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Welcome to Lemonia! Our breezy and peaceful family-run apartments are the perfect oasis for you to venture back and forth from!
Set to the East side of the Island we are ideally positioned 15 minutes equidistant from the Town Centre & Old Harbour whilst still a stones throw away from beautiful Garifalo beach & paradise beach.

Please note all guests will be required to provide full name, address, passport or ID number & AFM number (for Greek nationals) upon booking

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Our mezzanine style apartments are raised above ground level with large, private verandas overlooking our citrus gardens and peering out over cascading rooftops to the sea. We have sensational sunset views over the Peloponnesus with cypress tree covered mountains to the rear.

Set at the foot of the monastery mountain with pretty Agia Katerini chapel next door, Lemonia is surrounded by tranquility. A gentle breeze flows through the apartments and the sounds of birds helps you feel like you’re in paradise!

Both our apartments are designed in a minimalistic, uncluttered style so that you can find everything you need and venture back and forth from a peaceful, clean oasis.

Our apartments are fully equipped with everything you need to have a comfortable stay including TV and WIFI, full self-catering and a bathtub in apartment 2!

We are set to the East side of Spetses in close proximity to both the town centre and old harbour with plenty of ‘locals shortcuts’! In addition the clean beaches of garifalo, kouzounos and xilokeriza are very close by and we are also 2 minutes away from a coach meeting point that will take you to all the beaches around the island!

We also run private boat trips on my dads fishing boat which have been the highlight of so many of our guests holidays and include mezes and refreshments. Just let us know if you’d like to add this to your holiday experience!

Lemonia is managed by myself and my brother Mitch whilst my dad Mihalis and his wife Irini live and welcome guests on the premises. They will be on hand to make your stay comfortable and offer as little or as much guidance and support as you want. We are a great team and love what we do!

Both our apartments are situated next to each other so if you are travelling as a bigger group or two families why not check availability for both!

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Spetses, Attica, Hy Lạp

Our apartments are set to the East-side of the island next to Agios Nektarios church. We are located away from any loud main roads or bars in a pretty neighborhood that is a 10 min stroll to Paradise beach and 15/20 min walk to town or the Old Harbour; perfect for a relaxing stay.
We'd recommend hiring a bicycle/electric bicycle, quad bike or scooter if you are visiting in the hot summer months and are unfamiliar with the island.
We also recommend jumping into a taxi at the port on your first visit as it can be quite confusing and very hot work finding us if you’re not completely familiar with the island.

Our apartments offers idyllic panoramic views of Cypress tree mountains to the rear, sunset views to the front and a gorgeous Chapel next door that opens its doors once a year for the name day of Saint Catherine in November (no bells!).
There is a supermarket and bakery 10 minutes walk away or a small, shanty-style petrol station down the road that opens in the morning and again after siesta till 5.

Chủ nhà Eva

  1. Đã tham gia vào tháng 1 năm 2016
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  • Chủ nhà siêu cấp
Hello, thanks for stopping by! Myself and my brother Mitch want to welcome you to Lemonia Apartments in Spetses, Greece and our centrally located apartment in Kingston-Upon-Thames, London England. We know that your time is precious so we want to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible! Our apartments in Spetses Greece are brand new with new air-con units and newly made to measure mosquito shutters on every window and door! The apartments have been designed in an elegant, boutique-hotel style so that you feel relaxed and comfortable in a neutral environment. Our dad Mihalis has lived on Spetses island all his life and himself and his wife Irini will be your hosts (and tourist information desk!) to help you make the most of your trip. Me and Mitch were born in Piraeus but have lived in London from a young age returning every year to see our dad and friends. If you haven't visited Spetses before it is worth visiting the Spetses Direct website to get a feel for the island and plan your visit. We will also send you a travel guide and recommended places to eat a few days before your departure. Our apartment in Kingston-Upon-Thames is the ideal place to base yourself if you love the outdoors and want to explore nearby Bushy Park, Hampton Court and Kingston town centre! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the website, we're here to help! Eva & Mitch x
Hello, thanks for stopping by! Myself and my brother Mitch want to welcome you to Lemonia Apartments in Spetses, Greece and our centrally located apartment in Kingston-Upon-Thames,…

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We know it's not easy to get away so we want to make your trip as fulfilling as possible. Our dad will be your host throughout your stay and will be there to make sure you have all you need and on call if you ever need any advice or assistance.
Myself and my bother Mitch will also be available through Airbnb to answer any questions or clarify any details!
We know it's not easy to get away so we want to make your trip as fulfilling as possible. Our dad will be your host throughout your stay and will be there to make sure you have all…

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