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Tất cả các hoạt động gần Philippin

Explore Hidden Siquijor
Skip the many of the tourist traps and experience the island like no one else! This one-of-a-kind adventure is unlike any other tour on the island. Highlights include: 1) Spend time with a traditional folk healer. You will have the opportunity to participate in one of the forms of healing and be introduced to the history and science behind it. 2) Stop at a 400 year old Balete tree and fish spa. 3) Wander the halls of the Lazi Monastery and historic church and learn some of their history and myths. 4) Visit secret overlook of the province and distant islands. 6) Enjoy a quiet white sand beach away from all the crowds. 7) Be guided through a cave with underground river that has only recently opened to the public. 8) Swim around the Cambugahay Waterfalls. 9) Taste local snacks and drinks. PLUS: Many other stops along the way. Optional: After the tour is over, you are invited to have a dinner with the group at one of the many food hotspots around the island. Please be aware that some of these activities can be changed due to weather or other issues. You will be provided with alternatives if the time arises. Note: You should be moderately fit to full enjoy this experience.
A Feel of Filipino Acoustic Music
As part of my musical experience, I will showcase original Filipino music that my guests will not hear anywhere else, accompanied by my acoustic guitar [unplugged]. By introducing you to original Filipino music, you will be exposed to a new genre of music that you will enjoy and leave memories of your stay in the Philippines. In addition to playing 2 sets of Tagalog/Filipino and English songs, I will also provide backstories for the songs if my guests wish to know their meaning.
Boracay Private Day Tour Experience
- PRIVATE BORACAY DAY TOUR EXPERIENCE- (ISLAND HOPPING TOUR) Explore Boracay, and signature islands such as Crocodile Island with your bilingual guide, who will escort you to the best snorkeling spots in the area. Visit Crystal Cove, a small private beach with two coves and white sand beaches. Splash around and snorkel in the clear, shallow waters just off the shore. Cliff dive and pose in front of clean waters at Magic Island, and sunbathe at the popular Puka Beach and Balinghai Beach. Relax as you take in the views all around the island. Enjoy a local-style seafood buffet as well if you choose the add-on for your tour. -Inclusions- PRIVATE BOAT Lunch Tour Guide Assistance throughout the entire activity The perfect way to spend a day in paradise. -Guests Expense- Entrance Fees for other islands you will visit. Starting of Activity: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM Total: Approximately 4 – 5 hours Additional Information: This activity is not recommended for those with medical conditions (high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc.), pregnant women, or seniors.
Manila's first and only Indoor farm-to-table Pop Up Dinner
Guests will be introduced to the concept of urban farming, sustainability and hydroponics. Enjoy true farm-to-table experience by harvesting your own food and have our chef turn your freshly picked greens into a filling and delicious 4 course vegan meal.
Cebu City, A Street Food Tour in the Downtown Area
The tour will consist of 6 stops for 2-3 hours. The tour will start in the famous street of Colon for the Punko-punko experience and chicken barbeque. Second stop would be going to a small street which can only be described as a “hole in the wall” where you will try siomai, the Filipino Dumpling. Third stop is the walk along Carbon market towards Barangay Pasil. A place where you will try a fish soup called Larang and it’s known only to the residents of Pasil. This soup place has been running for a few decades now. Inside Pasil, you will also try the famous Tuslob-Buwa : pig’s brain with oil and soy sauce cooked in a wok until bubbles (buwa) are formed through boiling, you will then have your Puso (rice cooked inside a weaved palm leaf) dipped (tuslob) inside the wok to scrape the bubbles formed - this is a communal activity and don’t be surprised if there are locals around you sharing the same Buwa. Finally, dessert! Here you will be taken to a place were you can get the sticky rice with local chocolate (tablea). Or another option will be the Halo-halo or Mixed-mixed is a dessert made of mixed fruits, sweet beans, milk, and shaved ice, typically topped with purple yam and Ube ice cream. And if there’s anything else that catches your fancy as we walk along the narrow streets then just let me know and I’ll be happy to let you sample that as well. Other things to note If you have any questions/inquiries please let me know. Thanks
Baguio Half Day Tour
First will bring you on some of the iconic locations where you will feel the beauty of the Cordillera and the mountains. We will visit The Mansion, The Mansion House is the official summer palace of the President of the Philippines. After which we will visit Mines View Park, Baguio City started out as an American mining town in the early 20th Century, and one of its lasting attractions is Mines View Park. Then we will visit Camp John Hay Historical Core, Camp John Hay is a mixed-used development which serves as a tourist destination and forest watershed reservation in Baguio, Philippines which was formerly a military base of the United States Armed Forces We will show you the Ibay's Silver Craft where you can buy pure silver souvenirs and Baguio Museum silver. After that we will visit, Burnham Park Burnham Park, officially known as the Burnham Park Reservation, is a historic urban park located in downtown Baguio, Philippines. It was designed by American architect and Baguio city planner, Daniel Burnham who is also the namesake of the park. The last stop we will take pictures on Colors of StoBoSa.
Photoshoot in the Heart of Manila
This photowalk will give you an amazing experience you will never forget! Done with the casual phone-photo travel in the past? Photos should make you look like an avid urban explorer, fashion superstar, or a romantic couple on a honeymoon trip. Anything is possible! This experience is an access in the heart of a picturesque Manila with my help in finding the best spots for taking shots! Our goal is to get that diffused lighting in the morning sunshine or sunset afternoons. Here are the stops for an amazing Manila photo session: 1. Intramuros 2. Secret Spots in Manila 3. Binondo (Chinatown) With an amazing picturesque place like the Spanish-Inspired place (Intramuros) & the very raw chinatown of Binondo, we will dive in the culture through a picture experience, a Manila Encounter like never before! My goal is to provide the best portrait experience, a chill photowalk with an exceptional result. Imagine having a magazine worthy photoshoot. That is beyond a post-card thing, right? Let’s get lost in Manila & be one with the place. My skills, amazing place plus YOU! For more photos, check: IG: manilaphotoshoot Note: - Further agreements (time & other location) can be established in the message thread - Professional VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS w/ edits of the experience are available upon request with a separate charge - More info will be sent once booking is confirmed
Craft a Scented Candle with Manila's top local candle brand
Our guests will have a hands-on experience on how to create a scented candle from start to finish. Experience pouring the wax, mixing the oil, and choosing your own scents hosted by one of Manila's best-scented candle brands -- Yoke Candle Co. Guests are able to personalize their own candle as well with customizable candle stickers and labels. All these experiences are located in the heart of Venice Grand Canal Mall in BGC, Metro Manila. First, you'll learn the basics of candle making and all the elements to create a strong-smelling scented candle. We'll teach you the correct ratio, timing, and what-not-to-do when making your own scented candle. After, you'll be choosing your own scents. You can create your own scent blend by mixing and combining different scents then we'll help you measure them so you'll be able to create the right amount for your scented candle. You'll then learn the importance of wick and its different types. This is right before you learn how to weigh and pour your candle wax mix into your vessel. Finally, you'll be able to personalize your candle with writable stickers!
Taste & See the Real Manila Living
Our hometown Punta Santa Ana, Manila is close to major cities like Makati, Mandaluyong and San Juan. For the first hour, I'll introduce you to the heritage houses of Sta.Ana as it is known as Sta.Ana Heritage District. You'll see the locals as we tour old houses. I’ll also provide refreshment/s as I tour you in our small hometown. I’ll take you to places not known to many, and you’ll get to see what it’s like to live in Manila. 1st, we'll meet at Plaza Hugo, Sta. Ana then we'll explore the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church then explore our community, Sta.Ana cultural heritage, learn the common Filipino life, see and experience the common Filipino families living in Barangays, alleyway, houses by the river, you'll experience riding on a boat, the traditional jeepney and tricycle (public transportation) without the fancies. We'll end the tour at Circuit Makati. Circuit Makati is an indoor/outdoor mall that has concert/events grounds, skate boarding park, football field, jogging area, go kart and a lot more! Other things to note If your travel dates doesn't fit my calendar, just send me a message! Thank you! :)
Ride the wave on the other side of El Nido paradise
El Nido is known for its many beautiful islands for island hopping. However, the mainland is also worth exploring. Tucked away in its Northen part is Duli beach. Duli beach boasts of its surfable waves. This hidden gem is well-known to the local surfers. Surfing in El Nido is perfect for beginners! There is enough space for everyone to have their own spots, and the wave sizes welcome beginner and intermediate surfers alike. As waves vary because of the different seasons, please contact us for the best time and season to surf!
Mount Kulis, Natural Pool, Near Manila
ULTIMATE LOCAL EXPERIENCE Rain or Shine Tour! Travelling Solo or in a Group? SAFE FOR FEMALE or MALE TRAVELERS! This is the best EXPERIENCE for you! Let's explore the most underrated PARADISE near MANILA! Please send a message first before booking because the pick-up time and itinerary may change. Tourist Destination: 1. Noah’s Arc ( Sea of Clouds ) 2. Sambong Peak / Heart peak 3. Amazing Spider Web 4. Mt. Kulis Mountain View 5. Bahay ni Kardo ng Ang Probinsyano ( Vendetta’s House ) 6. Sunflower Garden ( Seasonal ) 7. Longest Hanging Bridge 8. Natural Free Flowing Swimming Pool Tour Inclusions: Comfortable VAN Transfer Manila to Tanay to Manila Driver Local Guide fee All Entrance fees Parking fee Environmental Fee Free use of Table / Cottage Free use of Swing, Diving Board & Tarzan rope Free use of CR / Shower Fuel, driver’s fee & meal Tour Exclusion Personal Meal / Snacks VAN IS SANITIZED FOR YOUR SAFETY Other things to note This tour is weatherproof! But the water might change in color due to inclement weather. There are lots of locals that book this tour so have an open heart and open mind, and enjoy with them! A driver and a tour guide will be provided to you if I am not available. The same experience will be given
Kawasan Canyon & swimming w/ Turtles & Sardines in Moalboal
We do have free transfers from your hotel lobby in the city. We travel to south of badian to do trekking/ Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls. The multi-level Kawasan Falls in Badian town in southern Cebu has been named as the top 6 in the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World 2022 by the The Botique Adventurer Travel Blog of an Australian blogger Amanda Obrien. We then proceed to Moalboal town, experience it’s abundant marine life like the turtles, sardines, nemo & a lot more.
⭐ Hidden Gems of MANILA ⭐
⭐ Hidden Gems of MANILA with VENUS ⭐ Staying in Manila for a day or two? LAYOVER travelers? Do you want to enjoy and see the real MANILA during your stay? Don't know what to do, or where to go? This is the best EXPERIENCE for you! Day time tour schedules start around 8:00 am and finish around 10:00 am. But to provide you with an experience you'll never forget, times can be altered to fit your needs. We will meet you at Sta. Cruz Church, a beacon of the Catholic Church having been built in 1619 but still going strong, from there: 1. Experience our unique local transportation the Jeepney 2. Shop like the locals at a typical Filipino open wet market. 3. Explore the oldest apartments in town and places where people live off the beaten path in conditions that often involve bathing and eating in the open. 4. See and feel the local life experienced by Filipino people in the back alleys and side streets away from the bright lights and cars. 5. You will be able to try our local coffee and food as eaten by Filipinos. Inclusions: - English speaking tour guide, that's me, Venus. - Photography After all this, I will assist you to find the best and safest way back to your hotel. Reminder: Times are flexible depending upon the size and composition of the group or sole participants. Other things to note This is a walking tour and we may also try some food for the poor. You should expect a cultural tour rather than a tour bringing you to see tourist spots.
Learn to Play Golf
I will introduce you to golf. This includes an overview of the rules, run-through of the equipment needed and a visit to the putting green and driving range. I will share with you the basics to allow you to experience the game. This will help you determine if this sport is for you. Golf is an outdoor activity which lends itself well to social distancing.
Book my ride! Then lets horse around!
Option 1 for begginers: 1-2 hour lesson on how to ride horse • “classroom” training (learning the basics) • riding (around the ranch, round/square pen) Option 2 for intermediate or advanced riders: • 1-2hours ride around the ranch and pens Or • trail ride around the area 30min-1hr where you would be able to really enjoy nature and pass through the forest with a great view Other things to note The host will not be liable to any damages or accidents incurred during the riding sessions. Please wear shoes that have good traction and jeans. I would also recommend wearing a hat.