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We will meet at the time of your choice in front of Rotterdam central station and we will start the tour with a beer tasting, after that we will hop on and off to some typical dutch places that you will never find on your own (or after looking for months).
Other things to note
During this tour we will go to the main places for street food and beer tasting and I will show you the most important spot of the cities. The tour will last between 2 and 3 hours depending on how much you like it.

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    I will bring water and soft drink for you. For the rest we will enjoy it du...

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I am French and live in Rotterdam for more than 5 years. As an expat, I have learned to discover new places almost every day. I know the best street food places in the city but also the most typical bars and where to go to have a good time. I also have done many photoshoots in the city and know all the street art but also best architectural spots of this amazing town!
Join me and I won't disappoint you!
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$28/người, giá gốc là $35
$28/người, giá gốc là $35
$28/người, giá gốc là $35

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We will start with the most typical beer bar of Rotterdam located in the center of the city, next to the Markethall, after that we will walk to the south of the city (walking over the erasmus bridge) to discover the two biggest street food places of Rotterdam- there you could get anything you want, after that we will go to the typical area of delftshaven to taste the typical dutch apple tart or any dessert you will fancy with a fresh mint tea...

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tháng 5 năm 2021
Christel is back with her Rotterdam tour! Despite the weather, we had a great time! We learned so much about Rotterdam that we could not have found on our own. Definitely worth it. Rotterdam is open - take the tour!!! You won't regret it...
tháng 5 năm 2021
Things are starting to open up in the Netherlands so we decided to take a fun filled tour of Rotterdam. 🍺 Christel was a stellar host and very knowledgeable about the city. We got to taste some unique cheeses, walk amongst the unusual architecture and visit a huge outdoor market. My only complaint is that time flew by so fast that the tour seemed way too short. 🙃 I'd definitely recommend this experience for first time visitors to Rotterdam. It's dam fun!
tháng 2 năm 2020
This experience was great! Although we had some stormy weather it has been totally worth it! Christel knows a lot about Rotterdam and she is very passionate about food (just ask her about the pata negra). She was interested in our stories as well. It was never dull or awkward and we have been laughing a lot! We really enjoyed it and would recomment 10/10.
tháng 2 năm 2020
Personne très amicale et dynamique qui a su nous faire visiter des endroits de la ville qu’on n’aurait jamais trouvé nous mêmes. Elle parle très bien français ! (Française) et nous a beaucoup aidé dans l’échange avec les commerçants qu’on a pu rencontrer. Très serviable et très bonne photographe!! Si vous voulez découvrir la ville de Rotterdam avec une bonne guide Christelle est celle qu’il vous faut !! TOP
tháng 12 năm 2019
An absolutely magical experience! Christel turned an otherwise chilly evening into a wonderful in-a-nutshell tour of the main parts of Rotterdam. This is a wonderful way to see the city—and also to fill your stomach. Our host was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating. Getting to and from was also very easy.

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