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You will find Knutegarden between the high Sunnmørsalpane.
Apartment; is an annexe to the main residence, with private entrance and private garden.This is on a farm, and there are several farms in the village .It is a fully opprativ farm.

Chỗ ở
Located on Øye, in the district of Ørsta, our community lies on the Sunnmøre in north western part of Norway. Norangdal is a small community (only 70 year round residents) and farming is still an important part of every day life for us. We have a lively village with a variety of activities and cultural events.

The "Knutegarden and Norangdalen" is surrounded by the"Sunnmørs Alps",and here you can see the mountains plunge vertically into the fjord from an amazing height of 1500-1600 metres .The variety of scenery between peak and fjord reflects Norway in miniature, and has something to offer you at every season!

Norangdalen is a beautiful place! We love to have visitors and we only ask that you help us keep our community beautiful by showing the birds, animals, trails, woods, and mounts the respect that they deserve.

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Na Uy

The Pride of the Valley; Hotel Union Øye, with its majestic structure was build in 1891 by A. Scheldrup.

It has been a favourite venue of royalties, writers and lovers for generations. The 27 rooms, all of which are individually furnished with carefully selected antiques, are named after notables who have stayed here: Kaiser Wilhelm, King Oscar, Queen Maud and Princess Victoria; the authors Karen Blixen, Knut Hamsun and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the composer Edvard Grieg, playwright Henrik Ibsen and the explorer Roald Amundsen, to mention but a few. - See more at:

Lygnstølsvatnet. (26.5.1908)
A big rockslide from the mountain Keipen blocked the road and dammed the river. In a short time all of the small mountain-farms (called "sel or sæter"), trees, stonefences, and the road found themselves at the bottom of a newly created lake. We still can see where the old road disappears into the lake, and the old stonewalls from the "sel" under the water (you can see it from the new road). This has become a popular lake for diveing.

Urasætra is an area of small mountain farms (sel/sæter). In days long ago, the young girls from Norangdal used the "Urasætra" every summer for grazing and milking the cows. Some of the "sel" have been restored, and the owners are using them as recreational cottages. But, every summer you can still see the cows and sheep grazing in and about Norangdalen, also around the Urasætra.

Villa Norangdal
This historic hotel was built in 1885, and is now being lovingly restored by its newest proprietor Iris Fivelstad. With the restoration almost finished, generations in the Stranda/Ørsta area will be able to continue to enjoy its oldest hotel! Located just 13 km from "Knutegarden-Norangdal", in" Haugen".

Slogen (1564 m.a.s) is our most famous mountain in this area. It`s less then 10 minutes walk from "Knutegarden" to reach the
trail. Start: Øye or Skylstad.
Time: 4 hours up,3 hours down.
In parts steep and demanding.
Good footware a must.

It is not long drive through the majestic Norangsdalen to Hellesylt (20-30 min). From Hellesylt you can take the ferry through Geirangerfjord and to Geiranger.

Chủ nhà Edith

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We love to meet new people. When we are farmers so we do not get much time off, and the days are often filled with a lot of varied work. But we always helps as good as we can, if there is anything our guests need help with or questions. We can give excellent hiking tips and know of many fine activities. Edith also makes her own chocolates and have many creative projects, do not be surprised if you get a taste of these treats!
We love to meet new people. When we are farmers so we do not get much time off, and the days are often filled with a lot of varied work. But we always helps as good as we can, if t…

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