Chiangmai Farmstay 3 nights package (H.1)

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Nestled in its’ own secluded valleys surrounded by National Park, the farm is away from any paved roads and through a river to reach the main gate. The surrounding hills and jungle which ‘turn’ with the seasons, provides perfect seclusion. A dozen cold water springs feed the lakes and ensures a pure water supply throughout the year for irrigation and use on the farm. This farm is an ideal location to grow our crops, raise and care for our animals and provides an idyllic retreat for our guests.

Chỗ ở
The farm is located 50 Kms by road to the North East of Chiang Mai City in Northern Thailand in an extension of the lower foothills of The Himalayas at 620 meters a.s.l.
The coordinates are : 18.899665, 99.290790
From Chiang Mai there is a direct route via Doi Saket town or a slightly longer, more scenic road via Ban Hauy Kaew.
This farm start up fifteen years ago much of the land was being used to grow chili. We dredged the spring-fed swamps and, landscaped into two lakes and converted the old basic chili pickers rooms into our farm-house. Since then we have discreetly built out-houses for us, a few guests and the animals. We have rejuvenated the orange grove and the coffee plants and added a multitude of other suitable crops and, of course, provided a haven for our animals.
In this farm have house 4 units.
The farm house
We extended and converted this old wooden building into a livable house some years ago and we have now just finished a refurbishment to make it very attractive guest accommodation. Just the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen have walls!..the rest is open to the fresh air! It comprises of one double bedroom with lounge and one single bedroom with shared rustic bathroom; an open lounge, dining room, relaxing area, kitchen and a Chinese day-bed verandah with loungers. There are two flat screen satellite TV’s so you can keep in touch with the outside world if you wish!
It is very traditional Thai and made entirely of wood and very comfortable.
The Farm House is ideal for families or couples who want space to relax and to take in the atmosphere and the fresh farm air!
The Garden house
Is an out-house near the Thai kitchen and the open camp fire which we use in the winter. It has one double bed. There is a curtain for privacy that can divide this house into two sleeping areas.
The Sunset house
We are very happy to be able to show you The Sunset house, recently completed in a converted outbuilding but very comfortable with all amenities at hand including a kitchenette, private garden and ‘wide angle’ Sala!l (Magic for eating in the warmer months!). Ideal for couples or especially for a family with children as it is adjacent to The Bunk house which is great accommodation for kids. These two rooms share a long, wide verandah and this secluded, self contained annex offers privacy and comfort although guests have the whole farm to explore and enjoy. There are soothing views across the lower field and superb sunsets….nature allowing! We have tried our very best to blend these buildings into the country-side whilst offering farm-life from a great vantage point!
The Bunk house
The Bunk house is compact and sleeps three. It is adjacent and complements The Sunset house built into older outbuildings. There’s one bunk and a single bed. It has a big bathroom. The bedroom opens onto a long, wide veranda which faces west over the pasture and catches the late afternoon sun.
The Bunk house amy only be reserved in conjunction with The Sunset house.
Farm stay Package - 3 night All Inclusive Package
Day 1.
Meet and Greet at your hotel/guest house in Chiang Mai City, International Airport, Railway Station, bus station or anywhere in the city parameters.
Transfer to Thung Dong Farm in either a farm truck or by minibus. The journey takes about one hour. In the case of minibus the last part of the trip will be by farm truck as we have to drive through the river!..but we will do our best to arrange a friend to introduce you to the minibus driver.
Welcome to the farm!
The first day can be spent making your self at home touring our farm and introducing you to the animals and relaxing! (Lunch and refreshments as appropriate )
A stroll to the local village to buy any items of a personal nature, additional refreshments or snacks etc.
A short walk to see if we can find any Gibbons near the farm (They are usually 'hanging' around somewhere close by!)
Evening meal
Day 2.
Before breakfast - animal feeding.
After breakfast a short trek through the jungle to some waterfalls where, with some enticing fish food, we can watch as the fish jump up the falls. Then a leisurely walk back to the farm. (for those who are not so keen on walking we can arrange a truck to take you to the falls and return via a road).
After mid-morning coffee a basic course to make some Thai dishes for lunch or evening meal.
At leisure around the farm
After tea at around 4.00 pm a 30 minute drive to the Hot Springs where you can experience hot water Geysers. Then the opportunity to swim in the natural waters if you wish or soak in a private tub or just paddle and rejuvenate the lower legs and feet! Return to the farm.
Evening meal.
Searching for Fireflies!
Day 3.
Before breakfast – animals feeding.
After breakfast a local tour to some interesting sights and places including The Giant.
Return to the farm for lunch.
After a lunch-time relax! Then a Kathrong making class for all and after awhile the children can enjoy a craft class…..
A wonderful massage for 2 adults from Khun Nee.
As it begins to get dark a short walk to visit to the ruined temple where we can light candles and make merit.
Back to the farm for a bonfire (winter times only!) BBQ, releasing Thai hot air lanterns and then the floating of the Kathrongs on one of the lakes all for safe travels and good luck – Chug Dee!
Day 4.
Before breakfast – animals feeding
Depending on guests time of departure the opportunity to experience an exciting jungle zip-wire (we will take you to our village to meet their transport coming from the city).
Transfer to requested location within city parameters
Notes :
The above suggested itinerary is based on 2 adults and 2 children below 12 years (or nearly!)
This inclusive package is available from the 1st March until 31st October
The itinerary can be amended, changed or altered at our guest’s discretion; we can discuss together.
The cost is based on The Farm House accommodation OR The Sunset house and The Bunk house.
For single guests kindly let us know and we will work out a plan and cost for you.
This inclusive package can be extended. Please tell us your requirements and we will make a plan and advise costs.
We will ask you prior to you arrival of any meal/food preferences and will do our best to prepare meals that you will enjoy.
If you would like to extend this stay with us there is also a choice of optional excursions from which to choose. We would be pleased to provide you with details and costs on request.
Please let us know if there are any other excursions or activities you would like included.
Fully inclusive of :
All meals, coffee, teas and refreshments as provided.
All activities as specified above.
Entrance fees (to the hot springs)
We regret not included are:
Any off-farm meals, refreshments etc unless agreed.
The Jungle Zip-Wire (prices as per the operators web-site)
Other off-farm excursions
What we kindly ask:
Total cost, including all adults and children, as described above : 20,700 THB

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We are a team of professionals on Chiangmai area ready to help you book your accommodation for next trip vacation stay. We understand the problems that people have when it comes to booking accommodation and not getting correct answers so we are here to save you time by answering all your questions clearly and concisely. We are here to help you get the best experience for rental accommodation on your holiday vacation. We will answer any of the questions you may have about the place, surroundings, and attractions of where ever you are interested in staying. Chiang Mai is a tourist city and has all the amenities of a modern city but still retains its old-world charm and is handy to many tourist activities from zip lining, bungee jumping, ATV, elephant nature parks, excited with tigers and trips on a rented scooter into the neighbouring mountains. We will have our kind and friendly hosts/staffs to welcome and assist you during your stay. Bringing memorable holidays via AirBnB experiences. Contact us for a special deal now!!
We are a team of professionals on Chiangmai area ready to help you book your accommodation for next trip vacation stay. We understand the problems that people have when it comes to…

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Come join us for delicious Thai cooking and fresh farm produce. Participate in farm activities. Bicycles for seeing around the neighborhood. Wifi available.
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