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With the onset of Covid-19, there has never been a better time to fly with us! We’ve completely sanitized and cleaned our rooms.... just for you!

Avoid hotel interaction, infected lobbies, crowed baggage claims, heavily trafficked corridors, and confining elevators and fly fearlessly in one of our germ-free, first-class, spacious and completely furnished Jet-Setter Lofts, twice featured on HGTV.

Chỗ ở
Formerly an airplane hangar servicing the Columbia’s downtown airport, the Hangar Lofts Hotel is now the newest approach to “Safe Passage” during these uncertain times. Boarding at the Hangars is FAA approved, CDC compliant.

We offer private entrances directly from the tarmac (parking lot) to the landing pad (designer cabin). Your very own private fuselage is equipped with volumes of headroom (11 foot ceilings) to stave off cabin fever. So spread your wings and relax while we jettison you away in one of our oversized, well appointed jumbo-jet cruisers.

Loosing cabin pressure? No problem, fresh oxygen is only steps away on our private patios. Your very own personal “Sky Lounge” is available for those missing a little mother nature and in need of a touch of VITAMIN D.

Equipped with a designer kitchen so guests can enjoy a healthy and hygienic layover, stopover, or extended stay without interaction with other guests or random hotel staffers entering their room. So cook with the confidence of knowing who prepared your meals.

All these amenities and more await our lucky passengers. So, flaps out, landing gear down, as you prepare for your approach!

Welcome to all things First Class, welcome to the Hangar Lofts Hotel.

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Columbia, South Carolina, Hoa Kỳ

We are approximately:
- 3 miles to Ft. Jacksons south entrance gate.
- 1.25 miles to 5-Points
- 2 miles to the University of South Carolina
- 2 miles to Down Town
- 2 miles to Colonial life
- 2 miles to the Visa
- 1 mile to USC William’s Brice Stadium
- 0.25 miles to Owen Field Downtown Air field
- 0.25 miles to City Roots
- 0.25 miles Hunter Gather Brewery

Chủ nhà Joab

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 3 năm 2016
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I love design. Mid-Century, Modern, Minimalistic and Mies (as in van der Rohe). This loft is an extension of my interest in architecture and design. A stock broker turned real-estate developer, I found my passion and calling in repurposing old warehouses into chic, living quarters. I plan to convert more of my inventory of these exciting lofts into overnight spaces so that more travelers can experience the lifestyle that I've enjoyed creating. We hope that you'll come to experience our vision for design.
I love design. Mid-Century, Modern, Minimalistic and Mies (as in van der Rohe). This loft is an extension of my interest in architecture and design. A stock broker turned real-esta…

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Guests are encouraged to call or text with any questions or concerns. We have a terrific response rate and will get back with you in a timely manner.
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng một giờ
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