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A unique stay opportunity in the Salmonier RIver Valley of Newfoundland. This rustic lodge was constructed of re-purposed old-growth western red cedar from a Church. The facility features off-the-grid renewable energy, natural building techniques, and other sustainability practices. Explore the 'fog forest' trail and swim in the river by the beautiful waterfalls.

Dogs welcome - pleases review policies and rules

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Due to the covid- 19 pandemic outbreak we have been taking extra precautions to ensure that all our guests & workers are healthy. We are using extra disinfectant and methods to make sure all surfaces and everything is spic and span so you don't have to worry!

Your accommodation is part of a larger nature-based retreat centre called the Tree of Life. Designed to connect people and nature through cooperative development and management of an off-the-grid retreat facility.

The Cedar Lodge is a rustic 16*12 one-bedroom cabin. Like all buildings on the property, the lodge is heated by natural heat. The wood stove is located in the bedroom along with a double bed and library of spiritual and other literature. There is electricity inside the building which powers the lights and plugs. The electricity is generated by renewable sources and is stored in a battery bank.

The main area has a round table with two chairs, a bunk bed and a chair. There is also a bathroom with sink and a toilet. The sink has running water and the toilet is gravity based intended to use a minimum amount of water. There is a shower stall attached to the outside of the building that is supplied by a demand propane water heater.

There is a two-burner propane stove for cooking, and an outside sink with running water for washing dishes. We provide dishes/cutlery, pots and pans, and the basic cooking essentials. We also provide fresh drinking water from the spring on the property.

Pet-friendly environment (fees apply). Pets must be on a leash while outside.

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Mount Carmel, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Perched on the side of a hill overlooking the Salmonier River and the Avalon Wilderness Reserve, you will be treated to our large open sky and the peaceful feeling of being out in nature.

The Tree of Life is located in St. Catherine's, NL approximately one km past St. Catherine's Academy if you are travelling down from the highway. If travelling up Salmonier Line toward the highway we are (approx how far) from the North Atlantic Gas Bar.

There is a gas bar, convenience store and liquor store about a 1-minute drive from the Tree of Life.

Riverview Lounge and restaurant are a one minute drive on the highway from the Tree of Life.

The Stuffed Puffin is located 13 km back up Salmonier Line (towards the Highway)

There is also a restaurant located at the Wilds Golf Course (6.6 km back toward the highway)

The Salmonier Nature Park is 11km up toward Holyrood. Salmonier Nature Park is a centre for environmental education, wildlife rehabilitation, research and environmental monitoring. A visit to the park connects you to the stewardship of wilderness and wildlife. These are the types of animals you may expect to see at the park - Artic Fox, Bald Eagle, Canada Goose, Caribou, Great Horned Owl, Lynx, Meadow vole, Mink, Moose, Newfoundland Marten, Otter, Red Fox, Snowshoe Hare, Snowy Owl, Spruce Goose, Woodchuck and the rare Newfoundland Wild Bologna. There is a fantastic boardwalk trail that is fully accessible that winds through the park.

Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve is a 97 km but 2hour drive Route 91 to Route 92. Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve is one the best and most accessible places in the world to see nesting seabirds. During the summer breeding season, it is home to 24,000 Northern Gannet; 20,000 black-legged kittiwake; 20,000 common murre, and 2,000 thick-billed murre. In addition, more than 100 pairs of razorbill, more than 60 pairs of black guillemot, plus double-crested and great cormorant, and Northern fulmar nest there. All this can be seen from land as close as 10 metres away.

Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve is a 108km, 1hr and 33 minute drive down to the peak of the Irish Loop outside of Trepassey. This reserve received its UNESCO classification in 2011. It is one of the world's most significant fossil sites. Named for the navigational hazard it poses at the often-foggy southeastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula. Go and visit and see "Where LIFE got big"

The Wilds at Salmonier has a world-renowned top-rated 18-hole course known not just because of its clear greens and gorgeous fairways. The course is truly unique because of the land surrounding the course. Cut our of the Avalon Wilderness and nestled on the banks of the Salmonier River with dramatic site lines and rivers - the course is not for the faint at heart.

Father Duffy's Well is a provincial park. This pleasant little roadside rest area grew up around the legend of a parish priest, his fight for his church, and a natural spring on the side of the road. Though many of the people that come to visit Father Duffy's Well do so to avail of its purported healing powers, you do not have to a believer to enjoy this beautiful little park, with its picnic area and wooded walking trails. The park is located 10 minutes drive up toward the Trans Canada Highway.

Chủ nhà Gordon

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I am the CEO of People Places & Things, vacation rentals and tourism experiences. My Airbnb journey began as a guest in 2015 on a trip to Toronto. As a host, I launched ,”The Country” in August 2017. We got our first booking 2 hours after. People Places & Things represents 16 different properties in 12 communities throughout Newfoundland and are just getting started. Each of our Places, gives you the opportunity to experience this Place differently. Whether you are in the woods or on the ocean, meet new People and do Things you have never done before. We represent owners with integrity and provide guests an authentic experience of our beautiful rugged island off the east coast of Canada. I am an explorer at heart whether 5 minutes from home or halfway around the world. I love creating relationships and bonding opportunities. I am a photographer, poet and hiker. Together with my wife Chantal Linda Hewitt, who speaks 6 languages, we look forward to host people from around the world. We are here to serve.
I am the CEO of People Places & Things, vacation rentals and tourism experiences. My Airbnb journey began as a guest in 2015 on a trip to Toronto. As a host, I launched ,”The Count…

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Gordon will be main point of contact with the guests during the booking process and for any questions before arrival. I will also be available by phone or text during or after your stay. You can reach me at (709)687-7864 or

Ian & /nelly (co-host) will be on site for further inquiries during your stay.

There may be other guests on site as well as well as different work-away staff (who work on the property in exchange for food & lodging)
Gordon will be main point of contact with the guests during the booking process and for any questions before arrival. I will also be available by phone or text during or after your…

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