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    Làm cách nào để quản lý cách định giá trên lịch của tôi?

    If you want to override a listing’s default nightly price for specific dates, you can do that directly in its calendar.

    To set pricing using the calendar:

    1. Go to your dashboard >  Calendar and select a listing
    2. Scroll through the calendar (or use the Month dropdown menu) to find an available date
    3. Click the date to select it, or click and drag your cursor to select adjacent dates
    4. In the window, click Nightly price and enter a price 
    5. [Optional] Click Add next to Private note to enter a note to yourself about the date and price
    6. Click Save

    Note: Your nightly rate will show for each selected night. If you set weekend pricing or custom pricing those prices will show on the appropriate dates. Long-term pricing options will not be shown.

    How Smart Pricing works

    If Smart Pricing is turned on, it will be checked in the pricing section and will automatically control all nightly prices. You can click or tap the x to turn off Smart Pricing and change the nightly price for your selected dates. No discounts will apply to those dates.

    Note: You can also create rule-sets to automatically control prices and discounts. If you have 6 or more listings, you have automatic permission to create rule-sets. However, hosts with less than 6 listings can also create them using the multi-calendar. Find out how they work.

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