The 1889 School House B&B #1

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The old blends with the new in this heritage 1889 one-roomed school with charming touches of its former usage blended with furnishings from around the world. Enjoy one the three luxuriously comfortable bedrooms with en suite bathrooms in the modern addition whose casual ambience blends effortlessly with the old school section of the house. Savour wonderful breakfasts made to order to start your day.

Chỗ ở
COVID-19 Health Safety Precautions protocol:
-Upon arrival, each is guest is asked to ring the bell at the front door of the house. The host will greet and instruct each guest on how to proceed to follow the proper COVID-19 protocol in place. Guests are not to enter the house before being greeted by the host.

The following is a general description to inform potential guests about the COVID-19 protocol in place.
-Guests will enter the house from three (3) different entrances. Room #1 will enter from the front entrance/door, guests of room #2 will enter from the back lower deck entrance/door, and guests of room #3 will enter from the upper deck entrance/door. For room #2 and #3 a path way on the right side of the house leads to the back of the house, where the deck/patio is.
-There is a hand sanitizer at each entrance.
-There will be a 24hr time gap between booking for every room
Breakfast serving:
-Guests of rooms #1 and #2 will be served breakfast at separate tables at least 10 feet apart located in the old school house. Guests of Room #3 will be served breakfast at a table located in the dining area by the kitchen.
-Guests will be served personalized breakfast of their request in consultation with the host. The exact variety and quantity will be served for guests to pick up:
* for rooms #1 and #2 breakfast will be served on a separate table located in the old school house for guests to pick up
* for room #3 breakfast will be served on the kitchen counter (bar counter) for guests to pick up
-Breakfast could also be served at separate times if guests prefer this option.
Other general sanitary practices:
-Wear of a mask is recommended when inside the house (except when inside the rooms or when sitting at a table for breakfast). Couches in the old school house (living room) are at least 10 feet apart. Guests who are together can enjoy the old school house while being at a good distance from other guests.
-The host will wear a mask at all times
-Rooms will be entirely sanitized as per protocol after every guest stay. All surfaces guests come in contact with throughout the house (door handles, doors, stairs ramp/railing, chair handles, couches, tables, etc) will also be sanitized.

3 bedrooms are available, two king sized beds with en suite bathrooms, and one Queen sized bed with en suite bathroom for minimum of 2 nights booking. All rooms have been extensively renovated recently . Both include access to the patio and deck as well as the schoolhouse part of the house for relaxation . Rooms are listed under three different listings. Please select on Air BnB the listing that shows the right size of bed you would like to book. This listing is for the Queen Sized bedroom in the lower level. Please note that only one child between the age of 9 to 13 years old can sleep in the same room as his/her parents. A cot and and bedding will be provided at an extra charge of $75.00. All rooms have their own T V (Netflix) and wifi & internet reception. Guests may also utilize the schoolhouse portion of the house in afternoons and evenings until 10:00 PM. Check in time is 4:00 pm and check out is 11:30 am.

Breakfast is included in all bookings.

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Elora, Ontario, Canada

Elora is a very special town that has retained its small town ambience while offering good restaurants, art shops and shopping as well as trails for hiking along its spectacular gorge. Those coming from busy urban lives will find themselves slowing their pace and relaxing in this friendly setting. The 1889 schoolhouse is a perfect example of the blending of old and modern - yours to enjoy.

Chủ nhà Salah

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 4 năm 2017
  • 265 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
I recently retired as a high school teacher at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, where I taught for 28 years. I live full time in Elora and rent my current 3 bedrooms in Elora as a B&B all year round. My leisure time involves soccer (both coaching and refereeing) and I am very interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. Cooking is a favorite pastime and I look forward to honing my skills through providing nutritious breakfasts for guests. For those guests who wish to join me I would like to share my knowledge of Tai Chi and Qi Gong by offering free sessions in the evening.
I recently retired as a high school teacher at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, where I taught for 28 years. I live full time in Elora and rent my current 3 bedrooms in Elora…

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I will be available to welcome visitors on their arrival and throughout their stay to answer any questions. I will personally prepare and serve breakfasts and can offer a variety of options for this meal.

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