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Terra Casa Private Villa in Aegina island

Toàn bộ biệt thự. Chủ nhà Marina
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As you drive up the picturesque hill above Vathy, passing by historic houses of great Poets and Artists, you feel the elegant past of this unique island. Aegina with its famous pistachio trees, the ancient history and the greatness of its architecture, is a real refuge for those who want to escape from the city, but yet be just 40 minutes away from it. This short distance is what makes Aegina ideal choice to stay if you visit Athens or Piraeus – you can stay here instead!
When you reach the house, you cannot really guess the interior surprise. Textiles and colors, painting styles and objects combined in a Mediterranean osmosis, with an Eastern aura. Terra Casa can accommodate 20 people and it is perfect scenery for those who look for a really special place to stay, organize an event or shoot a film.
A tour around the house…
Either from the main entrance or from the patio with the endless view to the Saronic Gulf and Peloponnese, you enter the big living room with the red fire place and the fully equipped open plan kitchen, where you can prepare breakfast or dinner with fresh fruit and vegetables from the gardens and maybe fresh fish from the island fish market! Your own Chef will be at your disposal if you ask for it. Why not live it to the edge?
The master bedroom is a small tower in two levels, with a stone bathtub and separate toilet on the ground floor and a king size bed and balcony with a unique sea view on the upper floor.
The 3 other bedrooms, fresh, stone built and full of light, can sleep 5 guests in total. They all have private artistic bathrooms with shower.
Then, there are the 3 guest houses. Each one is cozy and completely independent with its own bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The biggest one (85 m2) has 2 bedrooms and a fireplace in the living room. They all open to a separate peaceful garden.
The secret of the house is the recreation and relaxing area we call “play room”. A spacious hall of 100 sq. m, ideal place to have a party, get together, play games, read books, taste wines, work out or have a sauna. Behind the sauna there is one more bathroom with shower. The “play room” is also ideal for parties, seminars and different meetings!
But remember that life is out there, when you are in Greece! Apart from the 100sq.m turquoise pool where you will swim, and relax, you can follow the natural path among fruit trees and organic vegetable gardens and you can pick some to bring back to the kitchen with you.
We want you to feel the tenderness this house offers to us. We will be at your disposal if you need something. Services like a maid, a boat rental, or a guide for a tour of the island antiquities can be easily organized by us. The cleaning service will take place every second day, but it can also be offered daily if you wish. We look forward to meeting you all!

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1 giường queen
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1 giường queen, 1 sofa giường
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1 giường queen, 1 sofa giường

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When in Aegina…don't miss the following!
Try the fresh pistachio nut, right from the tree at the end of August.
Taste “Katsoula” fish, fried in butter...this fish you can find only in very few seas, including the sea surrounding Aegina.
Check the cultural events like the annual Music, Folklore dances, Cinema and Theatre festivals
Visit the "Fistiki Fest" festival about the famous pistachio nut of Aegina, at the end of September, every year.
Make a tour to Moni island midweek (on weekends it is very busy) carrying some bread to feed the wild deer and peacocks at the beach.
Taste Pistachio Ice Cream cocktail at the beach bars
Visit Agios Nektarios Monastery.
Check the events of Folklore museum in Aegina.
Buy a traditional terracotta jug with the flower (kept the water cool for the workers at the beginning of 20th century).
Watch a movie at a traditional open summer cinema.
Play beach volley in the sea, at Agia Marina beach
Watch the full moon and the sunset...
More secrets about Aegina:
When in Aegina…don't miss the following!
Try the fresh pistachio nut, right from the tree at the end of August.
Taste “Katsoula” fish, fried in butter...this fish you can find only in very few seas, i…

Chủ nhà Marina

Đã tham gia vào tháng 8 năm 2016
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Travel and nature lovers, who enjoy life. We will be really happy to meet you and share the beauty of our Estate with you!
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When you need something we will be at your disposal. We are just a call away and we really want to offer all the warmth and hospitality a traveler needs. However, your privacy is our priority.
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