Modern mountain cabin-calm place- near Beitostølen


Toàn bộ cabin. Chủ nhà Christian

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We recommend citizens outside Norway, not to book until it is sure that You are allowed to come here.
Modern new cabin, 70 m2 + loft, 1000 m.a.s.l in mountain terrain, panoramic views from the east to Jotunheimen in the west, Sun from morning to evening. Touring from the doorstep ,320 km of ski trails, 25 min by car to Beitostølen center, 35 min to Jotunheimen.

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Mountain cabin in calm surroundings - near Beitostølen (6 km in straight line). Modern high standard, and ready build in 2018. Charming, new and old furnitures. You can start hiking at the doorstep. A short walk, to the high mountain area. The cabin is located 1000 meter above sea level, that is where the threes starts to be few. Internet access by mobildata (no WIFI).

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Skammestein, Oppland, Na Uy

The best thing about this cabins nearest surroundings is that you can get into the nature from the doorstep. Summertime by foot and wintertime by skis (200m down the road, to groomed tracks) or snowshoes. In bad weather you can go downwards and head for the more sheltered areas and in good weather upwards for the mountain terrain and the high mountain terrain. There are also a lot of mountain roads that are nice for cycling. You will find maps and some tips at the cabin.

We and the nearest neighbors have an agreement to shut down all the lights, when we are not at the cabin. That gives less "light pollution" and more spectacular star heavens.

You can reach the "mountain city" Beitostølen by foot, skis or bike from the cabin. On a path it will be about 12 km tour/retour.

By car you can get to Jotunheimen (Bygdin) in about 30 minutes. Beitostølen in about 25 minutes.

At Beitostølen and in Raudalen there are ski resorts with a shared lift pass. The ski resort at Beitostølen is a family resort with easy slopes, in Raudalen there are steeper slopes and very good off piste opportunities.

More about the area:
Beitostølen is the gateway to Jotunheimen, where there are a total of 255 of Norway's 300 mountain peaks over 2000 meters. Galdhøpiggen (2469 m), Besseggen (1743 m) and Rasletind (2105 m) are the most popular. Bitihorn (1607 m) is also a popular summit for the whole family, the tour starts only a few minutes drive from Beitostølen.

The road across Valdresflya opens according to plan to easter holiday or at the latest the 1. of April, to Bygdin in February. From there and further on Valdresflya there are many opportunities for touring to the mountaintops on skis (Randoneè) and also kiting.

At Bygdin you will also find Synshorn "via Ferrata", which is relatively easy but spectacular climbing in the mountain, secured in a steel wire.

The boat trip from Bygdin to Eidsbugarden is an exotic journey and is one of Northern Europe's highest boat routes. For more than 100 years, M / S Bitihorn has been on a fixed route between Bygdin and Eidsbugarden on Lake Bygdin (1060 m.o.h). Another alternative is the Route at Gjende lake. The boats Gjende III and Gjendine will take you into the wildest Jotunheimen with adventurous surroundings and fantastic tour options, among other things. the popular Besseggen. Departures from Gjendesheim to Memurubu and Gjendebu, this is very popular be early to get onboard/get tickets in beforehand (Airbnb Hides webadresses - search for «gjendebaatene» and «MB Bitihorn -JVB»)

What makes Beitostølen so special is the proximity to the mountain and the intimate atmosphere. Here, alpine slopes, restaurants, pubs, shops and other sights are gathered in one place, all within walking distance. This makes Beitostølen a complete and urban mountain destination.

"Beito Aktiv and ski school" organizes activities such as mountain walks, white water rafting, archery, rock climbing and much more.

In the activity park it is set for speed and fun. Here you can drive toboggan in a racetrack, uncarriage in orbit or jump on the gyro trampoline. Dog sledding, sleigh rides and horseback riding in beautiful mountain scenery, this is a great experience for the whole family. There are many activities offered all year round.

At Beitostølen Ski Stadium there is an annual seasonal opening for WC cross-country skiing. The Ski Stadium usually opens about 1. November. In the alpine hill there are also opportunities for speed and excitement; kettle capping, airboard and snow rafting. In addition, both children and adults can drive snowmobiles on the track.

SPA and wellness can be found on the lower floor of the Radisson Blue hotel. There is also a large swimming pool and a smaller one for the children.

Chủ nhà Christian

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 1 năm 2017
  • 3 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
Ida and I love being in the nature at any place, at any time. To stay in the mountain is a favorite. Alpine touring and Skiing in every possible way is a passion for us in the wintertime. Kayaking, sailing, hiking and easy climbs in the summer. That is why we after being here and there, finally decided to build our own cabin, in what we think is the best area in southern Norway. The best area to experience spectacular nature and perform the things that we like the most. The area near the cabin is very nice and the famous mountains of Jotunheimen is about 30 minutes away by car. Our love for nature also makes us concerned for climate change and the environment. Building another cabin might not be the best answer to that. Although, when doing it we have spent hundreds of hours planning and taken a whole lot of things into consideration from the start, to make the footprint as narrow as possible. To mention some things; Nature materials are preferred all the way. All furniture are Secondhand products as well as floors, doors, the whole kitchen and much more. Now that our cabin is finished, we want it to be used as much as possible by people from everywhere (less footprint per capita). We have participated more than 2600 hours ourselves in the construction process, we have had help from professionals in about 1350 hours, and some help from our friends. Welcome to our cabin- we hope you will enjoy and discover! This is about our cabin- You can also rent our house, whitch is more pittoresque. Airbnb have some problems to handle 2 different places - Sorry about that!
Ida and I love being in the nature at any place, at any time. To stay in the mountain is a favorite. Alpine touring and Skiing in every possible way is a passion for us in the wint…

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  • Ida

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Vi bor 250 km fra hytta, når du er her må du altså klare deg selv, på samme måte som vi gjør. Det vil si for eksempel; lage liten opptenningsved, bære inn ved, måke snø, sluttrengjøring og fjerning av søppel. Vi er selvfølgelig tilgjengelig via Airbnb kommunikasjonssystem, SMS og telefon.
Vi bor 250 km fra hytta, når du er her må du altså klare deg selv, på samme måte som vi gjør. Det vil si for eksempel; lage liten opptenningsved, bære inn ved, måke snø, sluttrengj…
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  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
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