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Besides renting charming self-APARTMENTS in the farm holidays (SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE ones - see website), we also have a small "Glamping" consisting of:
- a CARAVAN (15 sqm. - 1 bedroom and some services + private bathroom);
- a large GAZEBO-TENT (25 sq.m. with various services for the entire camping area or other beds);
The whole area has a wide front garden with a nice view on mountains, free WiFi connection, well shaded and has various facilities and pool.

Chỗ ở
------- agriturismo "Borgo Madonna degli Angeli" - Residence & Village ------
Besides our GLAMPING (Glamour Camping) on rent, inside our small private "Borgo" there are MORE SELF-APARTMENTS ON RENT of different sizes and types: Small, Medium and Large ones, from 2 up to 4 people, each with the possibility of extra beds (for more information you can see within this web portal, you can find us looking for the villages of "Tocco Da Casauria" or "Torre De' Passeri", or please ask us directly).
All the apartments offer a lot of PRIVACY, are spacious, have private entrance and garden with veranda (or terrace) for exclusive use where you can enjoy relaxation in complete freedom or eat with a panoramic view on our park and the nearby mountains.

The GLAMPING: we also have the possibility to let you spend your holidays in a "Glamping" area (meaning a small Glamour camping). All this, anyway, with the “essential style” of an agri-camping !

The “Glamping” is formed by:
- a CARAVAN (15 sqm.) with a bedroom for 2-3 people (single or double bed), a table and chairs, a small fridge, a microwave and some basic dishware, wardrobe, chest of drawers, table fan + a private bathroom with shower;
- a GAZEBO-TENT (25 sqm.) which can be used for 3-5 additional beds or a common place with some facilities for all the agri-camping, having a small fridge, a sink, a little and basic kitchen-corner, tables and chairs, wardrobe, etc.
- 2-3 PITCHES for AGRI-CAMPING (for caravan & tents), only for quite long stays possible, with electricity and water connections.
All this area has a nice exclusive front garden with stunning view on the facing mountains, very good shade of a huge and very old fig plant attached to it and, of course, outdoor facilities as light, tables, chairs, sundeck chairs, outdoor shower, etc. all the area has also a good and seed free WiFi connection (fast connection).
Renting the Glamping can be a nice experience to enjoy an "under the stars’ experience”, besides being a very cheap solution close anyhow from all the comforts of our “Agriturismo & Eco-village".

- FARM-HOLIDAYS & VILLAGE: our agriturismo has a very large park of 3 hectares (7,5 acres) all surrounding the 2 nearby cottages and one small Tower at its inside, in addition to a large farm all around (producing local vines, olive oil and other typical products). The main house is an historic building from the 1600s, belonged to the family itself. It’s characterized by particular Moorish arches and authentic atmosphere, it’s surrounded by precious original prehistoric menhirs and small pieces of columns from Roman age, both coming from the area itself (which is also a small archeological site). All the spaces inside this country village, furnished with several outdoor equipments, are flat and full of plants, lawns and flowers typical of our Mediterranean climate, besides all the outside areas lighted also with scenographic lights. Some more attractions inside our farmhouse are given by our really friendly pets and small farm animals, which almost always move freely around the park and always are looking for petting … and maybe some food!
- COMMON SERVICES & POOL: though being not far each other (ideal also for groups), all the apartments perfectly preserve their own privacy, quite and personal spaces. In the common area there are some free facilities as two small but charming pools (facing the nearby mountains), with an equipped and comfortable large solarium for enjoying the sun and relax in a quite atmosphere. Everywhere there is a good free Wi-fi connection (also inside all the apartments). Besides the personal patio/terrace and small gardens in front of each apartment, there are many very large outdoor areas for common use all around, ideal for reading or, if you like, meeting people. Among these a covered large living area with a small library equipped for relaxing, plus a really big charming tensile structure in a Moorish style with table tennis, football table and more. At its side we also have two volleyball courts and some mountain bikes (on rent). Also these areas are very well lighted, for an evening use. Two washing machines for common use are in the outside area (plus 2 personal ones inside the large apartments).
- STRATEGIC LOCATION: we are very close to the high and wild mountains of two National Parks (very rich of history and nature), but just 30 minutes from the beaches (40 min. to reach 2 Marine Reserves), half an hour from Pescara (big commercial and tourist city), with its international airport (several low-cost flights for the major European capitals), and 1.5 h. to Rome (perfect for easy day trips - even with the possibility of direct buses which take 2 hours and cost only 11 €). Furthermore just a couple of minutes from restaurants (with prices agreed - the first one at only 350 meters !), supermarkets (starting from 600 meters) and shops and not far from characteristic medieval villages. So the location is the ideal place for those who love trekking in the nature or beaches, simply relax in a pleasant and welcoming facility, or enjoy the Abruzzo' food and wine specialties and its countless fascinating historic centers.
- TOURIST ASSISTANCE: one of our best point is the deep knowledge of the territory and the personalized tourist information we love to give to our “curious” customers to better “discover this unknown and authentic region”. For our guests there is also a very complete library with several brochures, road maps and trekking maps in the main languages. We will do our best to make you feel at home !

For any EXTRA, if required (heating, air conditioning, additional beds, etc.) and/or discounts please see below "Other Things to note".

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Tocco da Casauria, Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo is named as the "Green Area of Europe" for its many National Parks and protected Reserves, with one of the richest biodiversity of nature and landscapes: from the high mountains to beaches in just 30 minutes, full of fascinating villages and medieval monuments, but also a short distance from important cities with airports and various services, a very rich gastronomy (ranging from mountain products to fish, ofetn mixing both) and ancient traditions and craftsmanship jealously preserved by our "Genti d'Abruzzo".
We are right "in the core of Abruzzo", served by excellent roads and in a strategic position to take advantage of all these wonderful offers and countless possibilities. With us, therefore, you can easily change from a mountain tourism to a sea one, stroll in our pristine medieval villages, practice many sports in nature, but also appreciate culture, typical gastronomy and ancient traditions ... or, for those who want it, simply relax in our wide and equipped private park with pool & recreational facilities and just enjoy romantic and charming places !!
Our family has been dealing with culture and local development for a long time and we will provide all our passion and knowledge to make you too fall in love with Abruzzo !
The property, all flat, in addition to the park of 3 hectares (7,5 acres), is surrounded by a 10 hectares of countryside, with old olive trees, vineyards, woods and more. In the park there are also a very sweet dog (Golden Retriever) with cats, chickens and peacocks, goats, sheep and ... the donkey ... "the real king" of agritourism.

Chủ nhà Lorenzo

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 11 năm 2013
  • 13 đánh giá
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I am married with 2 children. I am 53 years old, have a degree in Sociology, but I love the countryside and nature and I am in the field of tourism for over 30 years.
I love to travel and meet people. I know very well Abruzzo and I like to share its beauty and knowledge with my guests.
My professional activity is tourism and renting apartments !
I am married with 2 children. I am 53 years old, have a degree in Sociology, but I love the countryside and nature and I am in the field of tourism for over 30 years.
I love t…

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WE SPEAK ENGLISH, ITALIAN ... et nous parlons aussi un peu de FRANÇAIS !

For 40 years we have managed the Farm Holidays with passion and as our professional activity, to which we dedicate at full time. We are proud to host our guest within the old family estate of the 17th century and we put with pleasure available to guests our experience and knoledge, besides various guides in all the main languages, in order to practice customized tourism ("tailor made"). Though we respect a lot our guests' privacy and their necessity to relax and "enjoy their own spaces" ...
WE SPEAK ENGLISH, ITALIAN ... et nous parlons aussi un peu de FRANÇAIS !

For 40 years we have managed the Farm Holidays with passion and as our professional activity, to…
  • Ngôn ngữ: English, Français, Italiano
  • Tỉ lệ phản hồi: 100%
  • Thời gian phản hồi: trong vòng vài giờ
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