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    Depending on the type of tax collected, it may detailed differently in your tax report. 

    Default tax collection

    When we collect and remit occupancy taxes on your behalf, you can find the total occupancy tax amount in the Gross earnings or Completed payouts section of your Transaction History and in your payout report.

    Additional tax collection

    If you’re eligible to collect custom or additional taxes, those collected taxes are calculated from your payout, but will be paid out separately. Your payout includes your nightly price, cleaning fee, and any other fees you’re collecting for new bookings, minus the host service fee. You are responsible for submitting, paying, and reporting all taxes related to your bookings to the relevant tax authorities.

    Your tax report will aggregate your added taxes per reservation, pay them out together as one line item, and include reservation details like listing name and reservation code, as well as the total amount paid out. If you’ve opted into custom tax collection (and therefore out of default tax collection), the Occupancy Tax field in both the Gross Earnings section of the Transaction History and your downloadable payout report will be set to zero for any future transactions. Taxes that were collected from the guest and paid directly to you will be in the Pass Through TOT line of your payout report.

    How to download your tax report

    1. Go to your Transaction History
    2. Select the Gross Earnings or Completed Payouts tab
    3. Click Download CSV
    4. Find Pass Through TOT under the Type column to identify the taxes collected
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