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We welcome you to our home in Puerto Piramides on the world famous, world heritage site Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, Argentina. Recently, Serendipity house was not only remodeled but a second floor was added! We are now ready to receive 9 guests in a comfortable setting. This home is ideal for families and groups. You will arrive at a warm home, not a house. We invite you to come and enjoy like we have.

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Cozy and Bright. Welcome to our home in Puerto Piramides, Peninsula Valdes - Unesco World Heritage Site. We can comfortably accommodate up to nine guests.

The space: After a long absence we just returned from upgrading our home for you. Our lovely home has two large rooms on the second floor, each having a private outdoor terrace, and a bathroom. On the first floor you will enter into a very large vestibule where you can store your winter wear, beach stuff and more and then you will find a living room, dining area, kitchen, and second living/bedroom along with a bathroom. Each room can comfortably sleep three brand new beds. Outside, at the rear of the home, there is a large and comfortable terrace with table and chairs for outdoor eating, barbecue area, and lovely garden.

If you'd like, we can send photos via dropbox of all our kitchenware so you know what to expect. It is important to remind you that the shower water is heated by gas. Also, this is the desert, the town has a desalinization plant but please be careful with your water use! All toilet paper must go in the trash can. We have: -Italian coffee pot -Teapot -Knives and cutting boards -Wine glasses and bottle openers -Coffee cups and saucers, water glasses, dinner plates, salad plates, soup/cereal bowls-Serving and mixing bowls-Three sizes of frying pans, various pots with tops-Toaster, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, food processor, machine for hot water, 5 gallon jug and water dispenser, fondue set, -Utensils for cooking anything-Much more! We have a brand new couch, new therapeutic mattress, television with satellite t.v. (the tele has ports for HDMI), huge wooden deck, Barbecue grill, parking.

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Puerto Piramides, Chubut, Argentina

While the town has a rich history it is most noted for its' flora and fauna. The Southern Right whale comes here to have their babies and procreate. There are sea lions, seals, tons of bird species including petrels and penguins, Guanaco, foxes, and many more that are indigenous to this area. Enjoy a tour to great restaurants, whale watching, kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing, salt flats, see the penguins, to Punta Delgado, to Punta Norte, to the Salinas, or the modern history museum. This is the true Patagonia in all its' splendor.

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