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NOMA Loft w/ Rooftop-Downtown Greenville SC

Toàn bộ tầng lửng. Chủ nhà Bill
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My loft is located directly across from NOMA Square with access to our private roof deck, and grilling area.This luxurious 3,200 sq. ft. space is perfect for an extended stay with family or business associates. Situated in the cradle of downtown Greenville's most coveted business and entertainment district, you can cook your own meals, relax, curl up with a book at home or walk to hundreds of restaurants, night clubs and businesses. There is more than enough space for everyone to spread out!

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Greenville, South Carolina, Hoa Kỳ

Our Loft is within walking distance to: Shopping and Restaurants
Ice Cream Parlors and Coffee Houses
Clemson University Greenville Campus
Liberty Bridge and Falls Park
The Swamp Rabbit Trail
Bon Secours Wellness Arena
The Peace Center
The Warehouse Theatre
The South Carolina Children's Theatre
The Greenville Little Theatre
Greenville Swamp Rabbits Hockey Centre
Stage Theatre The Children's Museum of the Upstate,
The Greenville Drive Baseball/Fluor Field Greenville
County Museum of Art
Noma Square- Hyatt
Upcountry History Museum
Cafe and Then Some
Many churches and wedding venues

Having lived here over 15 years, we have always known why people love our downtown as much as we do! Here are some reasons why other people think so, too!
Greenville: The Coolest Main Street in the South, Atlanta Magazine Travel writer Amanda Heckert muses about moving to Greenville after a recent visit to her parents' Upstate home. Heckert offers a bounty of the reasons - from pedestrian-friendly walkways to street-side entertainment to the variety of interesting boutiques.
"A Community Springs From Acres Once Held by a Reclusive Magnate"
The New York Times New York Times writer Jamie Duffy portrays the transformation of Greenville from "concrete sidewalks and ratty parking lots" to "landscaped sidewalks" filled with "tourists that pop in and out of art galleries and boutiques."
America's Greatest Main Streets Travel and Leisure - May 2012 Travel and Leisure writer Wayne Curtis sampled Main Streets of smaller cities across America, looking for distinctive qualities to choose the 'Greatest Main Streets.' Greenville made the cut.
The Best Little Food Festival in the South- Southern Living - September Southern Living's Paula Disbrowe loosened her belt a notch as she tasted and imbibed her way through Euphoria, Greenville's annual gastrointestinal extravaganza.
10 Reasons To Buy A Cheap Southwest Ticket to Greenville, South Carolina. No, Really!
Food Republi - September 2012 Surprise! You'll find 99 indie restaurants in a 10-block stretch of downtown Greenville. It was enough to shock a Food Republic editor into buying a cheap Southwest ticket and heading to town for a culinary adventure! The George Hincapie Short List Men's Journal - August 2012 Greenville made George Hincapie's 'short list' of favorites, which he outlined during an interview with Men's Journal just prior to his final race before retirement.
Getting around
Our Loft is within walking distance to: Shopping and Restaurants
Ice Cream Parlors and Coffee Houses
Clemson University Greenville Campus
Liberty Bridge and Falls Park
The Swamp Rabbit Tra…

Chủ nhà Bill

Đã tham gia vào tháng 9 năm 2015
  • 90 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
William Ashley Jordan Jr. (“Billy”) was born in to William Ashley Jordan Sr. and Hester Evelyn Smith Jordan. Luckily, I was one of four children, but was the only boy born in this family. I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, where I attended Donaldson Elementary, League Junior High School, and Wade Hampton High School. I attended Montreat-Anderson Junior College, in Black Mountain, North Carolina on a soccer scholarship. However, since I was an avid Clemson Tiger since birth, I transferred to Clemson University. I tried to play soccer there, but the Tiger soccer team was too good. It contended for a national championship. I joined Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. A friend in my fraternity suggested I try out for the cheerleading team. I took that advice, and cheered for Clemson University for my junior and senior years. I am a member of the Block C Club, and Tiger Brotherhood. I graduated from Clemson with a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. I thought I wanted to be a park ranger, because I am also an avid lifelong hunter and fisherman. After graduation from Clemson, I left South Carolina with all my worldly belongings, and moved to Massachusetts to contemplate what to do with his life. I enrolled in Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary , thinking that I would fish, hunt, and teach philosophy. After working in Boston inner-city churches, I applied to law schools and decided to attend the University of South Carolina . During law school, I was very fortunate to work for some great lawyers and politicians, including Rex Carter, Bob Sheheen, both of them Speakers of the SC House. I also worked for the House Judiciary Committee, during SC Congressional Reapportionment. I also was fortunate to work for the McNair Law Firm and Terrell Glenn, former US attorney, and Randall T. Bell, who became one of the first judges appointed to the South Carolina Court of Appeals. After law school, I was hired by the Honorable Falcon B. Hawkins, Chief United States District Judge for the District of South Carolina. I served two years as a clerk living in Charleston, South Carolina. After that, I went back to work in Columbia, South Carolina, for the McNair Law Firm. I then got interested in complex plaintiff’s trial work and moved to Hampton, South Carolina, where I worked a two year stint for Asbestos property damage firm. In nineteen ninety, I moved home to Greenville, South Carolina. My babies were then three and one , and I wanted them to know their grandparents, family and go to church with my parents. I opened my own practice, specializing in complex plaintiff's litigation. Since that time, I continuously worked for myself. Over the years, I have handled numerous class actions, medical malpractice cases, pharmaceutical products liability cases, automobile products liability cases, securities fraud cases, nursing home cases, and almost everything in between. I am a certified mediator by the South Carolina Bar, and was selected for the court appointed bar mediation. I am a member of the Million-Dollar Advocates Forum, the South Carolina Bar, the South Carolina Trial Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association, and a permanent member of the Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference. I retired from the practice of law last September. My son, William, now runs the practice I founded. The Jordan Law Center is located at six twenty two Wade Hampton Boulevard, Greenville SC. The firm specializes in complex personal injury. I have a passion for representing elderly folks who are victimized by the greed and neglect that are present in most institutional nursing home settings. William carries on this same tradition today at the Jordan Law Center. I have four children : William, Hannah, Kiep, and Molly. I also have one grandchild, Zoey Grace. I love dogs, and I have a Border Collie puppy, Blue that is seven months old. In two thousand and twelve, I got the surprise of my life. While I had intensely practiced a healthy lifestyle, I was stunned to be diagnosed with stage four S, diffuse large b cell lymphoma. I spent a year at Duke University Hospital and undergoing a rigorous chemotherapy regimen. While I lost fourty pounds, the wonderful doctors and harsh medicine saved my life. However, I now suffer from severe bilateral neuropathy in feet and legs caused by chemo. I have a very close, cool and supportive family. I was lucky to have 3 sisters. Growing up, I must admit that many times I felt like I was drowning in a sea of estrogen. But as a result of being raised with a bunch of Steel Magnolias, I have been appropriately civilized and thus appreciate art, theatre and some the finer things in life. That means my house is nicely decorated! I love to paint, and I have just signed up for a pottery class. I also have a passion for fly fishing and just returned from a fishing trip to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park. This fall, I will spend my weekend days in Death Valley, SC, cheering on my Tigers, and at my hunt club in Sandersville Georgia, where I pursue deer and turkey hunting like it is a job. My mom and dad had grit. Daddy and Momma ran a hardware store in West Greenville SC. My daddy was the bravest man I ever met and I never saw him afraid. He was a decorated veteran of the Pacific Theatre in WWII. Momma worked her whole life alongside Daddy, having learned to work from her Momma, “Nannie” , my only grandparent I knew. Nannie the closest thing I have ever met to a real saint. Nannie’s husband died at forty three, leaving her to raise seven girls alone. Momma was just three. Social services tried to take her girls and Nannie would have none of it. Nannie had gotten a nursing degree in nineteen thirteen , something unusual for the time. Nannie went to work at Woodside Mills as a nurse in nineteen thirty one. She worked there until her retirement. All of my aunts worked outside the home and raised their kids. Daddy’s mom and dad lived in Simpsonville, and were farmers after they married. Later, they moved to Greenville where my grandfather went to work for Fred Fuller Appliances, in West Greenville. My grandmother worked as a maid, cleaning houses. So you can see, my family has grit, and ladies, as well as men, are expected to work, earn money and raise their families. My three sisters, Phyllis, Debbie and Lucia, are no exception to the rule that being feminine is not being weak and you have to pull your own weight, in all ways. Each of them worked and raised their kids. So given that I had such a strong women around me, it was only natural to turn to them when I wanted to list my place for rent . The pain in feet and legs make it very difficult to stand for the long hours that are needed to decorate, and clean such a large place and keep the standards high, like I like them. I formed NOMA Lofts on Main, LLC with my three sisters to ensure that the work is done promptly, tastefully and the right way to make my home one of the premier places to stay during your visit to Greenville. I have been fortunate to travel the world and have experienced outstanding accommodations during my sojourns. I am bringing this same style of hosting to my home. Please come stay with me. You will not be disappointed!
William Ashley Jordan Jr. (“Billy”) was born in to William Ashley Jordan Sr. and Hester Evelyn Smith Jordan. Luckily, I was one of four children, but was the only boy born in this…
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Unless I am out of town, I will be in the area to check you in, in case you need information or help with anything. There will be someone here to help if we are gone, and you may always reach me by phone or text with any questions. I love hosting and meeting new people, so I want to help in any way I can! Just call me if you need anything!!
Unless I am out of town, I will be in the area to check you in, in case you need information or help with anything. There will be someone here to help if we are gone, and you may…
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