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    Làm thế nào để có thể kiểm soát việc sẽ nhận yêu cầu đặt phòng nào qua tính năng Đặt ngay?

    When Instant Book is on, the following settings can help you control when your listing can be booked and which guests can book without needing you to manually review and accept their request:

    • House rules: All guests will need to agree to your house rules before booking. If you’re uncomfortable with an Instant Book reservation, you can cancel penalty-free.
    • Additional guest requirements: Guests will always meet all of Airbnb’s requirements before they book. With Instant Book, you can add more guest requirements:
      • Government-issued ID: For added security, you can limit bookings to guests who’ve submitted their government-issued ID to Airbnb.
      • Recommendation from other hosts: You can limit bookings to guests who’ve traveled on Airbnb and received only positive reviews from other hosts.
    • Pre-booking message: For an Instant Book listing, you can write a preset message to your guest with any questions you have about their trip. This will require guests to see your message and respond while booking. To make this message a requirement:
      • Go to Listings and select the listing you want to update
      • Under Policies and rules, go to Instant Book and click or tap Edit  
      • Under Guest requirements, click or tap the toggle on Pre-booking message required to opt in and write your message
      If you're ever uncomfortable with any responses, you can cancel penalty-free.
    • Advance notice: To avoid last-minute surprise bookings, set how much notice you need before a guest arrives, and we’ll automatically block days in your calendar.
      • Same day (with cut-off time)
      • At least 1 day
      • At least 3 days
      • At least 7 days
    • Trip length: Avoid reservations that are too long or short by setting your minimum and maximum night stays. If you don't set a maximum number of nights, we'll automatically apply a 31-night maximum stay to your listing.
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