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Our 12 acres overlooking Osoyoos has a million $ view. The 1100 sq. ft apartment has: private entrance, kitchen, 2 bdrms, 2 dining areas, 2 living rms and a deck all wrapped up in tasteful Moroccan decor with a Bohemian twist.
The 12 min. drive to town is close to local amenities yet far enough away for privacy. The lake is Canada's warmest freshwater lake with a summer temperature of 24 C (75 F). Enjoy wildlife at sunrise, spectacular views at sunset and world-class stargazing in the evening.

Chỗ ở
Spirit Lodge resides on 12 acres of desert landscape and is the natural habitat to wildlife. Big Horn Sheep are regularly sighted on our property as well as yellow-bellied marmots, and birds such as Bald and Golden Eagles, owls (Pygmy and Great Horned), woodpeckers (including the 'rare and vulnerable Lewis' woodpecker), quail, hummingbirds and many songbirds.

With 2 large bedrooms this suite is perfect for 2-4 guests. The hallway and lounge area are well-lit for safety and the bedrooms are far enough apart to provide privacy for parents, in-laws or a second couple. The main living area is large enough for all of you to hang out together and there is a second living area as well enabling different guests to do different things (read, watch TV, another watch the eagles or the sunset from the balcony. There are 2 TV's in different rooms.

And if you enjoy the night sky this area provides some of the best star gazing available anywhere. We are a Dark Sky Community and boast 8 privately owned observatories on Anarchist Mountain.

We have his 'n hers mountain bikes available for rent $10/day each (please advise 1-2 days in advance) and bring your own helmets.

Master Bedroom Guest Conveniences
Communication, Entertainment
Smart TV
Telephone (for local calling only)
iPod player
Digital radio with wireless SmartPhone music (in drawer)

Creature Comforts
Portable air conditioner (in hallway closet marked “Guest Use”)
“In Case You Forgot” Crate (under sink in bathroom)
Central vacuum (don’t vacuum….it’s your vacation!) in hallway closet marked “Guest Use”)
Aroma Therapy Diffusers (both guest rooms)
Fluffy white robes

Private Deck
Table/chairs with optional umbrella
Mini propane décor lamp (stored in wall unit)

Upscale kitchenware i.e. Mikasa china plates, Henkel Knives and elegant stemware
Loads of cupboard space for your food
Fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave
Kitchen supplies galore (including an Instapot)
Basic pantry items (condiments such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, relish, mustard, mayo, salad dressing, salt and pepper, olive oil, sugar, plastic wrap, napkins, etc.)
Water cooler (although the water here is drinkable and comes from our well which is 360 feet deep and has been carbon-dated at 12,000 years old, it is mineralized so can alter the taste of tea or coffee)

Coffee, Tea & Juice Apparatus
Coffee maker with pre-measured hotel-style packets
Coffee Press and a Coffee Mill/Bean Grinder (bring your own beans to grind and/or coffee to press)
A dazzling array of tea (black, white, green, red and herbals)
Blender and Champion Juicer

Living Rooms/Dining Areas (2)
Main area: Hide-a-bed, TV, wall unit (contains books and games, tourist information).
Smaller area: Daybed/couch and expandable dining table

Mini Office
Desk and basic office supplies (in wall unit in larger living room)

Master Bedroom
Lots of dresser drawers and closet space
2 luggage racks
Quality bedding (and extra quilts and pillows)

Built-in hairdryer and extendable magnifying mirror
Bamboo towels (hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, super absorbent and uber-soft)

Pool noodles and inflatable lake gear (must give hosts 3 days notice)
Picnic basket (plastic cups, cutlery, plates)
Lounge chairs (stored in hallway closet marked ‘Guest Use’)
Cooler bag with frozen ice-packs

Safety Features
Fire extinguisher
Smoke alarms
First aid kit
Locking doors and windows (with safety blocks)
2 fire exits
Karen knows how to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre for choking and Herman knows Martial Arts :)

We encourage recycling. Garden Waste recycling is currently being planned for Osoyoos but for now, throw in the garbage. We have a recycling bin in the hallway for: soft plastic, mixed containers, metal, glass, Styrofoam, mixed paper, and batteries. We will do the sorting after you leave.
Our complimentary toiletries are BIODEGRADABLE not just recyclable!...although more expensive, our environment is worth it.
Most of the art you see is the work of your host Karen Goodfellow who is an award-winning contemporary aboriginal artist. All works are for sale. You can also see some of her work at Nk ‘Mip Winery at Spirit Ridge Resort (right at the Petro Canada station at the bottom of the mountain then follow the signs). You can also view her artwork at online.

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Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada

All neighbours own 10 acre lots or more on the sunny south slope of Anarchist Mountain and enjoy their privacy. It is secluded, quiet and restful.

We are in an “antelope-brush ecosystem” The antelope-brush ecosystem of the Okanagan is one of the four most endangered ecosystems in Canada. It is a pocket of dry grassland dominated by bunchgrasses, the wind (atavatic and katavatic), and the scraggly dark branches of antelope-brush.

They weren’t extensive when European settlement began in the 1800’s, and over the past century more than 60 percent of them have been destroyed and converted to vineyards, orchards, croplands, or urban residential and industrial areas. Much of the remainder has been disturbed and invaded by foreign plants such as knapweed and cheat-grass. Only 9 percent now remains relatively undisturbed.

The antelope-brush ecosystem is poorly known, without the high public profile of an old-growth forest. In addition, grassland habitats are subtle in character, and changes may go unnoticed for a long time.

What is their history? These small ecosystems are remnants of communities with ancient origins, probably dating back 10,000 years. After the glaciers of the Pleistocene melted, plant migration and vegetation changes were widespread. In particular, Great Basin species (those from arid areas west of the Rockies) responded to a substantial warming about 8,000 years ago by moving northward into the hot, dry valley bottoms of what is now southern British Columbia. Because of its small extent and the formidable threats to its integrity, the antelope-brush community on the lowland benches of the south Okanagan is considered one of Canada’s four most endangered ecosystems. Although antelope-brush grows in small pockets as far north as Kelowna, ecosystems dominated by this species occur mainly south of Penticton, where they cover sandy or gravelly soils at lower elevations. Less than 5,000 hectares remain, and over 60 percent of these areas lie within the Osoyoos Indian Reserve. Very little of the antelope-brush steppe is preserved within protected areas – two small ecological reserves north of Osoyoos protect token tracts, and one of these was almost entirely burned in 1993.
As Wildlife Habitat Stewards we protect our antelope brush which resides on our 12 acres.

Chủ nhà Karen

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My partner Herman and I have always hosted guests whether it's friends over for home-cooked dinners, big outdoor parties, or longer visits from friends and relatives near and far. Both of us have lots to share and we have a wide range of interests (as in very wide) that put people at ease no matter what their walk of life they are from. We are comfortable in the art world, spiritual or consciousness-raising realms, and in nature/the outdoors (ok maybe not politics so much). Herman loves reading, personal growth, outdoor living skills, exploring and a good cup of coffee while Karen loves music, decorating, painting and a perfect cup of tea. We have recently added grand-parenting to our growing list of interests!
My partner Herman and I have always hosted guests whether it's friends over for home-cooked dinners, big outdoor parties, or longer visits from friends and relatives near and far.…

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  • Herman

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We both work from home or our office in Osoyoos so generally are not available for arrivals (we often work evenings).

Your private suite is an entire floor and we live and work upstairs. Enjoy your stay and know that we are a text or call away should you need any questions answered or need supplies. If we don't get back right away it means that we are in a session with a client but turn our phones on in between sessions so can respond then. It is usually immediate that we respond but the occasional time it may be up to a maximum of 2 hours that you might have to wait.
We both work from home or our office in Osoyoos so generally are not available for arrivals (we often work evenings).

Your private suite is an entire floor and we live…

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