Spacious bedroom with private balcony!

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A single bedroom in a penthouse that is in the heart of Nicosia! The penthouse is in a well maintained retro building that will make you feel as if you have taken a time machine back to the 1980s! Time-travel back in a cozy atmosphere to relive memories with the British-Cypriot George Michael, Elton John, the Smiths and the legendary Prince!

A variety of shops, nightclubs, coffeeshops, pharmacies and universities are merely a walk away!

Chỗ ở
The shopping district Makarios Avenue is a 5 minute walk away and the graphic Ledras Street/Old Town is a 10 minute walk away!
Ledras Street is a major shopping thoroughfare in central Nicosia and the name refers to the ancient city-kingdom of Ledras established in 1050BC, that was located in the centre of the island where the capital city is today. You can find a large variety of shops, ranging from department stores selling luxury goods to small specialty shops selling arts and crafts.

What you see is what you get! A single -but yet super spacious- bedroom that comes with a huge wardrobe and shelves to store your clothes and personal belongings. There is a make-up mirror and a full-body mirror to check that full outfit out before you walk out the door to explore the city! The bed is super comfortable and *BONUS ALERT* …it comes with a private balcony too! The room is also equipped with a desk and chair in case you need to work or simply pretend that you do; we all know how that goes!

There is not an air condition unit in the room at the moment, but there is a fan that you could use that does the trick. Having said that, due to the nature of the house -and the Greek-Cypriot people's experience with the warm climate- the house stays cool in the summer and hot in the winter!

***WARNING*** : There are adorable and lovely pets in this property!
Before you proceed to booking this room, it is really important to mention that YOU MUST be an animal lover! I have two well-behaved dogs that live inside the flat. Although they would never walk into your private space, it is important to realise that all the shared common rooms are also shared with them too!
I have two female dogs: a small sized dog who loves giving kisses and a medium sized dog who loves hugs and playtime! They might bark once or twice on your arrival, but they will both become very comfortable as soon as you acknowledge their presence in the house and they get to know you better; that takes approximately 87 seconds.
I also recently adopted a kitten who followed us home after my daily walk with the girls!

This is a three bedroom penthouse/flat. It contains a small but cozy kitchen (SIZE DOES NOT MATTER!) a really huge and airy living room, a bathroom and a loo. There is also a common/shared balcony where you can enjoy the sun and get a decent tan or simply watch the sunset whilst enjoying a cold, refreshing glass of Ouzo or iced tea (for our sensible non-alcoholic guests).

The kitchen is equipped with:
-Gas cooker and oven
-Fridge and freezer
-5kg washing machine
-Espresso Coffee Machine
-Blender/Mixer (perfect for refreshing smoothies -or cocktails- during summer)
-Utensils and cutlery
There is also an ironing board, an iron and cloth hanging unit that you can use!

-A double and a corner sofa
-A beanbag
-Flat TV with an HDMI port and FREE Netflix access
-A fireplace (for those cozy hot-chocolate winter nights)
-A dining table with five chairs
-A coffee table

-Bathtub (Yes! Throw that bath bomb in and soak your tiredness away)
-Storage cupboard for your toiletries

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Nicosia, Síp

There is a variety of shops, nightclubs, coffeeshops, pharmacies and universities around. Since the flat is on a high street in the heart of the capital, it tends to get quite busy during the day. Having said that, it is worth to mention that it is in a friendly and super-safe area!

Chủ nhà Georgia

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