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    Đặt phòng/đặt chỗ có trạng thái “không thể thực hiện” có nghĩa là gì?

    Sometimes a potential booking might show up with a “not possible” label in your reservations.

    Why this happens

    This happens when a guest has sent a booking inquiry or request for dates that were once available but are no longer available for one of these reasons:

    • Another reservation overlaps some or all of the dates that the guest has inquired about or requested.
    • Some or all of the dates on your calendar related to the booking inquiry or request are now blocked. In this case, try updating your availability window or opening dates on your calendar to make dates available again.
    • Availability settings (ex: preparation time, advance notice or minimum/maximum date settings) may prevent a reservation from being made

    What you can do

    As host, you aren’t required to do anything when a reservation isn’t possible anymore. We’ll let the potential guest know that the dates can’t be booked. But if you’d still like to host, there are a few things you can do to help a guest book your place for other dates that are still available.

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