Private, plush in-law suite w/private entrance!

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We offer a beautifully renovated, fully private In-law suite. Included is a private sitting area and coffee station equip with coffee, creamers, and much more! Your suite also has it's own private entrance directly into your suite from outside where you park. We're located 2min from major restaurants, fast food, & sports bars AND just 10 minutes from major shopping centers, the Greensboro Coliseum and the Aquatic Center. Downtown Greensboro is less than 10 minutes away as well!

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** Guests, please read ***

In light of the Coronavirus, we have incorporated several additional disinfecting measures into each cleaning. Our staff will continue using bleach wipes and disinfecting cleaners. With us also owning mall based food establishments across North Carolina, we have incorporated commercially rated FDA food grade sanitizers as a secondary measure of cleaning to assist in disinfection. Every surface, piece of bedding, and door knob is inspected before our cleaning staff leaves.

Our place offers you a nicely renovated in-law master suite which offers you total privacy due to the design of the house & your own private entrance directly into your room from outside. Our home was originally built in 1938 and has gone through extensive renovation, updates, and additions over the years. It's uniquely located smack in the middle of everything in Greensboro on a rare 1.7 acres for serenity and privacy! With 3500 sq.ft of space in our home there's plenty of space allowing you the opportunity to either keep to yourself with no disturbance or enjoy friendly conversation and answers to any questions you may have. For the basics, your suite includes your bedroom, private in room full bath, and closet space. Your room has a mounted flatscreen TV with full cable, Netflix, Hulu, and Roku. The room also offers a comfy sitting area should you like to kick back and watch TV. In addition, a fridge and microwave are in your room as well for keeping leftovers and drinks cold as well as being able to reheat them too! We offer extremely fast Wifi for all who need the internet or enjoy streaming shows. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and are happy to help with advice or directions to anywhere you may need to go. **Breakfast** Coffee, creamer, flavored creamers are available anytime.

***As a neat side note*** Located a brief walk (or very fast drive) away is a wonderful park we go to ourselves quite often to walk the dogs. It has fantastic running/walking trails as well as offering peaceful surroundings should you just prefer some nice outdoor time! Our property also includes a very small, but neat, nature path through the back yard. (We are still doing normal maintenance & landscaping to this as the previous owners of this home had let the landscaping become overgrown.)

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Greensboro, North Carolina, Hoa Kỳ

Where we live in Greensboro is quite desirable due to it's convenience to literally everything! Again, feel free to enjoy a couple wonderful places to walk and run should you like!

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From beginning with just 1 room in my home, to now having 12 listings on Airbnb in both North Carolina and now Florida, hosting guests has truly become a passion for myself and our team. If you are in Greensboro you can expect contact and service from myself or our Head of Guest Operations, Sydney. If you are staying in one of our Florida properties, a women named Paris is our Florida partner who will assist guests with any and all needs. (Website hidden by Airbnb) Some other personal passions are traveling, skiing, ice hockey, real estate, animals, beach trips, outdoor activities, good food, and most of all good company! It's an honor to be able to mention I've been a Superhost on Airbnb for 4 years now, and have hosted for 5 years. Over time, Airbnb has become my main choice when I’m traveling as I truly love staying in other peoples Airbnb ‘s to learn as much as possible about what makes hosts successful. If you are staying in one of our properties, you can expect 5 star attentiveness from both myself and our operations team.
From beginning with just 1 room in my home, to now having 12 listings on Airbnb in both North Carolina and now Florida, hosting guests has truly become a passion for myself and our…

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We are happy to interact as much or as little as you like! Both Jessica and I are outgoing people that are always happy to have friendly conversation or answer any questions about our home or surrounding areas.

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