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Toàn bộ căn hộ cho thuê. Chủ nhà Marion

4 khách, Phòng studio, 2 giường, 1 phòng tắm
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100% khách gần đây đã xếp hạng 5 sao cho quy trình nhận phòng.
Ideal for singles or couples looking for a tranquil environment for their Guatemalan experience. The Chalet Tony is unique, personal and a very private paradise that will enchant you the moment you step inside our gate from the Calle Rancho Grande into this separate piece of reality. Only five exclusive and unique apartment rentals in all. Two upstairs with incredible view of Lake Atitlan and its majestic mountains and volcanoes and three downstairs rooms which lead into the ample gardens.

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Apartments at Chalet Tony are ideally scheduled for longer periods of time. Typical rentals are for at least a month at a time, although shorter rentals can be arranged for a minimum of a week. Chalet Tony is the ideal place for snowbirds wanting to feel instantly at home while the snow flies back in their own countries. But, instead, you are here in the perfect weather, by the shores of what many have called the most beautiful lake in the world. If you want to stay with us longer, beyond the high season, you will probably enjoy a nice discount on your rent for more extended stays during the low season.
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Panajachel, Sololá, Guatemala

Chalet Tony is less than a block from the dock where you can catch a ferry to many other lovely and exciting villages along the shores of Lake Atitlan. There are so many excellent restaurants within walking distance that you won't know where to go first. Small stores with snacks and beverages are everywhere. We also enjoy a supermarket and a couple of specialty markets that cater to travels sometimes exotic tastes. You can even find the supplies to arrange for escargot to serve at your own apartment.

Chủ nhà Marion

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 2 năm 2017
  • 14 đánh giá
About Me I was born in Ontario, Canada many moons ago and moved to Guatemala in 1979. I moved here for many reasons including the perfect climate that we enjoy year round. I enjoy drawing, painting, pottery, cooking (we've also enjoyed some great workshops with great cooks from around the world when the opportunity arrises), and travel, to mention a few things. Panajachel has around 300 restaurants and bars, which is somewhat excessive for a town of its size (20,000 inhabitants). I enjoy dining out once in a while & there a few watering holes that provide live entertainment & are almost always a lot of fun to check out. My son Jesse is the Karaoke host at a popular local bar called La Palapa -- every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. There's always something fun do here in Pana. I look forward to meeting new and interesting folks who would like to get to know Guatemala. It's a colorful Indigenous culture with beautiful mountains, flora & fauna, and the magical and mystical quality of life here among the Mayans. About Chalet Tony Chalet Tony is a very safe place to be. The entire property is walled and fenced in; there is no need to worry about break-ins or robberies. We have a full time caretaker (guardian) who lives on the grounds to ensure everything is secure. I have a small staff who help maintain the extensive grounds and organic garden and ensure the apartments are clean and comfortable. We have all the amenities of a home away from home and guests can have as much privacy as they’d like. There are 5 separate private apartments, with my home being right next door to the complex. For those who wish to mingle, there are shared patio & balcony areas with comfortable deck chairs and hammocks and lovely views of the gardens and the volcanoes. We have a pottery studio on the grounds and offer beginners workshops when there is interest. We offer art classes as well, which include drawing, water color, and pastels. Finally, there are Chigong classes in our gardens year round on Thursdays lead by Linda Henry. I have been renting out apartments here at Chalet Tony in Panajachel for over 35 years. I have learned a lot about how to make people feel comfortable and welcome over this time. Chalet Tony is a bit of a separate reality from the hustle & bustle of Panajachel, while still having a central location and being just a short walk away from all the action. Some people, in fact, spend most of their vacation here on the grounds, while others like go out often and/or make daily boat trips to the volcanoes and to visit other towns around the lake. Chalet Tony has very tranquil, quiet, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. As a hostess who speaks fluent English and Spanish, and with nearly forty years of experience here, I can basically connect visitors with whatever or whomever they are seeking. While you’re here, I am also happy to help to book boat trips, shuttles, or give advice on whatever you might want to know. One of my employee's sons, Juan Diego, is an excellent tour guide specializing in bike tours, hiking tours, and boat tours around the lake. He is also happy to go on larger excursions wherever you would like a guided tour here in Guatemala (Tikal and Antigua tend to be popular choices). Our location is one of the best available: one block from the main street (Calle Santander) where there are many shops & restaurants, and two short blocks from the lake and one of the main boat docks, where you can get public or private boats to the other towns around the lake. We are a 15 minute walk from the main market (mercado), which offers a variety of fresh produce at low cost. We're a 10 minute walk from the Zona Viva in central Pana where you can choose from a large variety of bars and restaurants. If you don’t feel like walking, there are tuk-tuks (three wheeled taxis) everywhere. You can quickly flag one down and be wherever you like in just a few minutes, for only 5 Quetzales (70 cents). About Pana Here at about one mile high altitude we get lovely warm days & nights that are cool & perfect for sleeping. In fact, Guatemala is known for being the land of Eternal Spring. It's like a late spring/early summer year round! There are two seasons - rainy and dry. While we tend to get the bulk of our visitors in the winter months -- mostly people escaping the bitter cold up north -- I must say that many of us enjoy the rainy season more than the dry season for various reasons. First of all it's not that rainy. Most mornings are full on sun. Often in the afternoons it will cloud over & rain & then the sun will come out once again. We even get full days of sunshine. There's a two or three week period in the middle of the rainy season where there is no rain and it's called the canicula. It's a wonderful time (usually in July but it varies a little) as everything here is lush & green from the early rains and it's beautiful weather to enjoy any outdoor activities around the lake. Pana used to be one of the more touristy towns here at Lake Atitlan, but over the years a lot of the other villages around the lake have developed their infrastructures to accommodate travelers. At this point there is a large retirement community and other foreigners from around the world who make a living to a great extent on some aspect of the tourist industry.
About Me I was born in Ontario, Canada many moons ago and moved to Guatemala in 1979. I moved here for many reasons including the perfect climate that we enjoy year round. I enjoy…

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Since your host is a people person, expect her to socialize with guests, but only if that is something that appeals to them. Having lived on the lake for almost 40 years Marion is a wealth of information and guidance who can help make your stay so much easier by heading you in the right directions for what you, in particular, want on your adventures in Guatemala.
Since your host is a people person, expect her to socialize with guests, but only if that is something that appeals to them. Having lived on the lake for almost 40 years Marion is…
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