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"Independence with Care"
Most long-stay guests still wish to retain as much independence in their life as possible, however they health situation may require them to have more care available. Often reduced mobility reduces social life opportunities but we try to limit the impact by bring guests stay with Thai family. The daily life of the guests will be with the Thai family. It will be good care, like a family member. Include health checkup and dental care.

Chỗ ở
The homestay units are beautiful located at Mae Ram village and is about 20 minutes driving to city center. Each homestay which are all Thai Lanna village situated and has a terrace with furniture for outside relaxation. Our area surrounded by hill and greenery trees. Inside is air-conditioned with a small refrigerator and a television. Drink making facilities are provided.
The Gardens
The homestay is extensive and those who enjoy walking will love the variety of trees and plant and birds. Guests who wish to travel outside the homestay independently are encouraged to do so.
Modern medical thinking emphasizes the importance of activity and routine for the physical and medical welfare of the elderly. Our planned services will provide a variety of activities at community of village. Including arts and crafts, feed a fish, gardening (guests are able to have a small garden area in their homestay for their own gardening enjoyment) and cooking. How to grow organic salad to eat at home without chemicals and confident in safety. Have fresh vegetables and clean to eat at home. Participate in organic farming activities such as organic chicken raising, catfish farming in the pond. These activities include yoga, village dance and activities of village community. Guest can joint with all activities of village community. The homestay is fully Wi-Fi equipped with an excellent Wi-Fi signal and guests can be taught computer skills. We celebrate our guest's birthdays as well as the major holiday events such as Christmas and New Year.
Outside Activities/Excursions
It is important that guests do not feel confined to the homestay however extensive it is. Weekly shopping trips are arranged as well as trips for religious purposes. Chiang Mai has a wealth of attractions and monthly trips take place to see sights, enjoy activities and gain knowledge of Thai life. The area around the homestay is excellent for walking for those who feel more active.
Homestay Services
In the homestay village have its services Thai massage, Facial massage and Lanna body scrub.
Body Massage
Tradition Thai massage good for relaxing and release of tension blood circulation the body’s pressure points along the malidienl line. (90 minutes 600 THB.)
Thai oil massage, A deep massage for relaxation and cramming to balance the body. (60 minutes 800 THB.)
Aromatic oil with gentle massage to grand the body and so. (90 minutes 800 THB.)
Facial Massage
Using the Finest Natural and Organic Product to gently remove dead cells and moisturizing properties keeps your skin comfortable. (60 minutes 800 THB.)
Lanna Body Scrub
Using Turmeric Tamarind Prai Yogurt Honey Pardanus Lire to remove dead skin cells and milk smoother solfer and moist. (60 minutes 1,200 THB.)
Health Checkup
This package included health checkup programs at Bangkok Hospital Chiangmai. Health checkup programs :
- Physical Examination
- Blood Presure & Pulse Rate Measurement
- Complete Blood Count
- Glucose : Fasting Blood Sugar
- Cholesterol
- Kidney Function : Creatinine plus GFR
- Liver Function : ALT (SGPT)
- Chest X-ray
Dental Care
This package included teeth cleaning and checkup. Regular professional full mouth scaling and cleaning by dentist.
We welcome friends or partners that wish to stay together. Our wide variety of room options means that there should be a set-up suitable for all.
Friends and relatives
We encourage friends and relatives to visit and spend time with our guests. In the event that relatives wish to stay over we have accommodation for them; those traveling from abroad can enjoy a vacation during their stay. We would be pleased to provide for your friends with details and costs on request.
Meet and Greet at International Airport, Railway Station, bus station or anywhere in the Chiang Mai city parameters.

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ตำบล แม่แรม, เชียงใหม่, Thái Lan

My old teak wood Lanna house homestay located near the key locations, Sala cafe (3 minutes), Ruean Mai Spa (5 minutes), Jiang Lha Contemporary Art Space (7 minutes), Supha Bee Farm (8 minutes), Wat Padarapirom (10 minutes), Daraphirom Royal Mansion Museum (10 minutes), Chiangmai's Tiger Kingdom (12 minutes) and Mae Rim district such as Bai Orchid-Butterfly Farm. Cozy greenhouse housing a variety of butterflies, plants & flowers, including orchids, plus a cafe, Mae Sa snacks farm, Mae Sa Water Fall, Baan Tong Luang Eco-agricultural Village. Baan Tong Luang is a fabricated village containing 8 groups of Hill Tribes, Maesa Elephant Camp. You will be truly amazed by the talents of the elephants, Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden : Beautiful flowers and Thailand's longest canopy walkway…, Pongyang Jungle Coaster & Zipline, Eden Vineyards and Moncham…Mountaintop farming community with panoramic views. The canteen serves delicious Thai and Western food, which visitors can eat in an open-walled bamboo hut perched on the mountain's edge, or you could find ...

Chủ nhà Longan

Đã tham gia vào tháng 5 năm 2016
  • 164 đánh giá
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We are a team of professionals on Chiangmai area ready to help you book your accommodation for next trip vacation stay. We understand the problems that people have when it comes to booking accommodation and not getting correct answers so we are here to save you time by answering all your questions clearly and concisely. We are here to help you get the best experience for rental accommodation on your holiday vacation. We will answer any of the questions you may have about the place, surroundings, and attractions of where ever you are interested in staying. Chiang Mai is a tourist city and has all the amenities of a modern city but still retains its old-world charm and is handy to many tourist activities from zip lining, bungee jumping, ATV, elephant nature parks, excited with tigers and trips on a rented scooter into the neighbouring mountains. We will have our kind and friendly hosts/staffs to welcome and assist you during your stay. Bringing memorable holidays via AirBnB experiences. Contact us for a special deal now!!
We are a team of professionals on Chiangmai area ready to help you book your accommodation for next trip vacation stay. We understand the problems that people have when it comes to…
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Guest will meet with me to be led to the property on the first day of check in. For weekly rental, house will be cleaned on the 4th day of your stay. Cleaning time at 2pm.
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