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QUIET hidden

Private property meets beach

Magnificent blue smooth water
And skies sunrise and sunset
Sea like a swimming pool 365 days
No Waves, no rocks

Unique Micro climate

studio with outside livingroom/garden

Lovely quiet lush country, local village
Original family land

Excellent restaurants, services 1 minute walk away,
15 min. to DOWNTOWN

Until Nov. 30 :
Separate charges
ELECTRICITY 5 baht per unit

Dec. 1 : all fees included

Chỗ ở
A few steps from beach...

Original family settlers owns private land

Lush terrace garden overlooks sea
Landscaped plant and rock garden,
features garden designed by my husband both rock and plant garden,
featuring local soft red rock ,
varied plant life including edible plants

Note : garden evolves over time, every season, changes made to landscaping, architecturally including overhead awnings and plantings according to both design and necessity for cooling and comfort

Additional planted garden a couple meters away
across from house for you to enjoy .. papaya trees,
Bird of paradise

One large bedroom, Livingroom is OUTSIDE garden terrace

King size large bed, elegant wood frame

this is a cosy house,
good sized studio with garden terrace as a livingroom,
there is a table for working outside
desk and extra table for working inside.

Many windows, on three sides, natural light,
Designed with local Thai artisanal decorative and furnishing pieces,
Chiang mai style ..

Air conditioning ..Electric Fans, beach mats, towels

Bungalow area 20 x 20 feet or 36 square meters.
Veranda. 20 x 9 feet or 18 sq. Meters.
(terrace or balcony)

Essential amenities such as toilet paper, soap and shampoo provided just the first week for long stay guests.
Linens, towels provided.

Private kitchen area
is fully equipped with has tile cutting counter for food preparation, gas burner, pots and pans, coffee french press filter, cutting board, etc.

NOTE, Please bring your own hair dryer, ironing supplies, it is not on our Airbnb Amenities list..

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Tambon Wichit, Chang Wat Phuket, Thái Lan

Local Color and Exploring the countryside...

1 minute walk from house...
restaurants, atm, 24 hour convenience stores, laundry service, pharmacy..
on street right outside the property,
also restaurants on all the beaches

Walking distance :
ABOVE on the road with stunning views,
and moderate prices
sample individual seafood styles at

"Used Books Cafe Restaurant" family feeling in a lovely house
overlooking bay, serves wine and beer also

"Ao Yon Seaside" largest selection in dishes, also has good cafe

Rimlay Cafe, restaurant/bar/cafe on the beach

"Pintochanlek" Phuket style restaurant bar, pool table, vintage rockabilly music


local life :

walk down the hill to our Kaokhad Beach
turn left , at the end , go around rocks for neighbor beach
Ao Yon Beach where locals have been picnicking for generations...

High End Restaurants The Cove
The Cove is the winner.. music cocktail lounge tasty treats right in beach

Sakdidej main road :
Ride through a
-Series of Muslim villages, gentle friendly people,
mosques, sweet little neighborhoods tucked into forested hillsides
-Cheap local restaurants throughout,
No signs, just ride and keep your eyes open !

Laem Panwa Viewpoint :
go right on Sakdidej main road,
5 kilometers
across from Thailand Navy Base,

-Panwa Roti, best muslim thai local breakfast place
sample curry chicken-pancake-fried egg breakfast,
see local families , kids...

-Aquarium at road's end

-Evening boardwalk picnic, buy from foodsellers
and eat Thai style, shopping also...

Wichit Market , open market
5 kilometers northwards
go left on our street until it deadends, go left again for .5 kilometer , across from 7 - Eleven.

local market with every kind of food,
prepared foods, snacks of all kinds
fresh caught seafood and produce for cooking

Ton Ao Yon :
waterfall, one kilometer, natural pools
look for small stream
at end of peaceful smooth valley forest and mangrove trees, fields
with a few original family homes scattered...

Note : dry season may mean no water,
but the valley walk is still lovely

6 kilom. northeast, Sakdidej main road :
Kaokhad Views Tower
vertiginous stunning views of the area
hidden beaches, viewpoints all around

for clothing and gifts:
turn left at the street
and walk to 7-11

there is a little shop in the alley after 7-11
with very charming things,
we buy clothes there

the 7-11 alley leads to PANWA BEACH,
or Sunset Beach
long walk on white sand at low tide,
you can see Chalong bay, sailboats, little isles, Big Buddha
walk down beach 15 minutes to


Old City Quarter :
Sunday Night Market
street music, street food, shopping, guesthouse little bars, cafes, art galleries

Walk 1/2 minute down to beach and take a trip to
local islands, Coral or Racha Island, for snorkelling

Convenient to Downtown Old City, 15. minutes driving
and pier to Phi Phi Islands, ....

enjoy !

Chủ nhà Cho

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2013
  • 518 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Ek and Cho : Ek rents homes for local families, original land settlers, and maintains, designs both homes and the gardens Cho is the "smile"...:) Home is our priority : what is received from guests is put back constantly each year in creating new design and feel and amenities... Ek will be exhibiting his new art installations in our homes.. If we are not here during your visit, the kindly capable housekeeper will attend to guests. SCROLL DOWN for photo links to each house We lived in Bangkok, San Francisco, Chiang mai, and Paris. Cho is Past owner and designer of a clothing design company and retail boutique in San Francisco, living in Thailand for over ten years Ek is former Royal Thailand Navy chief of 15 years, former Head of Navy Rescue at Ko Surin National Park, jungle islands worked to serve and protect visitors to our coastal waters and participated in the Tsunami Search and Rescue We lived on the islands in Phang nga, with clear ocean waters and quiet beaches, jungle All homes are professionally cleaned, from top to bottom, checked over thoroughly, every pillow in place!,
Ek and Cho : Ek rents homes for local families, original land settlers, and maintains, designs both homes and the gardens Cho is the "smile"...:) Home is our priority : what is rec…

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Bed, NO Breakfast !

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Housekeeper :
Khun Jem, who is very capable and kind,
available on call

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