Điều hướng về phía trước để truy cập kết quả được đề xuất

    Sẽ thế nào nếu nhà/phòng cho thuê mà khách của tôi đã đặt hiện không thể sử dụng nhưng tôi có thể đón tiếp khách ở nơi khác?

    If you’re unable to host your guest at the place they booked, but you can accommodate them at another listing, message your guest to ask if they’re okay with the new location first.

    If they agree to the changes, you can send them an alteration request to finalize the details. If your guest doesn’t agree to the changes and no longer wishes to keep their reservation, it’s your responsibility to cancel the reservation so they can re-book elsewhere.

    To send an alteration request:

    1. Go to your Reservations
    2. Click the three dots menu for the reservation you want to change
    3. Click Change
    4. You'll be taken to a new page
    5. Select Change Reservation and make the change
    6. Click Continue
    7. Confirm the change is correct, then click Send request

    Once the guest agrees to the change, any cost difference will be automatically applied to their reservation.

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