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Thalia, Muse of Comedy and Poetry, was one of the nine Goddesses of Arts.
Greek Gods used to gather at the highest peaks and enjoy the breathtaking sights of the landscapes.

Like a modern Muse, villa Thalia stands out on a hilltop looking out at the amazing 360 degrees panoramic sea view of the Argosaronikos Gulf.

Chỗ ở
In just one glance, you see Hydra, Spetsopoula, Dokos and Ermioni.
The infinity pool blends in with the endless blue of the sea and sky.
As you dive in this magnificent scenery, you feel that you can almost touch Spetses island.
Mellow out and live the magic experience of floating on top of the world.

•Thalia, means to bloom, to thrive.
Villa Thalia (250sqm) has 5 bedrooms, sleeps 8 and has 3 en suite bathrooms.
Located in the peaceful area of Agios Emilianos, on a plot alongside two other autonomous villas with different entrances.

The king size, overflowing swimming pool (8,5m x 12,5m) extends over the blue horizon, is only for villa Thalia’s guests.

Wake up each day and fall in love with the breathtaking view, smell the seasonal flowers of the garden and listen to the singing of the birds.

Ancient tip. Greek Gods were also food lovers. As a gift to their guests, they left the Twelve Olympian Recipes, to learn how to cook like a God!
The household has all the appliances & kitchen utensils.

Latest neuroscientist researches showed that our busy way of life has a great impact in the biochemistry of our brain.
Vacation in nature restores stress levels and encourages good health.
Let’s take a break to surrender in the golden sunsets, in romantic walks to Agios Emilianos chapel and to relax in the idyllic atmosphere of the house.

Villa Thalia its well-equipped (baby cots, books, music, games) to experience the Greek way of life and make yourself at home.

•Fantastic! Any ideas of what to do in Porto Cheli?
What about:
Meet the most inviting people, taste our Greek cuisine based on the beneficial olive oil, try our delicious local products, and get fresh fish from the boat.

Swim in untouched waters or get sun kissed in all-day beach bars.

Visit the graphic island of Spetses in 5 min and the beautiful Nafplion, the first capital of Greece in 1h.

Go to Hydra Island, where Leonard Coen lived and wrote his songs -donkeys will provide you the getting around.

Watch performances in ancient theater of Epidaurus, UNESCO protected heritage.

Porto Heli is the perfect home base to have road or boat excursions to the many historical places that are minutes away.

The beauty of this place & sunny weather makes it a unique all year destination.

Save time, find all the local tips in Goddess Thalia’s Secret Notebook!

For ski lovers:
Water ski centre in Porto Heli has been operating since the 70s, by Dimitris Kourounis, one of the world-renowned ski trainers. Beginners or slalom experts live the unique experience of speeding on water.
The mild climate and the 14-17c winter water temperatures makes it an ideal all year-round ski destination.

•Quick note
This winter is a very special one. Villa Thalia is the ideal environment to combine work and pleasure.
Check on the special prices of sweet November.
Villa Thalia is top on charts, so book your 2022 dates early!

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Porto Heli, Argolida, Hy Lạp

Porto Heli • Greece • The love we share

In the south-eastern part of Argolis, Greece, is located a fairy tailed place called Porto Heli.
Colourful sunsets, untouched nature, sunny days and its amazing energy make you wonder if it is real.
Situated on a bay of the Argolic Gulf it is connected with graphic islands, exploration roots and archaeological sites.
Historic memories come literately from the bottom of the sea...there where that all the human secrets are hidden, the ancient city of Halieis emerges. Porto Heli magnetizes travellers from all over the world, sport and history lovers, even kings and queens!
It is a gastronomical experience for those who like to indulge fresh fish, local recipes and a unique adventure for sea lovers!
This Greek piece of land is unique, divine and sprinkled with gold dust.
Blend in!

Chủ nhà Vicky

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Hello, this is Vicky and I want to welcome you to this magic place. Porto Cheli, was love from first sight for me. I came back many times until I decided to get a plot here. The spot was idyllic. I felt like I was floating on top of the world. The super talented architecture Yannis Kouvdos designed the house based on the local trends and named it Thalia! The Muse of Comedy and Poetry, for people to laugh and to have happy moments. Then guests and friends came and I wanted to share with them all the local tips and Greek gastronomical habits. Happy to have you at villa Thalia Floating Heaven. Hope you love it as much as I do. Big kiss Vicky, Villa Thalia • Porto Cheli • Greece • The love we share
Hello, this is Vicky and I want to welcome you to this magic place. Porto Cheli, was love from first sight for me. I came back many times until I decided to get a plot here. The sp…

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Knocking on Vicky's door
Happy to share with you all the local info for magical vacations.

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