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    For hosts using professional hosting tools, performance data for quality is available to review in the Performance tab, under Quality

    How quality is measured

    Quality is measured by the number of 5-star ratings you receive from guests across the following 7 categories:

    • Accuracy
    • Check-in
    • Cleanliness
    • Communication
    • Location
    • Value

    You’ll also be able to track your percentage of 5-star ratings and overall rating. In the Quality section, you can review quality across specific time frames for each category and compare it to similar listings. Find out more about rating categories.

    Using 5-star ratings to measure quality

    We use 5-star ratings to measure quality so you have an accurate, easily measurable datapoint to help you make strategic decisions. Since the 5-star ratings are aggregated from multiple, specific review categories and have clear daily change, you can take quick action on immediate problems surfaced through reviews and access long-term trends.

    Access to the performance tab

    If your performance dashboard doesn’t show the Performance tab, you’ll need to opt in to professional hosting tools.

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