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    Kiểm tra tốc độ internet của bạn

    Guests are looking for places to stay that are not only comfortable, but totally connected too. That’s why you need to verify your internet connection and wifi speeds in order for it to be searchable in your listing.

    The internet speed test measures your connection’s download speed—that’s how fast information can transfer to you. It affects things like watching videos, transferring large files, and even how fast a web page loads.

    Testing your wifi using your Airbnb app

    1. Tap Profile  and then tap Switch to hosting
    2. Tap Listings and tap the listing you want
    3. Under About the listing go to Amenities
    4. Next to Popular, tap Edit
    5. Go to Wifi, tap Add your wifi speed
    6. Run the wifi test and then tap Save

    This feature isn’t available in some countries and regions.

    Internet speeds may be different from other speed tests

    We use M-Lab’s open source software to measure the download speeds. Your test results can change in a short time, and they could differ from other internet speed test results. Results can vary for many reasons, like:

    • Changes in network conditions
    • Differences in where testing servers are located
    • Differences in testing methods

    Airbnb’s partnership with M-Lab

    When you tap Start test, you’re sharing your IP address and other details about your internet connection with Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a third-party testing service, to be processed by them in accordance with their privacy policy. In addition to sharing your internet speed with Airbnb, M-Lab incorporates your test results (including your IP address) into their collection of global internet performance data and makes this information publicly available to advance internet research.

    Understanding your wifi speed test result


    What it means for your guests

    0 Mbps

    • No wifi available.
    • You either don’t have wifi or can’t connect. Try rebooting your router or moving to another space in your property.

    1 - 6 Mbps

    • Your wifi is fairly slow.
    • You either don’t have wifi or can’t connect. Try rebooting your router or moving to another space in your property.

    7 - 13 Mbps

    • Your wifi is snappy.
    • Guests can hang with family and friends on a video call or gather together to stream a rom-com.

    14 - 49 Mbps

    • Your wifi is fast!
    • Break out the popcorn! Guests can stream multiple HD videos at the same time.

    50+ Mbps

    • Your wifi is lightning fast!
    • There’s nothing guests can’t do: stream multiple HD videos or play games—you name it!

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