal road that goes towards Argostoli one mile after the junction to Lixouri before reaching Kontogourata there is a road on the right that goes down to the sea. Down on the beach with white pebbles and clear sand you will not find anything but a limpid and calm sea. There is also the church of Agia Sotira which is a small white building just few steps from the beach. From the beach you can admire the gulf of Argostoli. There are no bars or restaurants nearby.

AGIA KYRIAKI 15 min (car) The beach of Agia Kyriaki is the most famous and yet beautiful beach of the Thinia area. In Ag. Kyriaki you can go both from Ancona (just 2km away) and from Zola (about 1km). It is a picturesque sandy beach with turquoise waters that fascinate the visitor. The beach has a canteen, while the most interesting is that you can rent a boat to visit the nearby small beaches, many of which are accessible only by the sea. There are also fish taverns to eat.

AGIA KYRIAKI AND VOUTI 15 min (car) On the beach of Agia Kyriaki you will either go from the village of Agon or from the village of Zola, there are the relevant signs. It is 2 km from Agon and 1 km from Zola. The beach is sandy, there is a canteen nearby and there are fish taverns and restaurants in the area. Right on the beach of Agia Kyriaki is another beautiful beach, Vouti which has access from the village of Zola with a relatively good dirt road. There is also a small harbor with a lot of fishing boats and also the possibility of renting a boat for walks in the sea.

MYRTOS 20 min (car) The most photographed beach of Kefalonia and always in the list of the world’s best beaches is not a sandy beach; it is covered by beautiful white pebbles that contrast with the turquoise waters of the sea. Here you will find an organized section with sun loungers and canteen, but in general it remains relatively unspoiled. Despite the hills that surround it, strong winds can blow and the sea currents can be enhanced in the afternoons. In general, due to the strong sea currents, we advise you to avoid swimming far from the beach.

PETANI 25 min (car) Turquoise waters, fine pebble, green nature! Is definitely one of the best beaches of Kefalonia; many compare it even with Myrtos! Its name comes from the Homeric word “epietanoi” that means the area with plenty of water throughout the year. Do not leave from Petani without enjoying the sunset!

LEPEDA (LIXURI) 25 min (car) Lepeda Beach is just two kilometers from Lixuri and is one of the most popular beaches of Paliki. It is sandy with the red sand we find on this side of Kefalonia, such as Xi beach, or the neighboring Mega Lakko. Its waters are shallow and blue, ideal for playing for young children and for swimming for its biggest visitors. A large rock that enters the sea is the trademark of Lepeda beach, which gathers a lot of people from the surrounding area, especially during the high summer season.

XI 30 min (car) It is a sandy beach, but what makes it unique is its reddish color because of the great amounts of clay. It is said that sunbathing here is like having a natural spa, since the clay is ideal for exfoliating and tightening the skin. The beach is relatively organized, with some infrastructure and is suitable for water sports. However, isolated points still exist since the beach is very long.

PLATIS GIALOS 30 min (car) Is the natural extension of the beach of Makris Gialos. A cluster of rocks separates them and does not allow the access from one beach to another. Platis Gialos is sandy beach with fine golden sand, not very long, but very large in width – is what justifies its name and distinguishes it from the next “sibling” of Makris Gialos. The waters are shallow, always cool and clear. Their shade is tint and clear, although the seabed of Platis Gialos is sandy. Lush green pine trees surround and beautify the landscape. Parasols and sun beds, you will find throughout, as it is organized, while in Platis Gialos you can ocxupy with a variety of water sports. It has a beach bar on the sand serving also in sun beds. Although, Platis Gialos is equally crowded, is not as cosmopolitan as Makris Gialos, particularly, because it is preferred by families that make the climate quieter, amused by the youth, who usually prefers the first beach. Platis Gialos is located in Lassi, 3 km from Argostoli. In Platis Gialos, you can reach by car; drive down to as little above the beach, where there is landscaped parking area.

MAKRIS GIALOS 30 min (car) Is the most popular beach of Kefalonia. It is located just 3 km from Argostoli and with Platis Gialos, located right next, are the most preferred destinations for swimming for the inhabitants of Argostoli, play with the waves, sunbathing, but … also partying at famous beach bars! Makris Gialos is a very long beach, while Platis in width! Geographically, Makris Gialos belongs in Lassi, the suburb of the capital city with green, large, rich homes and restaurants. Makris Gialos is a sandy beach, with golden yellow sand. Although, there is no way to find it without people – even the winter swimmers come in Makris Gialos – the waters are always crystal clear. Blue, clear – a rare thing for sandy beaches with sandy bottom – and shallow, promote the game with sea and wave for children … and older “kids”! In Makris Gialos, you will find, besides the beach bars that feature everything, parasols, water sports and a lifeguard. The beach is surrounded by high pine trees that hide it from the street, though it is very large in size. Under these trees, in specially designated areas, you can park your car and go down to the beach by a short concrete alley.

PORTO ΑTHERAS 30 min (car) Is a sandy quiet beach, not organized. You should care by you to have taken shade, as there are no trees on the sand. However, next to the beach, there is a tavern, serving local cuisine from Kefalonia and fresh fish. Nearby is the small marina of Porto Athera, the anchorage of local fishermen. At one end of the beach, there is the beautiful church of St. Spyridon. It belongs in a complex together with old olive press and House, as was estimated maintained in its whole, since 1985. In the church in Porto Atheras, a festival takes place, every year, on 11th of August, when are celebrated the wonders of St. Spyridon, but also on 12th of December, the day of his celebration.

ASSOS VILLAGE CASTLE OF ASSOS (for amazing views of the Ionian Sea and the Assos beautiful village) CHURCH OF SOTIRAS (Sotiras beach) CHURCH OF AGIOS SPYRIDONAS (before Kourouklata) ABBEY SIA (Myrtos beach) ABBEY OF VIRGIN LAMIAS (Dilinata) ABBEY KEHRIONOS (road to Lixuri) It was originally built in the 18th century by faithful sailors from Zakynthos. Today's temple is built in 1828. The church is particularly well-known due to the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. According to the tradition, three Kefalonian sailors were enslaved in Algeria. On the eve of the Virgin Mary’s feast they prayed to her to free them and return to their homeland. Prayersfell Asleep and when they woke up, they were miraculously found under a bridge near the monastery. CHURCH OF AGIOS SPYRIDONAS Porto Atheras (Private) ABBEY OF THE THEOTOKOS THEMATON after Ag. Efimia The view from the Monastery is unique, as it faces Ithaca and the immense blue of the Ionian Sea. SAMOLI house of the Venetian supervisor, Livadi (Private and under reconstruction) GEROGOMPOS LIGHTHOUSE (Paliki) AGIOS GERASSIMOS MONASTERY (near Valsamata village) FISKARDO VILLAGE Fiscardo seems to have stopped in time, with its present to keep its history alive, since the earthquake of 1953 did not cause disasters. Thus it combines its traditional architecture with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. At sea sailboats and sailing ships complement the "colorful" setting.

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People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel!
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A car is highly recommended as there is so much to see on this beautiful island!
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