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Dek Doi Guest House

4,96(228 đánh giá)Chủ nhà siêu cấpChiang Dao , Chiang Dao, Thái Lan
Phòng riêng tại nhà. Chủ nhà William
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Contemporary Thai Lanna style house, laced with reclaimed Teak wood. Funky and modern interiors. Family-friendly. Fruit filled garden from mangoes to star fruit trees. Dramatic views of 3rd highest mountain in Thailand. Short scooter ride to the caves, waterfall and hot springs. Breakfast included.

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Our airbnb guidebook has more than 40 places to visit in Chiang Dao. This is constantly updated as we discover new places.

Dek Doi Don Yang
Dek Doi Kamin Springs
Dek Doi Ban Mai

¥For all guests staying at Dek Doi listings¥
•10% off on all orders at Cafe My Day Off
•10% off on drinks at Hoklhong Cafe

We are located about 5km outside of Chiang Dao town. 10-15mins by scooter. If you are staying here and want to explore all the surrounding sights, we highly recommend you have transportation. We have parking for 2 cars in front of our house. We can help organise scooter rental upon arrival.

We have a garden filled with mango , avocado, limes, lemon, jackfruit, tamarind, guava, pink guava, pomelo, banana, coffee, papaya, longan, lychee, rose apple, custard apple and star fruit trees. We also just started growing pineapple and dragon fruit.
We have a herb patch with turmeric, lemon grass, mint, galangal, lime leaves, chilli, Thai basil and much more. Feel free to pick herbs and ingredients from our garden for your tea.
On a clear night you can see shooting stars and the milky way.
You can spend hours sitting on the balcony watching the sunset behind the mountain. This is Thailands 3rd highest mountain. ***You can climb to the top from Nov 1st - Feb 28th, more info under Things To Do In Chiang Dao below.

The room is large with an en suite bathroom and large doors that open onto the balcony. The bathroom shower has very high pressure and very hot water! The room has air con but it is very well ventilated and if you have the windows open it is very cool. It can get cold in winter and we have extra blankets if needed. It has a double bed and you also have an option to put a mattress on the floor for a third guest. The room has a closet and draws for your clothes. The room is on the second floor. You can relax in the living room upstairs and enjoy our national geographic collection dating back to the 1990's. We stay downstairs, so the top floor is basically yours.

We can accommodate a maximum of 5 people. An extra charge of 650 baht per person/ per night after 2 guests. If you book for 3 or 4 people, the 3rd and 4th guest have the option to stay in this room. This room is on the second floor and is next to ROOM 1. It has a large double bed. Handmade wooden closet and draws. Large French doors that open onto the balcony with a crisp breeze that will flow through in the morning. The view from the bed is spectacular. There is no private bathroom for this room. You have the option of using the shared bathroom downstairs or the private bathroom in ROOM 1.

Breakfast is included for every guest during their stay. Vegan and Vegetarian options. We can cook dinner from 18:00-20:00 (200baht/person). Homemade local Thai food. Fresh, seasonal produce from our garden or our neighbours. Let us know prior or on arrival.

We welcome and treat our guests the same way as we would like to be treated. Welcome to our house and think of it as yours for the period of your stay.

+ You are also welcome to pick whatever fruit is ripe from our garden. .
++ Fast, reliable Wi-Fi, (PING 35ms, DOWNLOAD SPEED 17.52 Mbps, UPLOAD SPEED 1.81 Mbps)

我们提供在清迈的接机服务,也有自家的摩托车出租,还有你们感兴趣也可以加我的微信,并且用we C hat支付/预定。(我的中文没有这么好,这是来玩过的客人帮我修改的文案!但是交流没问题!)
W.e C.hat - william_le_masurier

Những điều cần lưu ý khác

LOCAL CERAMIC CLASS - Our very good friend and local ceramist offers day classes in her studio tucked in the forest by the edge of Chiang Dao mountain. She creates beautiful original work which highlights the beauty of Chiang Dao. Classes cost 1000 baht per day. She will burn what you make in her oven and you can take what you make back with you. @anussati.ceramicstudio

VINTAGE SIDECAR TOUR - We love our motorbikes and enjoy taking guests in our motorbike side car. We decided to create a tour showcasing the creatives, entrepreneurs and storytellers who help make Chiang Dao one of the most dynamic mountain towns in Northern Thailand.

MOUNTAIN BIKING - Mountain biking tours of Chiang Dao can be arranged. 150 baht per mountain bike per day. Guide is 1000 baht per day. The best way to see Chiang Dao and its landscape. Passing longan and mango plantations, rice fields, cycling through quaint villages, sampling local Thai food, bathing in streams and hot springs to exploring the caves. Full day and Half day tours.

MASSAGE - We can organize for a masseuse to come to the house to give a Thai traditional massage for about 200-250 baht per hour.

TREKKING - Download the app, this app shows a bunch of great treks around Chiang Dao from an hour to full day treks. These routes are not always maintained and in rainy season can be very over grown.
We can also help book guided 1 day and 2 day + overnight trekking trips in the mountains above Chiang Dao. We highly recommend. Can ask us for more information when booking.

TOUR - We can provide a private car and driver to take you on your personalized tour. Prices start from 1500 baht to 2500 baht depending on where you go and for how long. The car is a Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4. Comfortable seats that can fit 6 adults (air- conditioning). Places that can be organised to visit on the tour include, Sri sangwan waterfall, pong arn hot springs, Doi Ankhang Mountain range, elephant sanctuaries, view points, tea plantations, organic coffee plantations, ancient temples, local restaurants, local markets, Chiang dao caves and tap tao cave in Chaiprakhan etc

ELEPHANT SANCTUARY- We can organise one day elephant sanctuary visits to Green Hill elephant sanctuary. Its about 1 hour from Chiang Dao and is one of the best elephant sanctuaries where they really take care of the elephants. The day visit includes, bathing and feeding the elephants and being with them in their natural environment. All guests who have visited have said it was one of the highlights of their trip, so we highly recommend. The day visit costs 2,500 baht per person. This can be paid at the sanctuary. We can also help arrange a car to take you there if you do not have transportation (extra cost). Let us know prior to arrival and we can help book. They are normally booked out so booking on the day may not work.

** Please let us 2 days in advance for bookings

* More specific information with exact locations of where to go is found in our GUIDEBOOK (SCROLL TO BOTTOM ABOVE MAPS AND CLICK GUIDEBOOK) We constantly update whenever we find something new.

1. Hike to the top of Chiang Dao mountain. ***The mountain is open to climb from Nov 1st to Feb 28th of every year. You will need to have a guide to take you to the top, otherwise if you go by yourself it is illegal and you risk being fined. We can organise a guide for you but you will need to book and tell us 2 weeks in advance. You can climb to the top and back in one day if you are fit. But we recommend climbing to the top, camp the night under the stars and then climb back down the next day. The price is about 2500 baht to 2700 baht for the guide and an overnight stay at the top. It's pricey if your going by yourself, but people normally go as a group of 5 or more so they can split the cost.

2. Explore the early morning Tuesday market when all the hill tribes from the surrounding mountains come and sell their produce.
3. Walk through a Jungle track near our house and bathe in a hidden waterfall that comes out from a hole in the mountain. (this waterfall is dry in dry season from end of Dec to mid June).
4. Scooter 30 kms north to reach the beautiful Sri Sangwan waterfall (a must do as this waterfall is stunning) You can swim at the pool at the top of this waterfall. Its a sticky waterfall so you can climb all over it. Walk all the way down to the bottom, following the signs of the botanic garden. Really cool botanic gardens you can explore.
5. Visit the many markets and restaurants in Chiang Dao town and eat like a local.
6. Explore the temple hidden on top of a hill in the middle of the Jungle. A great thing to do in the morning to clear your head and breathe fresh mountain air. (follow the road to the end, north from Chiang Dao caves and keep to your left)
7. Explore Chiang Dao Caves
8.Visit one of the many hill tribes around Chiang Dao
9. Visit elephant camps around our area
10. Soak in Japanese style natural hot springs (10 minute motorbike ride from our house)
11. Bamboo rafting on the Ping River
12. Visit the beautiful viewpoint at Baan Raabiangdao (highly recommended on a good day. Ask us how to get there)
13. Enjoy a great coffee and cake at Hokhlong café
14. Go out and drink whiskey like a local while listening to a local band at The Cojon
15. Bird watching in our national park.
16. Explore the high altitude organic tea plantations grown by hill tribe people. (Location in Guidebook)
17. Go to the Thursday night market. Walk to the end and feed the fish in the river at the temple.
18. Enjoy a beautiful Thai meal and drinks at Chiang Dao Reset while watching the sunset behind the mountain.
19. Tour an organic farm hidden in the mountains a 30km drive from our house. They grow produce such as avocados, peaches, oranges, cabbages, carrots, lettuce, rosemary and many other herbs for organic supermarkets in Chiang Mai. (highly recommended)
20. Drive up to the top of Doi Ankhang. 2nd highest mountain in Thailand. Beautiful scenery and mountain views. The viewpoint at the top overlooks Burma. You can also eat at the top. Stop by on the way in Arunothai at the local Chinese/ Thai restaurant and eat the best gyoza. Trust us, people drive for hours just to come have lunch here.
21. Sample some of the best Khao Soi in northern Thailand.
22. Drink local Thai craft beer at micro bar. Over 60 different beers on selection. The owner also brews his own beer.
23. Early morning Sunday market in Muaeng Ngai. This market is not given enough credit and not mentioned anywhere as an attraction for tourists to visit. Its the same as the famous Tuesday morning market but in a different town. It takes 10 mins to get there from our place. hill tribe people and lots of local fresh produce.
24. Café my day off has some of the best coffee you will have in Chiang Dao. Only open on the weekend. Perfect lattes and award winning Thai coffee beans. (location in guidebook)
25. Drive to a hidden waterfall in the mountains next to a hill tribe village in Mae Mae. Let us know and we can tell you where this is. We cannot put this in guidebook on airbnb as there is no name for it.
Contemporary Thai Lanna style house, laced with reclaimed Teak wood. Funky and modern interiors. Family-friendly. Fruit filled garden from mangoes to star fruit trees. Dramatic views of 3rd highest mountain in Thailand. Short scooter ride to the caves, waterfall and hot springs. Breakfast included.

INSTAGRAM - @dekdoi.chiangdao
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Chiang Dao , Chiang Dao, Thái Lan

Our neighbourhood has one of the best views in Chiang Dao. We live in a Moo Ban which basically means that everyone looks after each other in our village, so it is very safe. We have an awesome Jungle trek that takes you to a hidden waterfall (this waterfall is dry in dry season from end of Dec to mid June). The caves and 500 step temple are about a 10 minute scooter ride away. We are also about 15 minute scooter ride to the hot springs which are great for relaxing. We can introduce you to our local restaurants where you can taste our local noodles. The area is great for mountain biking and exploring.

Chủ nhà William

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