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Praia da Falésia (Falésia Beach) is a beach that streches from Vilamoura in the west all the way to Olhos de Água (near Albufeira) in the east, making it more than 6 kilometres long.
Falésia Beach is quite a popular place in summer and is visited by many people, including families with children. It has been considered the 18th best beach in Europe. The beach is praised for its beauty and diversity. The orange rocks contrasting with green pines and dark blue skies make this one of the most memorable beaches in Portugal.

About half of the beach towards the Albufeira region is protected by red and orange coloured sandy cliffs, with pine trees on the top. Praia da Falésia is considerably narrower in Albufeira than in Vilamoura. By low tide you will see some people collecting small clams, called conquilhas, which is a delicious specialty. Above the cliffs there is a hiking trail. From this trail you will get spectacular views over the beach and the sea.

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This apartament is recomended for those wishing to spend a quite holiday with sun and sand but also for lovers of Sport life. In 100 meters there is a sports area with tennis court, in 200 meters is the international track cross country 1.800 meters of length of wich 800 are lawns.
The apartament is a 5-minutes walk from the famous Falesia Beach. It's a 1 bedroom air-conditioned apartament with a private bathroom and a balcony with barbecue located on the 3rd floor but without any elevator. The living-room includes a flat- screen satelite TV.
Guests can prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen or use the barbecue outdoors facilities. Dining areas are availible both inside and outside. Alternatively, guests can sample the local cuisine in Quarteira or Olhos de Agua, 8 minutes by car. There are many bars and restaurantes at the building too. The nearest supermarket is in 2 min. walk and also you can find some souvenir shops at the building where you can buy some presents for your relatives or friends.
The nearest golf course is 2 km. Faro International Airport is 28 km from Falesia and Albufeira, with its beaches, is about 15 minutes by car. Vilamoura, known for its golf courses, is a 17 minutes drive away.
We provide the clean linens once a week and fresh towels every 3-4 days except beach towels. A baby bed is available too. Pets are not allowed.
Winter Renters are Welcome! If you want to stay away from the buisy city - come to our apartment. This area is very calm in winter. Here you can have solitude with nature, walkings and very fresh air.
If you need to get to Albufeira you can take a bus for 3,70 euros, taxi-15 euros ou uber - 10 euros.
You'll have an access to the swimming-pool too which is at the building.

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Albufeira, Faro, Bồ Đào Nha

Chủ nhà Olga

Đã tham gia vào tháng 3 năm 2013
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Hi! My name is Olga. I live in the south of Portugal in the city Albufeira. I rent apartments of my friends who live in other countries and have a property in the Algarve. I have a small office on the Santa Eulalia Street in Albufeira and I have assistants - Maria and Maryana - two beautiful girls who will help to organize your best stay in our apartments. It is very interesting to read your feedback. If the response to 5 * - it means - the vacation was a success, people are happy! It's nice to read reviews of rested people. If the raiting is 4 or 3 * - something went wrong! Typical examples: - rent an apartment close to the STRIP or in Old Town - then complain that the night is noisy. Albufeira is a city with a night life. If you want to be alone with nature, in absolute silence - choose the beach of Falesia. The center of Albufeira is only 15-20 minutes drive at a speed of 40 km per hour - if you book an apartment on Falesia - do not write a bad review that is far from the center. Yeas, it is 15 -20 min driving, but very many people come to holiday to this beach and love this place, because there is no disco here, there are no bars with karaoke and in the evening you can enjoy the silence with a glass of wine - please not rate property with rating of 3 if something broke. For example - If the air conditioner is broken - this is not a reason to put a bad rating of the apartment. You must understand - the iron, kettle, air conditioner and other things can break down. The difference is that - I can buy an iron within an hour. But only the specialist can repair the air conditioner. In the summer air conditioners break very quickly and a specialist can be expected 1 to 2 weeks....But we always try to find a specialist who will come in 1-2 days. If this trouble happened during your vacation - you put a low rate - so you describe your emotions. And in the end - the air-conditioner is repaired, everything works, and people a year, two, three years will see a bad rate of the apartment, which in fact is not worthy of having such a bad rate. - When you write a review - you should understand that thousands of people are reading your review. You should remember that there are people who clean apartments and villas - it does not matter - it's hot outside or not. These people clean white linens and towels - on which you are pouring red wine. These people are arranged with cleaning for your early arrivals or late departures. These people work all day long while you are lying on the beach and are always ready to help if anything has happened. Therefore, when you evaluate the apartment - please give an objective review, write specifically what was bad - a dirty towel or dirty bathroom. Have a good holiday!
Hi! My name is Olga. I live in the south of Portugal in the city Albufeira. I rent apartments of my friends who live in other countries and have a property in the Algarve. I have a…

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