#19 Big Dome - Dinner Dancing Dormitory

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Our huge celebration space can be turned into a huge dormitory with dozens of tents. We've done this before for schools.

Chỗ ở
This is one of a dozen different spaces we rent out at 'Los Baños de la Luz', near the village of Facinas in Tarifa. Please see our other spaces if you don't think this one is for you.

The whole first floor of the rebuilt and recently refurbished 100 year old rural country house is divided into 5 unique bedrooms, each one with its special charm. All are equipped with wooden shutters to keep out the sometimes too bright sunlight and the heat in summertime. The views are breathtaking and one cannot get enough to fill one's heart with the beauty of this almost untouched part of the Spanish peninsula. The most southern tip of Europe, only a dolphin's leap across to Morocco, the African continent.

The community kitchen with inside and outside stoves invite to cook your favorite meals and devour them at the oval wooden table in the middle of the shaded patio. The grill invites to cook shrimps and eggplants on it. Gazpacho the famous, delicious mixture of cucumbers, tomatos, olive oil and dried bred is being prepared in the blender and kept in the fridge to refresh you in the heartwarming heat of the long summer days. Fresh fruit juices are centrifuged in the practical kitchen appliance and will guarantee a stay in Paradise, gastronomical bliss. The hammock await you for your after lunch siesta. La dolce far niente par excellence. The climate is incomparable to anything in the northern hemisphere. Cool sea breezes, coming wavelike across 6000 km of pure, cool waters of the gigantic Atlantic ocean, often bring fresh relief from the dry, hot desert wind risen over the Sahara sand which is so loved by the many windsurfers only 4 miles to the southwest.

A reed encircled lake born from the springs on the hilly side of our land, called the "National Park Of Los Alcornocales”, an Eden, an untouched fleck of earth.

A picture is worth a thousand words and it is left to you how to indulge your fantasies, and how deep you will enjoy your leisure and enjoyment with us.

Inspired as you will feel you will heat up the pizza oven to bake your favorite cakes in it after a few hours of warmup time. The turning grill is apt to grill the fish that you have caught in the ocean or bought in our local fish market.

The main migrations flight paths of all migrating birds to Africa and back are straight above our land. The swallows nest here in spring and early summer. Storks breed their young here before they fly on to the North. Various colonies of vultures permanently live here and feast on dead animals. The artists of gliding are so apt to use the slightest breeze to lift them into the heights. Thousands of birdwatchers come here every year to indulge to their beloved hobby.

You have not seen a sunset if you have not seen a sunset at the Costa de la Luz, the coast of light. A natural phenomena extends the twilight of dusk during almost two hours.

The sunlight is being relayed through the water of the Atlantic ocean and reflected back to the sky in our area. This is what gave the name to our region.

Please be my guest
Bitte sei mein Gast
Por favor se mi huesped


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Locate us on the map and you get the idea in which ideal location we are for all the activities you can imagine during your stay with us.


1. The easiest way is to have 'search by map' activated and run your cursor over all the house icons next to this location.
2. Search using the words 'Facinas, Los Baños'.
3. For our exact spaces: copy and paste the following pages into your browser and replace the numbers written as words with your numeric keyboard:

The main guest house with five bedrooms.
fi5ve fi5ve ni9ne ze0ro ze0ro fi5ve

#01 "ESTRELLA" our huge “STAR” bedroom
fi5ve thr3ee eig8ht tw2o si6x on1e

#02 "LUNA" the ROMANTIC bedroom
fi5ve fo4ur se7ven tw2o fi5ve ze0ro

#03 "LEVANTE" the SUNRISE bedroom
fi5ve fo4ur se7ven thr3ee fiv5e eig8ht

#04 "MAR" The COSY SEA bedroom
fi5ve fi5ve eig8ht sev7en sev7en sev7en

#05 "AFRICA" The PANORAMIC Bedroom
http://ww fi5ve w.airbnb.com/rooms/
fi5ve fi5ve eig8ht nin9e sev7en sev7en

s6ix t2wo o1ne nin9e fo4ur z0ero

#07 "ECSTASY" Tipi with bungalow
s6ix t2wo t2wo z0ero nin9e z0ero

#08 Magical "LAKE PARADISE" Tent
s6ix o1ne fi5ve fo4ur z0ero t2wo

(not available at the moment)
s6ix th3ee t2wo sev7en nin9e fi5ve

#10 “WOODEN BOX” With a View
s6ix th3ee sev7en o1ne eig8ht o1ne

#11 “BIG DOME” - Dinner-Dancing-Dormitory-
o1ne t2wo fi5ve z0ero o1ne o1ne sev7en

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Facinas, Andalusia, Tây Ban Nha

The distance to: BEACH OF VALDEVAQUEROS is approx. 6 km, (1 km = 0.62 miles) by road, approx. 8 km
The distance to: BOLONIA BEACH is approx. 8 km, by road approx. 11 km.
The distance to: TARIFA town is approx. 18 km, by road, approx. 20 km
The distance to: FACINAS town is approx. 1 km (20 minutes walk), by road, approx. 4 km

Natural springs pour out of the mountain everywhere. Our own lake and swimming pool is fed by them. Daffodils in their thousands grow wild where water collects. Ancient palaeolithic tombs are abundant, one just 20 yards from our entrance in the shape of a boat pointing East (as they all do)

Bring carrots to feed the donkeys and horses! Our neighbourhood is a sparsely populated hamlet with a considerable number of animals within the cattle grid boundary. Cows, (tame) bulls, chickens and the extraordinary site of Griffon vultures, hawks, etc. flying overhead will entertain you as you drive 2km up to Los Baños.

The Roman city of Baelo Claudio is just 15 minutes away by the Bolonia Beach. A must-see for all you culture vultures.

Chủ nhà Walter AnandaLuz

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Spring and Summer 2021

Baños de Luz is more than a uniques destination in Andalucia, it's a place of reflection, integration and meditation.

When your busy and chaotic day-to-day lives become too much, when the stress of the pandemic and the fears of not knowing much of anything becomes overwhelming, then let Antonia and her team give you the space and time to integrate and ultimately rediscover your 'self'.

Let go.... let go.... let go....

Whether it's complete solitude or a daily regimen of healthy eating, exercise, sunshine or the cleansing of the ocean, Baños is the perfect destination.

Maybe it's time to indulge yourself in a daily yoga or mediation practice.

Perhaps you have realized there are levels of your own personal creativity waiting to blossom from years of suppression.

Let Baños de Luz be that garden to plant and nurture the seeds again!

If you get overwhelmed with all that leave and serenity then you can escape to nearby Tarifa, 17 kilometres away for true Spanish cultural and character infusion. 

You can also base yourself at Baños for many different explorations especially to the nearby beautiful beaches.
Spring and Summer 2021

Baños de Luz is more than a uniques destination in Andalucia, it's a place of reflection, integration and meditation.

When your busy an…

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We can help you out with printing, cabled Internet, giving lifts down to the bus stop, etc. Just ask.

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