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    For hosts using professional hosting tools, performance data for conversion is available to review in the Performance tab, under Conversion.

    In the Conversion section, you can review performance data across specific time frames and compare them to similar listings in the area. Learn more about how to track performance using filters and comparisons.

    There are 4 sub-sections that will show you a number of different performance data points specific to your listings. Here’s what each of those data points mean:

    Booking conversion

    Overall conversion rate is the average daily number of distinct visitors who viewed your listing in search and then booked.

    Conversion has 3 stages:

    • A guest views your listing in search. Some guests will view it on the first page of search results. (First-page search impressions)
    • The guest then clicks through to your listing page after they see it in search results. (Search-to-listing conversion)
    • The guest books your listing after viewing it. (Listing-to-booking conversion)

    Booking lead time

    Booking lead time is the average amount of time between when a guest books a listing and the day of check-in.

    Returning guests

    Returning guests is the percent of your guests who have previously stayed at any of your listings. We divide the total number of returning guests by the total number of all guests for each listing and average that number based on how many listings you have.

    Wishlist additions

    Wishlist additions is the average number of times your listings are added to guest wishlists. For individual listings, we show you the total number of times the listing was added to a wishlist.

    Access to the performance tab

    If your performance dashboard doesn’t show the Performance tab, you’ll need to opt in to professional hosting tools.

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