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Tất cả các hoạt động gần Kerry

Lamb Feeding & Sheep Farm Experience
AUTHENTIC SHEEP FARM EXPERIENCE -RING OF KERRY #SupportsIrishFarmers 300+ five star reviews. Highly rated tours IG//FB @HiddenHillsWaterville •••••••••••••••••••••• Just like human babies, lambs need regular feeds of milk but not all lambs are looked after by their mothers. In this experience, you’ll be; 1. Hands-on bottle-feeding adorable newborn lambs (and getting cuddles!) 2. Up close and personal with the older sheep, learning about them too! This tour is on a real working farm. It offers an informational, yet informal fun and cute experience. Farmer Sinead aims to answer every question and provide you with an authentic insight into Ireland. You'll witness first-hand how much love and care Irish animals get. This is a wholesome experience, suitable for ALL ages and abilities. The farm is located in one of the most scenic areas of co. Kerry, 10 minutes’ drive from Waterville. Just under an hour from Killarney. BOOK NOW!!! OTHER STUFF: ▪ 1-hour experience - 1 pm daily. ▪ Bathroom/hand washing facility on site. ▪ Spaces are limited to ten places each day. Early booking is advisable. ▪There are 3 friendly dogs on the farm. Your own dogs are sadly not welcome. ▪Please note, for medical reasons, this tour is unsuitable for women who are pregnant.
Guided walk Carrauntoohil
Carrauntoohil is Ireland's highest mountain, with 1,038 metres of height (3,405 feet). It's a strenuous walk ideal for a person with a good fitness level, hill walking experience & hiking boots. ITINERARY: Distance of 13 km. Total ascent 950 metres. Duration 6+ hours. I will meet with my hiking group at 10:00 at Lisleibane - Carrauntoohil Trail Head & Car Park. Carrauntoohil Coffee Hut at the car park for packed lunch or coffee. After checking gear and supplies we will hit the trail with an easy pace. On our way, perhaps we meet sheep, we watch the birds soar, we smell the gorse flower as we walk into Hag’s Glen for one hour before our first rest at the base of the Hag’s Tooth. We then prepare for the summit and the actual climb, with short scrambles and steep climb we will head via O’Shea's Gully. Setting off, as we rise higher and higher we are greeted with better and better views, we experience more pleasure than pain. When we finally arrive at the summit we are awestruck by the views, the best in Ireland in a clear day. We can see the entire County of Kerry, the Black Valley, Dingle Peninsula, West Cork, even the Atlantic Ocean. Priceless!! With our well deserved rest, refreshed and elated it's time to descend taking our time and being extra careful we work our way down via Devil’s Ladder, or Zig-Zag path; or Heaven's Gate depending on weather conditions and safety.
Sheep Herding Demonstration - Farm Experience
Top-rated outdoor tour in County Kerry/on the Ring of Kerry! #SupportsIrishFarmers ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘ Private message host for bookings/private tours OR use the “REQUEST AVAILABILITY” feature to get a tour at a time that suits you. WE ARE FLEXIBLE. ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘ This is not your standard tour - it is a fully interactive, hands-on, REAL and unforgettable experience. You'll see Irish farming shown exactly as it is...highs, lows, and everything in-between! You'll be outdoors viewing Rose (an expert sheepdog) in action. She is trained to herd up a flock of wild mountain sheep. Once she is finished, you get up close and personal to the sheep. You can feel their strength and size. Throughout the tour, lifelong farmers Sinead & Tim provide facts and authentic insight into sheep farming and Ireland in general. This experience is a great opportunity to meet the locals & try to understand a different lifestyle than your own. Also a good photo opportunity. ————— Other things: ▪1hr duration ▪Cash or card payments accepted in person ▪If the weather is bad, we can move the tour indoors ▪Book our cute farm cottage
Scenic Pony Trekking
We offer a unique opportunity to discover some of the most breathtaking scenery in Ireland on horseback. Our spectacular mountain rides have provided riders with some amazing experiences over the years. All our rides are accompanied by me personally. I will guide you and your horse safely along the dazzling mountain scenery and through wide open countryside. With the Boggeragh Mountains as a backdrop, the Blackwater at your feet and the picturesque Horse Capital town of Millstreet only 2 miles away, it is a great experience. From half hour to 3 hours. Other times can be arranged just message us. Our native irish ponies and horses are all very well behaved and well schooled. Some experience is better. Other things to note Some experience with horses is helpful but not essential.
Personal Tours with Patrick
Having grown up and lived in the area all my life I would be delighted to guide you around the most picturesque locations in the southwest of Ireland with a local twist. Hearing all about the local history that you wont find online and visit the most remote locations. We will visit a lot of places off the beaten track you wouldnt find yourself and give you the background and history of each location. It will be the best way to see the Dingle or Ring of Kerry Pennisula with some fantastic hikes and great scenery. We love going above and beyond and providing the most personal and stress free tour you can imagine.
Alpaca Trekking Through A Magical Forest
Alpacas take to trekking quite easily. They walk in a line, one behind the other on a head collar and lead rope. Our guided treks start at the alpacas' barn and ascend into the forest. Each trek lasts about 1.5 hours. The walk itself is at a very leisurely pace, and is not at all strenuous. PLEASE NOTE: MINIMUM AGE 12 YEARS, no baby carriers (and all guests must speak English). When you arrive on site, the alpacas will be grazing, and we will call them in using their yellow food bucket! Simon and I will introduce you to the alpacas whist getting them ready with head collars and leads. We will have a brief health & safety chat, as well as give you some idea of what to expect and some pointers so you can interact with your alpaca. We will also introduce you to all of their individual quirks and personalities. Alpacas are not able to carry packs or people, so they will accompany us as we walk the forest trail. We try not to let them stop to nibble grass for long periods. Half-way around the walk, we release the alpacas in an enclosed area, so we can feed them treats, and you can get very close and intimate with them. They will love you when we give you the apples and carrots to feed them. There will be plenty of photo opportunities throughout your visit. When we return to the farm, we will finish with a fibre and spinning demonstration.
Killarney Lakes Guided Kayaking Tour
Kayak Across Ireland's Famous Lakes Of Killarney, Exploring Hidden Inlets & Islands Spend a relaxing morning or afternoon exploring the deep sparkling Lakes of Killarney by kayak, with an expert guide. Beginning at 15th century Ross Castle, paddle into Lough Lein, discovering wooded islands, limestone caves and local history. With an experienced qualified guide learn the skills to master your kayak and keep a look out for white tailed sea eagles as they soar above Killarney National Park. Land at the ancient ruins of Innisfallen Abbey; once a leper colony, now home only to native red deer. No Previous Kayaking Experience Is Needed
Alpacas experience in a lovely farm
You'll jump right into the field, meeting our lovely alpacas and horses. You will know everything about them, about their life and habits. I attended several Alpacas Classes where I get my advanced certificates with the British Alpacas Association and the Alpaca Association of Ireland. You'll have the chance to meet 2 Alpacas Breeds! Huacaya and Suri. It's not easy to see Suri as they are very rare in Ireland!! You can meet them only at our farm nearby Loop Head and Kilkee! You'll feed them directly, and grab one of them, if you feel ready to. You'll have the opportunity to cuddle them, check them and train them too! This experience is completely tailored on you! You'll have the opportunity to meet and greet the chickens, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to pet them too! We'll be back at home, and I'll show you a spinning wheel, that I use with the alpaca wool. You can even have a try :) !! Other things to note We'll see and work with animals. Animals can be unpredictable sometimes, they can run, jump, or even spit. They can kick too. Normally it doesn't happen, but you must know that it's possible. We'll work mostly outside
Creating an Irish Hardwood Ornament
This is a more hands on and fun Experience for guests where you will each sand, seal, wax embellish and finish a turned piece to take home with you. In effect you will be getting a custom made piece turned by a professional but with your own spin on it. Please Note: Due to the complexity and skill required to turn one of my Hanging Ornaments, I will turn the decoration from a wood blank into its final shape in two stages as you watch. I will then show you how to: Fully sand the piece yourself Add colour, your choices! Embellish the grain with gold wax, to make it pop! Apply the overcoat of High Gloss Add the hook eye and ribbon, the colour of which you will choose for yourself! Some of these steps are quite difficult so if at any stage if you cannot complete a step I will help you or do it for you. In the last few years I have become very well known for my Hanging Ornament decorations & they have moved on from the earlier natural grain versions to a mixture of colour and natural grain. You can buy some of my Hanging Ornaments in the shops but it is far more special to be involved in the making of one yourself! There may be an opportunity to view some finished pieces afterwards for a few minutes. Please request a viewing when booking so products can be set up for you.
Guided walk Gap of Dunloe - Strickeen
I will meet with my hiking group at Kate Kearney's Cottage, this is the starting point in The Gap of Dunloe, at 10:30. With free car park and public toilets. Nearest shop 3 minutes drive in Beaufort. After I have made sure they have the right hiking footwear, warm-comfortable clothing for the walk, food & water, I will discuss our day and route with them. We will start our walk at a leisurely pace, and I will make sure that everybody is comfortable and happy. We will stop at regular intervals for people to enjoy the scenery, to take photos, and have some snacks and drinks. During the walk I like to talk with my group about issues related to the area, such ancient dwelling places. The walking route to Strickeen will be on open mountain and a wide track in the way down. The walk is easy suitable for a family with children over 10 years. From the summit at 440 meters high, there are great views toward Carrauntoohil and Dingle peninsula. Here we would have lunch break, surrounded by the highest mountains in Ireland. Every one of my guided walks has its' own particular places of outstanding beauty. I always aim to make my walks a very special and memorable experience for guests. Distance of 7 km. Total height gain 400 metres. 3.5 hours.
Guided hike Killarney National Park
I will meet with my hiking group at Subway, Muckross Rd, Dromhale, Killarney, Co. Kerry, V93 EFR7 at 10:30. After I have made sure they have hiking boots or shoes, rain jacket, some food and water for the walk, I will discuss the route of the day with them. From the meeting point we have to drive 10 minutes to the starting point near Torc Waterfall. Please, bring your own transport. The walk is on open moorland and tracks suitable for families with children who did previously similar 4 hours walks, with a moderate fitness level. We will climb to Torc Mountain 535 metres over sea level, with a total ascent of 500 metres. We will start a 4 hours walk at a leisurely pace and I will make sure that everybody is comfortable and happy. We will stop at regular intervals to enjoy the scenery, to admire the mountains, flora and wildlife, to take pictures, and have some food & water. During the walk I like to talk with the group about hiking issues related to the area, and sites of interest such as ancient dwelling places, etc. The walking route will be to Torc Waterfall & Mountain with a great view of Lough Leane, Muckross Lake, Upper Lake, Mangerton, Purple, Shehy and Tomies mountains. Every one of my guided walks has its own particular places of outstanding beauty. I always aim to make my walks a very special and memorable experience for my clients.
Killarney National Park Shehy mountain
I will meet with my hiking group at Kate Kearney's Cottage in The Gap of Dunloe at 10:00. Free car park & public toilets. Nearest shop in Beaufort, 5 minutes drive. After checking advised hiking gear, food and drink, we will drive 5 minutes to Tomies Wood public free car park, where we will start out our walk. Please, bring your own transport. Itinerary: Ancient oak forest and remote mountain area. Distance of 11 km. Total climbing 700 metres. Duration 5 hours. This moderate walk inside Killarney National Park is exploring the easternmost part of Shehy mountain at an elevation of 500-600 metres without reaching the summit of Shehy at 762 metres high. A remote area, with excellent view of Killarney Town & Lakes. The route through Tomies Wood walking trail first, then a short but steep enough climb over high heather with no defined path to reach an elevation of 500-600. A very nice flat like part of the mountain to enjoy walking, have lunch break, and take some pictures. We are at the most quiet spot of Killarney National Park. A slow pace to descend through the tricky eastern slopes of Shehy. With view over the thick rhododendron 'forest' at the shore of Lough Leane. We back to Tomies Wood to complete the full loop walk on a relaxed green road heading to the car park.
Killarney National Park Tomies Wood
An easy hike. Tomies Wood is the oldest oak forest in Ireland located inside Killarney National Park. I will meet with my hiking group at Kate Kearney's Cottage, free car park with public toilets, in The Gap of Dunloe at 10:30. After I have made sure they have the right hiking footwear & clothing for our walk, we have to drive 5 minutes to the start point at Tomies Wood free car park. Please, bring your own transport. Itinerary: Distance 8 km. Total ascent 400 metres. Duration 4 hours. Walking together at a leisurely pace, I will make sure that everybody is comfortable and happy. With stops to enjoy the scenery, to take pictures, to visit O’Sullivan’s Cascade & ancient dwelling places, to have some food & drink, etc. The route is suitable for moderate fitness level, via a green road, some tracks into the forest, and the lower slopes of Tomies and Shehy mountains. Great views of Killarney, Lough Leane, Ross Castle. When we practice hiking, in a natural way we activate some elements of Mindfulness like: Attention & concentration Deep breathing Feel your body in movement Live the present moment Active meditation, etc. This hike is a good opportunity to experience mindfulness elements during some sections of the route. It’s tailored with this aim in mind. The immediate outcome after the walk is balance in your body energy, your thoughts and feelings.
Guided hike Tomies Mountain
I will meet with my hiking group at Kate Kearney's Cottage at 10:00. After I have made sure they have the right hiking footwear & comfortable clothing for the hill walk, we have to drive 5 minutes to Tomies Wood free car park to start out our lovely walk. Please, bring your own transport. Starting our walk at a leisurely pace, I will make sure that everybody is comfortable and happy. We will stop at regular intervals to enjoy the scenery, to take pictures, and have some food and drink. During the walk I like to talk with my group about issues related to the area, such ancient dwelling places. Itinerary: Distance of 10 km. Total height gain 850 metres. 5 hours. From Tomies Wood walking during 30 minutes before we reach the lower slopes of Tomies Mountain, then travelling in a straight line toward the summit, but doing zigzag on steep terrain to make an easy ascent, we will pass megalithic remains of a hut site. The walk is on open moorland over wet ground, long grass & rough heather, but most times we try to follow sheep and deer tracks suitable for hiking boots and a moderate fitness level. Our lunch break will be in the summit cairn at 735 metres over sea level (2,410 feet) with a great view of Killarney National Park and The Reeks. The way down by the east slopes heading to Gortadirra and back to the wood to see an ancient holly tree and visit O’Sullivan Cascade.
Try a bit of Woodturning in Tralee
Many people see woodturned pieces around them everyday such as parts of stairs, bowls or ornaments but don't really know or think about how they are made. Now is your chance to try it for yourself by turning a basic 6 inch blank cylinder made from Irish hardwood. A simple piece but not that easy to do. Woodturning is a difficult craft and it might be the only time in your life that you try it and what better place to try it than while on vacation in South West Ireland. We will start with a very brief tour of my wood drying areas & workshops as I explain the process from log to finished pieces. Your blank pieces will be ready to turn as we get into the main workshop. These will be basic cylinders turned and hopefully sanded (not bowls or anything complicated). Please wear clothes than can get dusty or dirty. I use professional machines & tools so you will be getting a top notch view into a Woodturner's world. You will be shown around active woodworking workshops so please expect some sawdust and wood shavings. There may be an opportunity to view some finished pieces afterwards for a few minutes. Please request a viewing when booking so products can be set up for you. Other things to note Each group experience is different from the last. I welcome questions and I don't mind altering the experience slightly if it makes it more interesting and enjoyable for you.
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