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    Note: Open Homes is becoming Find out more.

    Whether you signed up to host for free on Open Homes or have received an Open Homes booking request, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you prepare for your guests:

    • Communicate clearly
    • Try to learn about their needs and how you can help make their stay more comfortable
    • Unlike regular guests on Airbnb, Open Homes guests are often traveling due to unexpected and difficult circumstances. Remember that everyone responds differently and has different needs
    • Make sure you’re accessible to your guests and easy to communicate with
    • Explain the check-out time and process to your guests beforehand. Include your expectations about cleaning the listing, if any

    Hosting an Open Homes stay can be different across programs. Many guests referred by a nonprofit will have the support of a staff member throughout. You can learn more on our dedicated sites:

    Learn more about Airbnb’s hosting standards.

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