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Casa Colibri is an extravagant villa of four separate buildings tucked into lush tropical gardens, with huge, ancient strangler fig trees and cascades of flowers at every turn. It's steps away from the Pacific Ocean. The private, kid-safe, heated pool is located just beyond the open-concept living room allowing swimmers to enjoy the water and still share the company of others not in the pool. [Mom alert: you are no more than 10 seconds away from the pool when in the main living area.]
Additionally, the large community pool is just steps away for those wishing to swim laps, lounge in the sun, enjoy the company of other guests or simply a enjoy a comfortable space to read and spend time with friends and family.
You have unlimited access to surfing, bird-watching, whale-watching (in season), deep-sea fishing, and eco-adventure tours. The villa is built on two lots, which makes it ideal for those who value private time. The estuary next to the peninsula attracts thousands of shorebirds and waterfowl. From November through March you will be able to see calving whales and dolphins.
The living area ("Main Palapa," a. k. a. Sala Grande) and kitchen are sheltered under a massive palapa that opens out to gardens and pool. The full-service kitchen is spacious, modern, and is run by Moña, the chef/housekeeper who will prepare meals, clean and decorate the villa. The marble dining table in the center of the open living area seats 14 and was hand-crafted by artisans in Guadalajara.
The artwork of this unique villa is inspired by traditional Mexican Talavera tile and regional designs. Casa Colibri offers four air-conditioned bedrooms, each with full bath.
There's a fifth full bath just off the Main Palapa for day guests who have been in the pool, or the ocean.
Two bedrooms have king size beds, one bedroom has a queen size, and one has twin beds which makes it perfect for kids. The twin beds can be easily joined by the staff, if needed, to make a third king size bed. Each suite has a full bath. The upstairs master bedroom has a large private terrace.

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Casa Colibri sleeps eight adults in four air-conditioned bedrooms. It’s nestled within a tropical jungle with private gardens of lushly growing trees, exotic plants and flowers. The stairways down to the ocean are just 50 yards away. Towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner and toilet tissue are provided.

One of Casa Colibri's most attractive feature is a private heated pool immediately adjacent to the main living area. This is ideal if you have small kids, as you can keep an eye on them while you go about your daily activities. Casa Colibri is the only villa in our tiny community whose private pool is visible — and immediately accessible — from the mail living area: no walls, no steps, no barriers of any kind. You are always mere seconds from the pool while your kids play in it. The heated pool is a virtual "kid magnet" — they will spend literally hours in it. [NOTE: The pool can be heated to 83° F. at a charge of $35 US per day]

The villa is really a small "palapa village" consisting of four separate structures, three of them with soaring conical palapa roofs. They're connected by a vine-covered walkway and surrounded by tropical gardens, including blooming wild orchids depending on the season.

A few yards across the estuary lies Playa las Tortugas (Turtle Beach), 12 miles long and one of the most stunning beaches on the entire Riviera Nayarit.

NOTE ON THE MEAL PLAN: The meal plan provides food for you onsite for three meals a day. We highly recommend the meal plan due to limited local shopping opportunities. This is a cash plan payable to the property rental manager, Ismael.

The charge for the meal plan is $230 USD per adult per week, $115 USD per child age 5-11 per week, and no charge for children under 5. The plan includes soft drinks and up to one case of beer (Pacifico or Coronas) per adult per week. Wine and hard liquor are not included, but are available at the Gatehouse store at a reasonable cost.

Ismael (fluent in English) will do his very best to meet special dietary restrictions or needs or preferences. If you have a yen to cook for yourselves, feel free!

If you choose meal plan, Moña will prepare your meals in Casa Colibri’s spacious and well appointed kitchen. You can eat indoors al fresco on one of the terraces.

If you opt out of the meal plan, Moña will cook the food you provide. She always provides housekeeping with or without the meal plan. (Because it’s a large house open to the elements in areas, it requires daily cleaning and sweeping.)

If you have more than four guests in your party, Moña works with a helper. The extra housekeeper will cost $15.00 USD/day, payable to Ismael. This charge is waived if you opt for the meal plan.

So, in other words, the rental always comes with housekeeping and cook, whether or not you get the meal plan.

TIPPING: Moña and her helper are not our employees, they work for the rental manager. Tipping is very much encouraged and appreciated. We recommend about $5.00 USD per adult guest per day. If Moña has a helper, we recommend $7.50 per adult guest per day: Moña will share the tip with the helper.

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Playa Platanitos, Nayarit, Mexico

Although we are only 74 miles from the Vallarta airport, we are in rural Mexico, surrounded on the land side by rich farming areas and on the sea side by the Pacific Ocean. There are no nearby supermarkets or bars; there are eight seaside restaurants at the base of the hill leading up to our gated community, good for an afternoon meal, but they won't get any Michelin stars. "The best restaurant in town" will be right there in Casa Colibri, presided over by a professional Mexican chef who used to have her own restaurant.

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We're Alaskans, so Casa Colibri is our winter home for several two or three week stays a year when we can leave our business in Anchorage. Casa Colibri is not a high-turnover "rental unit" — it's a fully furnished family home, with many personal touches. For most of the year, the villa is available for rent. So, by definition, the villa is available for rent most of the time, because we're 3,500 miles away here in Anchorage!

Casa Colibri consists of four separate structures connected by a vine-covered walkway: the Main Palapa/Kitchen/Full Guest Bathroom and three buildings containing four bedrooms/four bathrooms. We're surrounded by dense jungle which makes the house almost invisible — and private — from the outside. And because of the separation of the bedroom structure, your guests will enjoy extraordinary personal privacy within the villa.

There is cellular service, strongest in the master bedroom. The signal can vary during busy times. IMPORTANT: We strongly advise you activate a Mexican data plan for your stay, via your US carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.). This will allow you to use your US smartphone to access the Internet or to serve as a wireless hotspot. Casa Colibri does NOT offer WiFi. Guests must provide their own data plan via their cellular carriers.

Casa Colibri has a free heated private pool right off the living room. In cool weather you can ask the staff to turn on the heat (maximum temperature is 83° F).
We're Alaskans, so Casa Colibri is our winter home for several two or three week stays a year when we can leave our business in Anchorage. Casa Colibri is not a high-turnover "rent…
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