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4 years with Airbnb & didn’t had major problem. I keep criticism for fair representation to all my guests. But pls read the description so you can be guided properly. It is as is where is. It is very spacious, homey & is guaranteed livable even if building is old. It comes with basic furnishing for cooking, dining, living and sleeping amenity. While it is not a hotel type, I upkeep and maintain it regularly. Value for money is priority so it is LOWER than others. Thus, manage your expectations.

Chỗ ở
Due to our current pandemic situation, all registered guests should submit a simple Medical Certificate certifying that you have no symptoms of COVID.
A negative COVID test result is not necessary but can also be accepted. Guests will be required to fill up Health Declaration Form upon check in. Kindly bring copy of your IDs before check in.

Since it's my private place, I look forward that you treat my place similar as your own private home -- with due care.

Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited so the place can maintain its fresh fragrance for all my present and future guests alike. This is also in pursuant to RA 9211, the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003.

Keep the place including all its interiors and furnishing in good and working condition at all times.

Please make sure that lights and aircon are switched off when you leave. Also, make sure that no electrical wiring and outlets are left unplugged whenever you leave the place. This ensures YOUR safety and the safety of my place, as well.

Pls dispose your trash and garbage properly. You may leave your garbage at the fire exit beside the elevator area where there is a designated garbage chute. Keep the trash can clean to avoid emitting bad odor.

Appreciate if you can leave a message via AirBNB or my mobile number once you are about to leave.

One good thing though is that it’s SELF CHECK IN. Hence, you may check in anytime 24/7 as you desire because keys are simply left with the lobby guard. Once your booking is confirmed, I will be endorsing your names to the security guard of the Building and they will hand over you the keys.

Check in time is 2PM onwards
Check out time is strictly 12noon.

Once booking is confirmed, kindly send a copy of your valid ID's.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to be your host.

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Miễn phí đỗ xe trên đường/phố
Bể bơi
32" TV
Thang máy
Máy điều hòa không khí gắn trên cửa sổ
Tủ lạnh
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Không có: Máy phát hiện khí CO

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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

There are wide range of restaurants in the area and major malls just walking distance from my place. Convenient store and laundry shop is just right down the building.

Centrally located in the business district and is located in a very busy street especially at night time. — red light business district.

Nonetheless, it is business as usual in the morning and is very safe since a lot of police in the area and on top of it, a lot of restaurants and bars.

Most importantly, different mode of transportation is available just within your reach and you have fast access to several malls nearby.

Chủ nhà Meng

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 5 năm 2016
  • 175 đánh giá
  • Đã xác minh danh tính
I am a lawyer by profession and a real estate broker at the same time. Real estate is my specialization and for this reason that I got to engage my self in this hotel-like operation business providing accommodation with comfort for my guests. I am just as excited as you being your host and all I can guaranty is that you are safe in my place and it will make you feel “home.” Most of my past guests have consistently said that it was a smooth stay and homey vibes when they were in my unit and will try my very best to live up to that standard and keep on improving as necessary.
I am a lawyer by profession and a real estate broker at the same time. Real estate is my specialization and for this reason that I got to engage my self in this hotel-like operatio…

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I am reachable anytime! I feel the need to constantly communicate with my guests to ensure that their stay is satisfying.
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